Blow-drying is a great way to do your own hairdos that it-girls go to fashion salons for. How to properly dry curls, is it possible to get light curls with a hair dryer and a comb, and what is the secret of volume at the roots?

Basic rules for blow-drying hair

Many rightly believe that blow-drying hair is a separate beauty science. On the one hand, it is fast and convenient, on the other hand, it requires perseverance and patience, at least at the stage of mastering key skills.For those who are just getting started, we have prepared a basic lesson that includes seven tips.

  • Before blow-drying, try to dry your hair a little naturally. A quarter of an hour should be enough.

  • Don't hold the hair dryer too close to your head. Experts recommend working with it, keeping your hand at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from the hair.

  • Don't be lazy to try out additional attachments that often come with a hair dryer. Concentrators and diffusers are underrated and often get dusty in the box, although they make it much easier to distribute airflow to the right areas.

  • Right-handers are advised to hold the hair dryer in their left hand, left-handers - vice versa. The fact is that more complex manipulations will need to be performed with a brush or other tool that is held by the working hand.

  • The tips are dried at the last moment so as not to overheat them. Otherwise, there is a high risk of provoking a section.

  • Thermal protection is a must. Choose a product in a format convenient for you (cream, oil or, for example, spray). We love L'Oréal Professionnel's Blow Dry Cream. It does not feel on the strands, protects hair at high temperatures and has a styling memory function.

  • If you want volume at the roots, dry your hair upside down. Many stylists blow-dry their hair in this way, both at the beginning and at the end of styling. Focus on your feelings.

    Among professional products, there are enough styling options that can lift strands without any sacrifice. Take at least the excellent texturizing powder from Matrix, with which you can get luxurious volume in about thirty seconds.

    Our editor takes it with him on trips - the tool takes up little space, but works for three.

  • Finish with a cold blow. Cool air will help the strands “remember” the desired position faster, prolonging the styling.

How to blow-dry your hair using the brushing technique?

Brushing is a technique that involves the use of a hair dryer and a round brush-comb. This styling can be done both in the salon and at home. All this takes very little time, because drying and styling are performed almost simultaneously. As a result, we get a fashionable hairstyle - such, for example, as in the photo below.

For brushing you will need a special round brush, styling products and, of course, a hair dryer.

And you should also decide on the choice of styling. With brushing, you can:

  • twist curls;

  • raise the strands at the roots and make volume styling;

  • straighten your hair.

Ready to master brushing? Then catch the step by step instructions.

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly, otherwise you risk unsuccessfully brushing the strands during styling and spending the time allotted for the hairstyle unraveling the knots.

  2. After a couple of centimeters from the roots, apply thermal protection along the entire length of the hair, and mousse to add volume to the root zone.

  3. Take a round brush and lift the hair at the roots with it, directing a stream of warm air into this area with your other hand.

  4. Did all the roots dry up? Proceed to dry the rest of the areas. To do this, divide your hair into sections. Their number depends on the thickness and length of the hair, but on average, about 12 zones are obtained.

  5. Work through each area, pulling the strands one by one from the middle to the ends and twisting them in the desired direction.

  6. Fix the styling at the end. From arm's length, apply hairspray or hairspray to curls.

How to create volume at the roots with a hair dryer?

How to blow-dry your hair to lift the strands at the roots? For many girls, this is a real mystery. Let's help solve it. To do this, we will analyze all the actions in stages.

  1. First, make sure you use the right shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. If you lack volume, do not use overly nourishing oil-based formulas before blow-drying. It is also important to thoroughly wash off all these products.

  2. After washing, the curls should dry slightly, after which they should be carefully combed with a comb with sparsely set teeth.

  3. Treat your hair with thermal protection and special foam. If the hair does not hold volume well, first dry it along the entire length and only after that start working with the root zone.

  4. In the head down position, dry the strands at the roots, lifting them with a comb or fingers.

  5. Apply texturizing powder to the roots of the hair and use your hands to give the hairstyle the desired volume. Fix the result with medium hold varnish.

How to blow-dry short hair beautifully?

On short hair, blow-drying doesn't take long. First, they dry faster. And secondly, it is almost impossible to get confused with a brush in short strands. So, let's write the algorithm of actions.

  • After you dry and comb your hair a little, divide it into several parts.

  • Direct the stream of warm air first to the back of the head, fixing the strands in parallel with a stiff brush. First guide your hair one way and then the other.

  • Dry the hair at the temples in the same way.

  • Finish with the hair that frames the face, including the bangs. Fix the result with varnish if necessary.


See how beautiful blow-drying can look. The strands were clearly set in different directions, and due to this, the hairstyle turned out to be very natural.


For styling short hair with a hairdryer, it is convenient to use a diffuser. For example, girls who wear pixies can try on a stylish and slightly chaotic look, as in the photo, using the right texturizer for styling.

Modern medium length blow-drying

On medium length hair, blow-drying is a real pleasure. In any case, if we consider the brushing technique. Repeat after us.

  1. After washing your hair, apply a universal styling product to protect the strands from damage and to fix them.

  2. Next, lightly (!) Dry the strands in the upside down position. It is important to avoid complete drying.

  3. Then, one by one, pull and twist the strands (starting from the bottom) with a round brush. Of course, in parallel, you need to work through each strand with warm or hot air.

  4. Finish the front strands last. One of the most effective ways is to brush your hair away from your face on both sides.


Cascade, in our opinion, is one of the ideal haircuts for blow-drying. The difference in length lightens the overall weight of the hair and a priori adds “air” to the hairstyle, and the brushing technique allows you to enhance this effect.

Long bob

You will say that it is easier to stretch the strands with an iron. Certainly. But you can style your hair no less beautifully with a hairdryer, which will at least save a lot of time on fees. And yet, if you properly style your hair with a hairdryer, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury to the strands.Still, this device is less insidious than a flat iron.

Beautiful blow-dry long hair

Long hair and blow-drying are perfectly compatible, but this task will take more time and skills, what's there.

  1. As we said above, it is very important to carefully comb your hair.

  2. Gather your hair, leaving only part of the lower strands at the back of your head free. Secure with barrettes or barber clips.

  3. Pull out strands with a round brush. Warm air should follow the path of the brush, and the tips should be twisted, slightly changing the position of the brush.

  4. Then work the strands at the temples, only in the upper zone. We act in the same way, but changing direction: we stretch the strands away from the face.

  5. Next, we work on the lower temporal zone, again changing direction - this time to the face.

  6. Switching the hair dryer to cool, dry and style the strands near the face, not forgetting to twist them at the ends.


Long hair is harder to blow-dry, especially if you want to curl the ends the way Jennifer Aniston likes to do. However, we unraveled her secret. Ladder cutting allows you to make the tips more manageable and disciplined.

Straight cut

But for girls with even cuts, we advise you not to be smart and leave your hair straight, just pulling it out with the same brush.

How to blow-dry your hair: stylist tips

Theory is theory, but in practice additional questions arise.

How to blow dry your hair if it is thin and tangles easily?

Firstly, when washing your hair, do not forget to use a balm or conditioner after shampoo. Secondly, be sure to apply thermal protection in the form of a cream before styling - this will make the strands smoother and more supple. Take your time during the styling process and carefully comb each strand just before working with a brush and hair dryer.

How to blow dry your hair without using a comb and brush?

Only girls with short and obedient hair can manage without additional tools. They can work through the hair with a texturizing spray and blow-dry it with a diffuser attachment.

Recommend, please, hair styling products with a hair dryer to make hair thicker.

Tecni.Art mousse from L'Oréal Professionnel (if the goal is to curl strands) or Smooth Setter from Matrix (if you want to straighten your hair) will cope with this task.