Shoulder-length straight hair, slightly shortened at the back - this is what a classic long bob looks like. But this fashionable hairstyle has many variations. Let's figure out which long bob suits who and what styling of this haircut is relevant in 2023

What does a long bob haircut look like?

The long bob, or as it is also called, the long bob, is a medium-length haircut that can be recognized by its asymmetrical cut, open neck and elongated strands at the face. However, this is not a strict definition: the same length around the entire perimeter also occurs.

The long bob is the sister of the classic bob, but in a longer and usually visually thicker version. The extended version leaves more room for maneuver: in addition to the elongated styling, curls, beach curls, and even a ponytail or a neat bun are possible. Women's long bob hairstyle is also popular among celebrity ladies: Kate Middleton, J. Lo, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other celebrities have been seen wearing this haircut at different times.

In the photo below, the long bob haircut is complemented by coloring using complex techniques, and, you see, the result looks great!


What is so good about an elongated bob and what are the reasons for its popularity? Let's name the main advantages.

  • The versatility of the haircut. Long bob can look interesting regardless of face shape and hair type.

  • Unpretentious styling. One of the exceptions is a long bob with bangs, although here you can find an option that will be easy to style flawlessly.

  • Flexible schedule for visiting a stylist. Missed your scheduled visit? It's OK! If the tips look well-groomed, it is not forbidden to postpone the update of the haircut and look like a slightly longer version.

Who suits the long bob haircut?

The long bob haircut deserves such love because it suits a variety of girls. If you have thin hair that lacks volume, it's worth experimenting. Perhaps shortened strands at the crown (with the correct graduation) are what you need! If your hair is curly, styling may not be necessary. There is nothing to say about straight hair - a long bob looks very beautiful on them, especially if you provide competent care for curls.

Long bob is a haircut worn with a side or straight parting, oblique or straight bangs. These options allow you to adapt it to different face shapes.

For example, an even cut with a parting in the middle is recommended for owners of an oval shape, and an asymmetric option for those who want to visually stretch the oval of the face. They are also recommended to complement the haircut with a straight elongated bang. Girls with a long face, on the contrary, are shown a short bang.

Photo with styling ideas and long bob haircut techniques: trends 2023

The long bob is a versatile haircut, which means it suits almost everyone. We have collected photo ideas that we would love to try on ourselves. Now it's your turn!

Long bob with straight bangs

Straight bangs as the finishing touch beautifully completes the haircut, and in some cases the whole look!

Brunettes can experiment with a glossy finish on their hair. To do this, we recommend washing your hair with Elseve Luxury 6 Oils shampoo, and then using a balm from the same range. Then dry the strands while pulling them out with a round brush to get straight hair.Finish off by spraying your hair with a shine spray, or step back a couple of centimeters from the roots, spread a drop of oil over the strands, preheating it in your hands.

Graduated long bob

Graduation is a technique that is used when you want to concentrate the main volume of hair on the top of your head. The technique is not easy. We do not recommend doing such a haircut at home without relevant experience. Moreover, you can show photo references as a guide to a real expert in hairdressing.

Long bob to the side

This asymmetric option is recommended for girls with a square face shape. The forehead can be partially covered with side bangs. The hair is left stretched, slightly twisting the ends inward towards the face.

Wavy Long Bob

Which style with a wavy long bob you look at, any one is suitable for an evening out. The haircut itself will not lie down, of course, but if you use high-temperature tools and suitable styling products, the chances of success increase multiple times.

We advise you to arm yourself with L'Oréal Professionnel Transformer universal gel mousse and Matrix Style Fixer polish.

Long bob haircut technique

Styling is an important thing, but it is still determined by a haircut when it comes to a long bob. We suggest you try the option for every day. Such a haircut does not require perfect execution. Our goal is a slightly tousled bob, which is so loved by French women and not only.

  1. Start by washing your hair. If the hair is frizzy, use a disciplining agent with a smoothing effect. Girls with straight strands may not change their usual basic care or diversify it by applying shampoo and a mask for hair volume.

  2. After a shower, let the strands dry naturally for 15-20 minutes and apply thermal protection on them. We love L'Oréal Professionnel Blow Dry. The product is not felt at all on the hair, which is extremely important for girls who are worried about volume.

  3. Dry your hair with a hairdryer, but not completely - leave your hair slightly damp. Spread texturizing spray over them.

  4. If you have a diffuser nozzle, you can continue drying with it, slightly lifting the strands at the roots. But to cope without it, too, is not difficult. Directing the air flow on the curls with one hand, squeeze them in your palms with the other so that they acquire a fashionable texture.

  5. Finish with a little hairspray. You can skip this step if you know that the styling will continue without additional fixation.

Long bob styling

If you've recently switched from a bob to a long bob, you'll surely appreciate how much more diverse daily looks can become. Experiment and have fun!


The long bob on medium length hair goes well with some types of curls. Clearly defined curls are not an option, but broken curls look chic and very relevant, agree!

Straight hair and glossy shine

If you need to go to the office in the morning and to a friend's birthday party in the evening, opt for a strict look with straight shiny hair. An iron will help straighten the strands and make them disciplined.

Volume bet

Volume is a capricious comrade, so girls who manage to walk with lush styling all year round deserve the stylist's applause. However, girls with medium length hair who choose a long bob haircut increase their chances of success. If you want root volume, try a long bob with graduations.

Stylist Tips

We figured out how a long bob haircut differs from a square, who it suits and how many different styling options exist. But we still have a couple of questions for stylists.

Which hairstyle should I choose if I have unruly hair and wear a long bob?

Your choice is fashion casual. Chaos on the head can be stylish and deliberate. We demonstrated slightly tousled styling options above, and now we will add that you can fix such a hairstyle with invisible or small crabs, taking, for example, strands from only one side of the face.

How to style an elongated bob with bangs? The strands near the face quickly lose their shape and begin to look the other way.

Hair needs to be trained to a new shape. To do this, lay them daily in the right direction using styling products. High-quality medium hold gel will help to tame naughty bangs.