Fluffy and porous hair is a lot of trouble: they need special care, and styling this naughty mop is a whole story. What haircuts can be tried on fluffy hair to tame such hair?

Features of fluffy porous hair

Excessive fluffiness of hair indicates that they lack moisture and nutrition. Because of this, the scales of the cuticle layer of the hair cannot smooth out and perform their protective functions. Curls become porous, dry and very brittle.

Fluffy hair is more vulnerable to heat styling and blow-drying.But there are ways to minimize the harm from external influences - special styling products and special hair care products have been created for this. They are designed to hydrate and nourish curls, smooth the cuticle layer and protect hair from hot temperatures.

To improve the quality of hair, care should be competent and systematic, but if you are still halfway to beautiful and he althy strands, then you can make a haircut that will help mask such external imperfections of fluffy hair as dryness, lack of shine and smoothness . Ideally, it would be nice to sign up for such a haircut at the salon, where you can also take a course of restorative procedures.

Short haircuts for fluffy hair

When trying on short haircuts for fluffy hair, it is preferable to explore layered and complex hairstyles. A variety of length transitions give a winning result on porous and fluffy curls.


A haircut for those who follow fashion. Such an extremely short length will be a salvation for girls who are tired of pacifying their fluffy curls. The advantage of this haircut is that, due to the asymmetry, it adds the missing volume and density to thin hair.


This hairstyle is perfect for curly fluffy hair. After the haircut, the curls look neat and romantic at the same time, the hair practically does not fluff. Style your garcon haircut with L'Oréal Professionnel's Bouncy & Tender Cream Gel. It makes curls crisp and bouncy. After applying the cream-gel, the hair looks well-groomed and delights the eye with a he althy shine.


The bob haircut looks great on thick and dense hair. If this doesn’t apply to you, don’t be discouraged: there are quite a few tricks that can make this hairstyle look spectacular with fine frizzy hair.

We have prepared a short guide for those who want to learn how to style a bob for fluffy hair.

  1. In the first step, use the Redken Frizz Dismiss tandem (shampoo and conditioner) - these products moisturize and discipline unruly fluffy hair.

  2. Then apply a heat protectant with a smoothing effect (such as Mega Sleek by Matrix).

  3. Blow dry your curls lightly or wait until they dry naturally (about 70%).

  4. Next, dry your hair using the brushing technique, winding each strand with a round brush towards your face. Do not forget to slightly lift the hair from the roots.

  5. Seal your style with L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Air Fix Pure.

Haircuts for Medium Length Fluffy Hair

Porous and fluffy shoulder-length hair, multi-level haircuts are shown to no lesser extent. But with proper styling, hairstyles with a straight even cut are not forbidden. Take a look at the photos of the most relevant haircuts in 2023, in our opinion, suitable for medium length fluffy hair.


Haircut cascade looks very advantageous on fluffy hair. Due to its layered multi-level structure, the cascade “gives” curls more voluminous and thick. It is convenient to style such a hairstyle with a spray that will not stick the hair together and keep the styling moving. Try L'Oréal Professionnel's Savage Panache Powder for beautiful root volume.

Long bob

As with short fluffy hair, asymmetry can serve well for medium length. Due to the elongated front strands, the bob will make the hairstyle visually more voluminous.

To make the haircut look neat, we recommend using leave-in care products that smooth out the scales of the cuticle layer of the hair. Oil for All from Redken is also designed for unruly frizzy strands - after its application, the hair looks friable and shines beautifully. It is also important that the oil protects the hair during hot styling.


Graduated haircuts are another good solution for fluffy hair. Fashionable shaggy hairstyle with torn bangs adds visual thickness to curls. Due to the stylish negligence, which should not be mistaken for shaggy, porous hair is perceived as more voluminous than it really is.


The bold haircut that won the hearts of fashionistas in the late 90s looks edgy in a modern interpretation. The length of the bulk of the hair reaches the shoulders, and the strands at the crown are cut very short.To make the haircut look relevant, we advise you to make the transition between the crown and the main mass less noticeable than it was in the original.

Haircuts designed for long fluffy hair

Don't want to part with the length? Then catch the list of haircuts that you can try on long fluffy hair!


If you focus on shortened front strands, you can achieve the effect of harmonious volume on porous hair. Do not forget about additional care: it is important to apply leave-in products regularly to fluffy thin hair. Serum All Soft Mega Hydramelt from Redken nourishes dry and brittle strands, restoring their softness and elasticity.


Cascade falls on long fluffy hair no less successfully. In this case, the transitions of lengths throughout the mass of hair will be more noticeable. This hairstyle is suitable for those who are ready for regular styling of long hair. L'Oréal Professionnel's Volumetry Spray will help to successfully give the missing volume to fine hair.It will not only lift the hair at the roots, but also give it a natural shine.

Long hair with bangs

With this type of hair, bangs in the classic version are contraindicated. But a bang-curtain with lengthening on the sides on fluffy curls is not forbidden. The easiest way to style it is with a round brush-comb.

Curtain-type bangs are almost a universal “partner”: it looks great with a cascade, with a ladder, and with straight-cut haircuts.

Fluffy hair styling tips

We have collected the most popular questions about haircuts designed for fluffy hair. Stylists are ready to answer them here and now.

Can I dye my hair after cutting porous and fluffy hair?

Fluffy hair is highly susceptible to damage and brittleness, so dyeing such hair should be treated with extreme caution.It is necessary to contact an experienced master who can choose the right paint depending on the condition of the hair. Sometimes persistent staining can cause irreparable harm to porous curls, so stylists most often recommend using paints without ammonia. You may be advised to take a course of wellness and strengthening procedures before changing the color so that the coloring goes without harm.

What haircuts based on fluffy hair do not require styling?

Layered haircuts that definitely suit fluffy hair need styling the least. Proper blow-drying (using thermal protection) and styling using the brushing technique will help smooth out the cuticle layer of the hair, and the overall impression of the hairstyle will be the most advantageous.

How to wash your hair before styling fluffy hair?

Even this simple process has its own challenges when it comes to fluffy and porous hair.

Here are some tips:

  • lather a small amount of shampoo in the palms of your hands and apply the resulting foam to the root zone, lightly massaging the scalp with your fingertips;
  • then spread the rest over the entire length, gently rinse the hair and rinse off the foam with warm (not hot) water;
  • apply on the strands, stepping back a couple of centimeters from the roots, a little conditioner (it will close the scales of the cuticle layer of the hair that have risen as a result of washing), rinse with cool water;
  • then gently wring out the hair and wrap your head with a towel for no more than 5 minutes - this time is enough to remove unnecessary moisture;
  • now you can style your hair to your taste.

Is it necessary to use heat protectant to style fluffy hair?

Heat protection is needed if you style your hair with hot stylers. In order not to overload thinning hair with a large amount of products, use fixing products with a thermal protection function.