Hardly anyone else thinks that men's hairstyles and long hair are incompatible. The opposite is confirmed by the most brutal images in popular culture. We have collected the latest hairstyles for men with long hair

Long men's haircuts: pros and cons

The length of hair below the shoulders is often chosen by self-confident men who like the attention of others. Long hairstyles are more typical for young guys, but sometimes men of respectable age can also boast of chic hair.

What are the advantages of men's haircuts designed for long hair?

  • With proper care, the result looks very impressive and always attracts attention.
  • A large selection of haircuts is available for every taste.
  • Men with long hair have a lot of room to experiment with hairstyles.
  • Coloring in complex techniques gives very interesting results on long hair.

Men's long hairstyles also have disadvantages. The most obvious disadvantage is the need for regular additional care. The usual conditioner and shampoo may not be enough - you will probably have to include masks, serums and other special products in your beauty routine. In addition, owners of long hair should be ready for daily styling. And even the usual blow-drying of hair can take quite a long time.

Classic long haircuts for men

Classic hairstyles for men with long hair require strict requirements, but among these options you can find something interesting and unusual.

Cascade or ladder

Cascading haircuts are great for men with thin or not very thick hair. Masterfully executed transitions from short to long strands create visual volume.


Bob haircut is the golden mean: not too long and not too short. If you like the classic, then choose a slightly graduated or straight bob.


A well-balanced creative mess looks very advantageous on long male curls. The key advantage of this hairstyle is that it suits everyone regardless of hair type.

Parted long hair

Simply and with character - this is how you can characterize this men's long haircut. Don't forget to trim your ends regularly to look well-groomed and tidy.

Fashion options for long men's hairstyles in 2023

If you want something more original, we offer you to take a look at the most trendy haircuts of 2023. Below are several types of men's hairstyles with long hair with a photo.

Shaved temples

It's hard to decide on such a hairstyle, but if you do it, you definitely won't regret it. The contrast between shaved temples and long strands looks very impressive. By the way, with this haircut you can still make a fashionable and daring high bun.


When making a men's undercut, the hairdresser shaves the hair at the bottom and leaves long strands at the crown.


This is a more discreet version of the undercard. The voluminous and long bangs of the British woman are laid back (using a gel) or to the side (using a fixing spray). But you can just leave the hair alone - in this case, it will beautifully and naturally frame the face.

Asymmetrical haircuts designed for long hair

This category includes an elongated asymmetrical bob. Try side-swept bangs for a romantic and creative look.

Fashion styling ideas for men's long hairstyles

Some people think that long strands for men are too troublesome. But this is not at all the case: there are fashionable and very simple styling, designed just for long men's hair. Experience and well-chosen styling products will become your allies in this matter.

Tousled styling

This simple but very fashionable men's hairstyle based on long hair is now at the peak of popularity. With such styling, the image will be relaxed and laid-back.

To create the effect of fashionable negligence, styling with a matte finish is necessary. Suitable, for example, lipstick-cream from Redken. Warm up a small amount of cream in your hands and apply it with your fingers to dried hair, lifting it from the roots. In this way, you can style both long bangs and the whole mass of hair.

Smooth styling

If you want men's long hairstyles to look as neat as possible, you can't do without smoothing products. For flawless shine and smoothness, apply Matrix Miracle Creator Multipurpose Spray to hair before styling. By the way, it also has a thermal protection function, so it is recommended to use it for everyone who practices hot styling.

When smooth styling on long hair, they usually use a round brush and a hair dryer. It is important to learn how to use them correctly. We recommend watching tutorial videos that clearly describe the whole process.


To style long men's hair, sometimes it is not necessary to use styling and even a hair dryer. Comb your hair and collect it in a high or low ponytail - styling is ready! To keep your hair looking neat, you can smooth out unruly hairs with Redken Wax Blast.


This hairstyle is also available for men with long hair. By the way, it is not necessary to put the whole mass of hair in a bun - you can make a “bun” on the top of the head from the strands of the upper part of the head.


This unusual hairstyle does not lose ground in the ratings of hairdressing solutions for daring young men.Some specifically grow their hair to braid dreadlocks. It is hard to argue with the fact that dreadlocks in the category of men's long hairstyles occupy one of the first places in terms of ease of care. But among other things, the hairstyle allows you to experiment with the length and color of hair without a radical change in image.


If we talk about long men's haircuts and how to style them, we can't help but mention weaving. We advise you to try African or French braids - they look very stylish. This variant of a men's hairstyle based on long hair is not as durable as dreadlocks, but the weaving process takes much less time.

How men take care of long hair: tips from stylists

I have short hair now. How can I grow them out faster to make men's long hairstyles?

Use a special treatment that stimulates hair growth. Home remedies (shampoo and conditioners) are best chosen with a specialist to take into account all the needs of your hair. Pay attention to the means against brittle hair: it is often difficult to grow hair precisely because the hair shafts simply break off when they reach a certain length. In addition, it will be useful to sign up for professional procedures in the salon.

How often should you cut your hair to update a long men's hairstyle?

As a rule, a haircut is required once a month, sometimes less often. It is important to closely monitor the quality of the hair. If split ends appear, they should be trimmed in time. Damaged and dry strands will not allow a long hairstyle to look impressive and well-groomed.

Are there any particularities in the care of men's haircuts based on long hair?

A few tips for men with long hair:

  • choose care aimed at maintaining the length and quality of the strands - this applies not only to shampoos and conditioners, but also to serums and hair masks;
  • since long hair is prone to tangles, we recommend replenishing your hair care arsenal with smoothing products (sprays, oils and creams);
  • before hot styling (even if it's just blow-drying), always apply heat protection to the strands;
  • use deep cleansing shampoos several times a week to remove styling residue from hair.

Do owners of men's haircuts based on long hair have to sign up for professional grooming at the salon?

Some men just need good home care to keep their hair he althy and strong. Those who are concerned about the quality of their hair should go to the salon. Professional procedures will help restore damaged hair at a structural level and nourish it from the inside.