For girls who have chosen a bob, a brave new world of styling opens up: you can straighten the strands or choose curls and curls, create creative volume or achieve restrained severity. Of course, these options are also available for owners of long hair, but it’s easier to implement your plan when the hair length does not exceed 30 centimeters

How beautiful to lay a square: 10 ideas

Bob, long bob, asymmetric or straight cut As you can see, even bob haircuts have a lot of options - let alone the number of ideas for styling them. Which ones you can implement on your own, and which ones will require the participation of professionals, we will find out right now!

Kare with bangs

Those who wear bangs know how beautifully they can complement their hair. Laying a bob with bangs takes a little longer, but looking at the photo below, you understand that the result is worth it.

We bring to your attention options that are relevant in 2023, both with straight bangs and oblique.


This bob option is chosen when you want to add volume to the styling, but the plans do not include spending a lot of time and effort on it on a regular basis. styling on a square using the brushing technique.

In recent years, she is insanely popular among girls with medium length hair. To work, you will need a round brush, hair dryer, volume mousse (we recommend Full Volume Extra from L’Oréal Professionnel) and thermal protection.

By the way, we noticed that the variant with curls facing the face is more common. But the reverse direction of laying is not forbidden.

Long bob

For girls with elongated caret, straight hair styling is offered by default. But if you deviate from the set course, you can discover a lot of interesting options.

Look, for example, how interesting they look at this wavelength.

And curls and side parting - styling worthy of the red carpet.

Short bob

Those who prefer a shorter bob should consider Hollywood wave, textured or brushed hair.

Classic curls are best avoided, but we would not discount perm - it is quite popular with girls with a shortened version of the caret.But this procedure cannot be done at home, so for long-playing curls we go to the salon to an experienced stylist.

Volumetric bob

Kare and volume are almost synonymous in the world of stylists. And even if the girl does not have very thick and dense hair, it will at least be easier to make voluminous styling on a bob than trying to achieve a lush hairstyle with long curls.

Below are our top 5 styles, but before you explore them, we advise you to familiarize yourself with proven tools for getting basal volume. These are the Height Riser texturizing powder, which lifts even thin strands, and the Volume Fixer spray, which not only creates volume, but also fixes it. Look for both products from the brand Matrix.

Evening bob styling options

Hairstyle for the evening for the owners of a caret is a topic for a separate discussion. At many celebrity parties, celebrities demonstrate styling that is not so difficult to repeat at home.

Of course, you need some skill and experience, and high-quality styling products play an important role. We trust professional brands like Redken, Matrix and L'Oréal Professionnel.

By the way, the elongated caret is convenient to lay on curlers, and on a curling iron, and on a round brush (using the brushing technique).

Braid updo

You can use all the hair or just part of it - we love all the options, they look very romantic.

Kare and perfectly straight hair

Parted, flat ironed, perfect ends. Many people style their hair like this every day, and they can be understood: this method makes it easy to pacify even curly hair and give the image a businesslike attitude.

Neat tail

Quick bob styling in 5 minutes is a concise tail. Just please don't use this option with unwashed hair.

A really beautiful ponytail involves clean hair that has been blow-dried and maybe styled in light waves.

Kare with hairpins

The fashion for hairpins has died down a bit, but that's the beauty: pinning strands near the face, you will get an image with a twist.

Quick bob styling: step by step instructions

Need a quick styling lesson? Let's go!

  1. Wash and dry your hair at your own pace.

  2. Straighten the strands with a flat iron, and finally secure the strands to the face with hairpins. If you wear a side parting, jewelry on one side will be enough, but a straight parting implies symmetry, so hairpins will come in handy on both flanks.

It is possible to beautifully lay a square, spending a little more time on it, in at least two ways.

How to blow-dry a bob?

How to style a square with a hair dryer and not spend half a day on it? We offer step by step instructions.

  1. Almost any styling starts with washing your hair, and bob is no exception. Products with a nourishing texture before styling, which implies splendor, should not be used. But a refreshing shampoo and a caring balm will be just right.

  2. Then, heat protection should be applied to semi-moist hair.

    Modern products will not only prevent hair injury during hot styling, but also help to discipline the strands.

    Next comes the volume mousse. It should be distributed in the root zone (with such preparation, it will not be difficult to lift the strands).

  3. Dry the strands a little in the upside down position so that the hair immediately remembers the desired position.

  4. And now the most important stage - laying the square using the brushing technique. Take a hair dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other. Start drying the strands in zones, simultaneously twisting the curls in the right direction with a brush. You may have to stop at certain places and walk through them twice - this is normal.

  5. At the end, fix the result with varnish. This is required by almost any styling designed for squares, and especially the option obtained using a hair dryer.

How to lay a square with an iron?

If you need to lay the square for at least a couple of days, ironing guarantees the most reliable result.

  1. After washing your hair, apply thermal protection to the strands. This stage implies any hot styling based on a caret, but the option with an iron is especially.

  2. Blow-dry your hair completely and comb your hair thoroughly.

  3. Zone by zone, straighten your curls with a flat iron. Grab a strand of medium thickness at the root zone and gently move the tool down to the very ends.

A few tips from the editors

How to lay a square with a hair dryer and not only, it seems, they figured it out. For questions that still remain, we will answer without delay.

How to care for a short haircut? I have a short bob, and the styling quickly loses volume - the next day it was like it was not there.

Try to stick to certain rules. First, switch to a balancing shampoo and conditioner like Elseve. These products contain three types of clay that help hair stay fresh longer. Secondly, do not apply balms and masks to the root zone - distribute them only along the length of the hair, stepping back from the roots 3-4 centimeters. And thirdly, try to master the styling technique, in which the curls at the roots are worked out with an iron with a corrugated nozzle. In this case, only the strands of the inner layers are affected - this will be the invisible secret of your volume.

How to blow-dry my hair beautifully if I have curly hair?

Start styling with a smoothing cream like Matrix has. Then dry your hair with a hair dryer while pulling out the strands.

How to make volumetric styling based on a caret? Many styling products make the hair heavier and lose its volume.

Lay the square in the way you are used to, and when you are done, spread the Matrix texturizing powder over the root zone. It noticeably lifts the curls and visually increases the splendor of the hairstyle by two to three times. Styling will look easy and natural.

How to quickly lay a bob if there is no more than 10 minutes for laying?

How about beach curls? Lightly dry your hair after washing, apply a texturizing spray along the entire length, and then use a diffuser to dry the strands.

How to style for the evening if I have a lush elongated bob?

Trying through all the styling options for your length is not an easy task. We suggest you make broken curls and throw the bulk of the hair at the crown to one side. If this heavy strand won't stay in its new place, fix it with an invisibility.

What styling should I do for work if I wear a bob with straight bangs?

You can either tie your hair back with a headband, or straighten all your hair and leave the bangs in their rightful place.