Bob-car, ladder, cascade and other haircuts based on medium-length hair have been relevant for several years. Nothing surprising! Girls who have chosen the golden mean will confirm: even styling can be a pleasure. Let's see what the hottest looks of 2023 look like

Fashionable women's haircuts for medium length hair: trends in 2023

Of course, you need to choose a haircut, taking into account the individual characteristics of the appearance, so that it fits the face.

But fashion trends also want to be taken into account, and, fortunately, in recent years they are not as categorical as they used to be.

According to our observations, the hot trend of the year is bangs. Strands framing the face complete the hairstyle in the same way that, say, blush - makeup or jewelry - a fashion look.

But what are the best haircuts with bangs in 2023 to try on medium length hair?

There are two favorites among the stars: bob and cascade. We have seen them more than once in a duet with oblique bangs, but this season we suggest choosing an elongated and slightly disheveled version of a straight bang. Asymmetry is also useless here - pay tribute to perfectionists and make a perfectly straight parting with even straight bangs.

Looking for an option without bangs? Don't worry: fashionable women's haircuts for medium length hair in 2023 can completely reveal the face. For example, a classic bob or bob, which visually make the styling more magnificent, looks beautiful and in the most natural variation - as if you are planning to spend the summer in the country.

TOP 5 women's haircuts - 2023, designed for medium hair

The fashion for women's medium length hairstyles in 2023 is very diverse. We have selected the most interesting photos and are happy to share our beauty finds.


It's hard to imagine a selection of hairstyles based on medium length hair without a bob haircut. Of course, one can argue by saying that the bob is more likely a short haircut. But if you look at the elongated version to the shoulders, doubts about our choice will be dispelled. This option, by the way, should be taken into account by girls who tend to visually stretch the oval of the face.

In terms of styling, stylists give us carte blanche in 2023.

You can try everything from perfectly straight curls to strands worked out with a texturizing spray. The main thing - before laying with hot tools, do not forget about high-quality thermal protection. Our editors trust the tools below.


In contrast to perfectly straight curls, we advise you to take a closer look at the shaggy haircut, which in 2023 made a splash among girls with medium hair on the Internet.

Stylish sloppiness, trendy hurricane - whatever they call this graduated haircut with ragged strands and chaotic styling that helps create the effect of thick hair.


Get a wolf haircut, seriously? Yes, yes, and we didn’t come up with it - the most daring star girls have already supported the trend. For example, singer Billy Eilish, who is famous for her love of experiments, has already tried on the so-called wolfkat.

The advantages of a haircut include its unpretentiousness in care - it is quite acceptable to look as if you did not comb your curls after sleep. But then how lucky with the hair: we still advise you to emphasize their texture and set the right direction with the help of texturizing pastes and sprays. We share the names of our styling favorites below.

Cascade with bangs

If you love to experiment with styling, then in 2023 you definitely want to look into the cascading haircut with bangs, which looks great on medium length hair.

The name itself suggests that the master achieves the visual effect of a cascade due to gradual transitions in the length of the strands around the entire perimeter of the head.Due to such a multi-level haircut, the strands hold their shape more easily. We assume that bangs will be the most capricious in styling, so we advise you to resort to a fixing gel from Matrix, which is always ready to discipline problem areas.

You can style this haircut in many ways. We love the way the cascade looks with large curls obtained with a flat iron or tongs, but we have a special weakness for the brushing technique.

Blunt bob

If you thought that everything in the world of haircuts has long been invented, then you are mistaken. The blunt bob seems to be really something new.

In translation from English, blunt means “straight-line”, and the name should be taken literally, ordering from the stylist an elongated bob with a perfectly even cut, as if made in one movement. By the way, such a women's haircut is a winning solution, including for owners of thin hair - they can safely recommend the average length and the absence of a pronounced graduation.

How to choose a medium length hairstyle?

Trends are trends, but the year is 2023, and a haircut these days is selected based not only on fashion standards, but also on the individual characteristics of the hair. If we are talking about the average length, then here it is worth considering some nuances.

Oval face

Girls with a round face, as in the photo, will suit the classic. Among the current women's haircuts in 2023, designed for medium hair, I would like to highlight an elongated caret. Let it be with a side parting and length below the chin.

We recommend a blunt bob for those with a square face. This hairstyle allows you to "regulate" the open area of the face due to the front strands, which in most cases hide the cheekbones.

Cascade with bangs is the prerogative of women with a triangular face shape. Choose shoulder length, focusing on the chin when styling.

To do this, achieve volume at the ends in all possible ways: twist them with tongs, add "air" with a volume spray or create a splendor effect with texturizing tools.

Hair structure

In 2023, choosing a haircut that takes into account the structure of the strands is a very right decision. For girls with thin curls, we can offer shaggy and cascade, if we talk about haircuts designed for medium hair length.

Straight thick hair looks especially beautiful with a smooth bob cut, and owners of curly and curly hair can try wulfkat.

Which bangs to choose?

If straight ragged bangs suit you, we can say that the issue has been resolved: this year it is on the list of trends. By the way, it rhymes perfectly with most current options, whether it's a bob, bob, shaggy haircut or cascade.

How to style a medium length haircut quickly?

Mid-length hair is a pleasure to style using the brushing technique. It allows you to repeat the salon result at home.

  1. Wash your hair. At the same time, avoid overly nourishing formulas if you want to get a lush styling.

  2. Apply thermal protection and mousse for basal volume on dried strands.

  3. Start blow-drying your hair, but don't get carried away: a little moisture is important to retain for the most effective styling.

  4. Take a hair dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other. Pull or twist the strands on the brush in the desired direction, while simultaneously directing a stream of warm air to the treated strand. If necessary, repeat the movements in one zone several times.

  5. At the very end, work through the bangs in the same way and wait until the strands cool down. Now you can adjust the styling with your hands and fix the result with hairspray.

Tips for those thinking about a haircut

Some don't have to sacrifice length for a comfortable and fashionable haircut, while others can be difficult to decide. Let's try to dispel doubts by answering a couple of questions on the topic.

How to style trendy women's hairstyles for medium hair in 2023?

If you straighten your hair, try to achieve a glossy effect on your hair, and if you twist it, on the contrary, strive for slight negligence (clear curls in recent years are rare guests in trending collections).

How to discipline the ends if I wear a bob? During the day, they begin to look in different directions.

Before styling, apply fixing gel to the bottom of the strands. We recommend Matrix Super Fixer Modeling Gel. It has a high degree of fixation and a large volume - the funds will last for a long time!