Hair lacking thickness and volume? Experienced barbers know what to do. What should be the haircut for thin sparse hair?

Haircut rules for sparse and fine hair

Surely the owners of not the thickest hair are worried that the styling is not durable and by the end of the day the hairstyle may look unpresentable. Knowledgeable masters believe that the whole thing is in an unsuccessful haircut.

To make a visit to the hairdresser a success, you need to know the basic rules for cutting thin and sparse hair.

  • Rejection of straight bangs. If the hair is sparse, then such bangs will only emphasize the lack of volume.
  • Ban haircuts designed for thick hair. For example, a square on a leg or mallet. Ragged haircuts should also be avoided.
  • Preferred choice of short haircuts or long layered solutions.
Unfortunately, even masterfullong haircut adds only visual density to sparse hair. In some cases, it is necessary to consult a specialist.You will definitely need the help of a trichologist if you begin to notice that too much hair is falling out (more than 100 hairs a day). The doctor will prescribe special procedures aimed at strengthening the hair, and recommend comprehensive professional care.

Types of haircuts that give visual volume to thin and sparse hair

What hairstyles do stylists recommend for thin and sparse hair?

  • Try to choose haircuts with a simple silhouette. Kare and sesson are the most advantageous for liquid hair.
  • If you like short hair, we recommend the pixie cut.
  • Any asymmetrical haircuts will make your hair visually more voluminous. Why not try on a bob or a bob with lengthening?
  • By the way, another way to add volume to your hair is to lighten a few strands near your face. This life hack is used by many stylists: the transition of shades makes the hairstyle more textured and interesting. Lightening is contraindicated only for owners of dry or damaged hair.

A professional master will help you choose a haircut based on thin liquid hair during a personal consultation. After evaluating the structure and quality of the hair, he will suggest the best option.You may need regular in-salon treatments to keep your hair looking he althy and he althy.

Short haircuts for fine hair

When looking at thin sparse hair, stylists most often recommend short haircuts. This is the right choice for those who lack volume. What hairstyles for sparse short hair are in trend?


Perhaps the most popular version of a short haircut, which is not a sin to try on sparse hair.

There are no age restrictions for a pixie - it is chosen by both young girls and older ladies.

This haircut must be styled, so we advise you to purchase several styling products. L'Oréal Professionnel's Depolish Paste is perfect for a messy look.

And if you want to style your hair with a wet look, L'Oréal Professionnel's Fix Max hair gel will come in handy.


Haircut for those who know well what brushing is, or are ready to master it. The effect of thick hair is achieved precisely by creating a hairstyle with a hairdryer and a round brush. Without styling, such a haircut, alas, will not look so impressive.

For perfectly smooth hair, apply L'Oréal Professionnel's Liss Control+ Serum.


Even cut, characteristic of a bob haircut, will perfectly hide thinning hair. The caret looks especially good if you add basal volume to the hair. Redken Guts 10 Spray Mousse gives fine curls natural volume without sticking. Apply it to damp hair before styling: first at the root zone, and then along the entire length.

Winning haircuts for sparse and fine medium length hair

It's time to talk about haircuts designed for sparse medium length hair. We have included in our selection those that will be relevant in 2023.

Asymmetrical bob

Elongated front strands are a good solution for sparse hair.

Asymmetrical bob is best styled using the brushing technique. Do not forget about thermal protection: thin curls, like no other, are subject to the negative effects of hot temperatures. L'Oréal Professionnel PLI Thermo-Styling Spray will add volume to your strands and protect you from the damaging effects of high-temperature stylers.

Haircut with bangs

If a straight and even bang is contraindicated for thin hair, then bangs that split into two sides are welcome. It is optimal to wind it on large curlers or a round comb using styling products. Try L'Oréal Professionnel's Transformer All-Purpose Hair Gel Mousse for a base that will last all day while maintaining movement.

Long bob

Another haircut that stylists recommend trying on thin and sparse medium hair. A special haircut technique really helps to visually solve the problem of thin hair.

Hairstyles designed for long thin hair

In most cases, stylists advise girls with liquid hair to give up long curls. But some women's haircuts can still be tried on long sparse hair. Which ones?


Straight cut hairstyles are definitely not designed for long thin hair. With such initial data, multi-layered haircuts, such as, in particular, a cascade, will be a good choice. How to style such a hairstyle, you will be told in the salon.

It is also important to note that long curls especially need sealing care. Biolage's FullDensity line of products aims to increase the appearance of hair density. After using shampoo and conditioner, the curls look shiny and he althy.

Garnier also has a line "Thick and Luxurious" and "Watermelon" in the Superfood series especially for fine hair.


If layered haircuts scare you with the complexity of styling, consider the ladder option. Strands of different lengths on the face can create a miracle, making the hairstyle visually more voluminous.

To protect long, fine hair from heat, apply Redken's Extreme Play Safe Thermal Styling Cream before styling. The tool is designed to strengthen curls and protect them from damage.

Hairstyles for long curls with bangs

If you are not ready to part with the length, we advise you to choose haircuts with bangs - preferably elongated. This is easy to lay on two sides yourself.

Catch our mini long haircut tutorial with bangs.

  • Wash and lightly blow-dry your hair.
  • Apply a small amount of Redken's Thickening Lotion 06 throughout hair.
  • Dry the bulk of the hair with a hair dryer, lifting the strands at the roots with a comb.
  • Wind the bangs on a round brush or large curlers towards the face and blow dry.
  • Finish with a little lacquer or setting spray all around to set the look.

Haircuts for thin and sparse hair: Q&A

Stylists answer readers' questions.

Are there haircuts for thin and sparse hair that do not need to be styled?

Styling is negligible if your hair holds its shape perfectly after shampooing and just blow-drying. In all other cases, you will have to arm yourself with styling and patience.

Which hairstyles are suitable for thin hair?

Those that add visual volume to the hairstyle. These include beach curls, and curls created using a large-diameter curling iron. By the way, if you decide to curl your curls, be sure to comb them with a comb with large and sparsely set teeth - this way your hair will look thicker.

Is it possible to do hairstyles with bouffant on thin hair?

It is extremely undesirable to make a bouffant on sparse hair on your own. If you really need it, contact the beauty salon, where professional craftsmen will fulfill your order carefully and accurately.

What styling is not recommended for creating hairstyles on thin and sparse hair?

Products containing a large amount of silicones and oils can noticeably weigh thinning hair, so it is better to exclude them from the beauty arsenal.

The oil-based leave-in treatment can also overload thin and weak hair. Give preference to products with a lighter composition.

I have thin and sparse hair, I cut my hair and now I'm thinking about coloring. What paints are best to use?

Give preference to gentle paints that do not contain ammonia. Persistent staining, and even more so discoloration, can harm curls.

To restore he althy shine to hair and make the natural shade more saturated can be tinted, which is also recommended to be done with ammonia-free paints.