The topic of our today's article is fashionable women's haircuts for owners of a round face. We have collected tips from stylists, studied photo ideas on the net and are ready to offer relevant solutions for different types of hair

Which haircut goes with a round face?

It's difficult to say right off the bat which haircut will suit the owners of a round face: a lot depends on the type and length of the hair, as well as on the girl's usual image, including the style of clothing.

We can only say one thing - as a rule, moon-faced girls want to cut their hair so that they visually slightly stretch the oval of the face. Expert recommendations include:

  • elongated haircut options that will visually narrow the face due to the vertical side lines of the hairstyle silhouette;

  • voluminous and voluminous hairstyles with certain proportions - for a round face, the haircut should be voluminous at the crown and at shoulder level, and not around the cheekbones and cheeks;

  • hairstyles with bangs - it can be anything but straight (asymmetric, graduated or classic curtain will do).

Which bangs to choose?

Let's focus on the bangs. If you have beautiful thick hair, it is worth thinning it near the face. Yes, we understand, most likely, the strands look very beautiful, but a haircut with such bangs is not designed for a round face. Pros say that you need to add "air" , partially opening the forehead at least in the central part. Such ragged strands can be an organic part of a mullet haircut.

Therefore, for a round face, stylists recommend a bang-curtain, which has been complemented by medium-length haircuts for several seasons in a row.

What to avoid?

What should not be hairstyles with a round face? The list of contraindications is small, but it still exists.

  • Shortened bob or bob - better to choose shoulder length.

  • Straight bangs (discussed above).

  • Sharp graphic haircut lines with a round face is also a dubious story: there is a risk of making facial features heavier.

Trendy short haircuts for girls with a round face

Short hairstyles can look really cool, and those that suit a round face are a real find. Why not discuss one of the three haircuts below with a stylist?


In our opinion, the best short haircut for girls with a round face is a pixie.

The hairstyle meets all the necessary corrective requirements: there is no volume on the sides, but there is on the crown; The torn bangs and asymmetrical haircut shape also help to achieve the desired visual balance.

Hairstyle will be a winning solution not only for chubby girls, but also for owners of thin hair. If you want extra volume, we recommend Matrix's Volume Fixer Spray. It not only lifts the strands, but also fixes them in a new position.


Another name for this haircut is “sesson”, and it is suitable, of course, not only for chubby ones.It looks a little retro, but if you are close to the fashion spirit of the bright 1970s, why not follow this trend at least as far as hair is concerned? The main thing is to make sure that the master does not impose too short an option on you. For girls with a round face, the haircut should cover the upper points of the cheekbones - as in the photo.

Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetric creative trendy haircuts are definitely shown to girls with a round face. And the bob haircut is no exception. It remains only to decide which side of the face you want to open more often, and “set up” the desired parting together with the master.

Haircuts for chubby girls, designed for medium length hair

Fashionable haircuts based on medium length hair look quite natural on girls with a round face. We will tell you which ones are best for styling.

Long bob

It is better to choose a side parting, and styling - with a basal volume. Otherwise, stick to the classics and remember that straight hair with such a haircut looks more interesting than curls or curls. For easy styling use Oil for All. It will help to cope with frizz and give hair a beautiful shine.


It's inexplicable, but true: stylists believe that dark hair looks more advantageous in a classic bob than light hair. However, blondes with a round face can easily afford to swipe at this hairstyle. This decision will be even more justified if you are planning complex coloring using the shatush or balayage technique.


In terms of styling, the ladder is the perfect haircut for a round face.Jennifer Aniston most often wears it with straight hair, and we suggest experimenting: twist the ends with a round comb and lift the strands at the roots. Matrix Texturizing Powder does the job perfectly, we just love it!

Hairstyles based on long hair for chubby ones

There is a fairly common belief that a round face and hairstyles designed for long hair are incompatible.

Don't listen to those who say that! For girls, there are at least three haircuts that are in harmony with a round face.


Do you want to hide the excess, as it seems to you, fullness of the face? There is a hairdressing solution. Shaggy haircut with ragged ends and chaotic length differences perfectly copes with the mission of such camouflage.

Choose one of two options. You can open the face by concentrating volume at the roots. And you can achieve the effect of a fluffy hat of hair, laying the strands near the face so that they run into the cheekbone zone.


Cascade is a great haircut not only for chubby, but in general for owners of fine hair. Due to the strands of different lengths, you can get an excellent volume in the root zone. And we offer to fix the result with Techni.Art texturizing spray from L’Oréal Professionnel.

Layered haircut

Layering for long hair is generally a good story. It lightens the weight of the hairstyle without sacrificing length. But in order to visually stretch a round face, the control strand should be below the chin. If it is shorter, there is a high risk of getting unwanted volume in the area of the cheekbones and cheeks.

5 stylish styling photo ideas for chubby girls

You probably already noticed that hairstyles for girls with a round face are quite diverse. But a lot also depends on how you style your hair. Let's talk about five styling options that certainly deserve your attention.

Hi 80s! An elongated square with a straight cut and voluminous thinned bangs look very stylish. Perfectly smoothed strands are useless here. For a daring mood, add style chaos to your strands with L'Oréal Professionnel's Depolish Reconstructing Paste.

Wavy strands don't have to be straightened! After cutting the shaggy, you don't have to style it: naturalness is the main trend of our time.

If we talk about the choice for women after 40, then asymmetric haircuts suit them very well, including owners of a round face. Pixies, bob and elongated bob look even more interesting at this age than in youth.

And so that the strands near the face do not behave too relaxed, set them in direction with Redken's 06 paste.

Do you need to put your hair in a ponytail or bun? Follow two rules.Take care of the root volume. When creating such styling, it is better to use professional brands of mousses to maintain the mobility of the strands. Suitable, for example, the universal gel-mousse Transformer from L'Oréal Professionnel.

And the tail itself is better to make a little asymmetrical, throwing strands over one shoulder.

Do you want your hair to be long and straight? Not forbidden! But try to cover your cheekbones with strands framing your face.

Such hairstyles look doubly impressive if the quality of the hair is at its best. Therefore, do not forget about restorative masks and balms.

And for a quick visual resuscitation of the strands, you can use oil, which will provide the curls with a he althy shine.

Stylist Tips

Thought this was it? Practically! Let's answer a couple of questions and draw a line.

Are there no styling haircuts for round faces?

If you have obedient strands, then such haircuts include a short flight of stairs and a bob. Hair after the work of an experienced master will be easy enough to comb.

I have round cheeks. What haircut can cover them up?

Your choice is shaggy and layered haircuts with bangs elongated on the sides, such as an elongated bob or bob. The back of the neck can be open, but the front strands should be made more authentic.

What haircuts for a round face do you recommend for women over 30?

Anyone! Age is prejudice. Now, if you wrote “up to 18”, you could still speculate whether an elongated square suits teenagers. And after 30 open space for any experiments.

Are trendy round face haircuts suitable for women with gray hair?

Of course! A couple of seasons ago, gray strands were so popular that some brands released dyes that mimic shades of gray hair. But in general, color plays a secondary role in this matter, the main thing is to choose the right haircut shape.