Down with dullness, long live bright makeup! When, if not in summer?

I want to enjoy every minute of warmth. In our latitudes, this desire is shared by millions of people. In fact, this does not always work out, but personally, this year I am determined. The preparation began with a revision of the cosmetic bag - funds that inspire change should settle there.

Eyeliner Perfect Slim by Superliner, L'OrÉal Paris

Arrows have been my business card for many years, but I don't differ in originality, I use completely black liners. Maybe it's time to add some color. Resolved: I'm heading for colored eyeliners! I'll start with a proven candidate in turquoise.

Meet the Perfect Slim superliner in a rich blue-green hue. Makeup artists are not very fond of the felt-tip pen format, but for home make-up this is a great solution. No risky liquid texture for you, everything is clear: where you draw a line, it remains there. The applicator is very convenient - it is not difficult to draw a thin line, and if you want to create a richer make-up, the arrow can be easily extended.

Sequin Crush Monotone, YSL Beauty

Who said that gold is only suitable for evening makeup? Here, according to the laws of the genre, a reference to star make-up artists suggests itself, but no - I want to offer you a beauty scenario of my own authorship.

golden shadows. Makeup takes a matter of seconds, and YSL Beauty mono shadows are responsible for a wonderful result.

They have appeared in my arsenal since the launch, but I didn’t think of using them in the first half of the day right away. Yes, they are bright and shimmer noticeably in the light. But isn't this the effect you sometimes want?

It's a special pleasure to apply "gold" with your fingertips. Velvet texture beckons once again to touch the surface of the shadows. By the way, why not do the makeup artist's favorite trick and spread the color over the eyelids in a wet way?

Le Stylo Waterproof eyeliner, Lancôme

At the end of the conversation about eye makeup, I'll tell you about a classic pencil in a non-classical shade. Lancôme has one in the Le Stylo line. Minuit Illusion matte blue caught my eye.

This pencil has something to praise for and besides the color. Firstly, it is waterproof, and this is an advantage not only on the seashore, but also in the city in the heat. Secondly, the pencil has a soft lead, which eliminates the traumatic effect on the delicate skin around the eyes. Thirdly, it does not need to be sharpened - the pencil is automatic. It remains to give practical advice: apply the product along the outer contour of the lower eyelid, and then lightly blend the line with the convenient applicator on the other end of the pencil.

Lip Power lipstick, Giorgio Armani

Fuchsia to the studio! I honestly chose the brightest shade in the Lip Power collection.

These products are famous for their longevity and comfortable texture. Of course, Giorgio Armani, as always, did not look for simple ways - in the formula of the product there are two oils that, in theory, cannot be mixed. But the brand's experts succeeded: by adding a special polymer, they reconciled two ingredients that are necessary and useful for the delicate skin of the lips.

By the way, you can try on this vibrant shade right now without leaving your screen. Follow the link, take a selfie and choose the best lipstick color for you.

Naked Cyber Palette, Urban Decay

When it comes to cool shadows, Urban Decay comes to mind. And this summer the brand will please you again. The colors in the Naked Cyber palette may not be the brightest, but they are quite unusual.

Brand representatives call them surreal, and this definition suits them perfectly. Not everyone will be able to characterize each shade right off the bat: for example, the Static and Y3K colors I would classify as cosmic, which are great for youth parties.

If you want to enhance the already saturated colors, you can apply shadows over the brand's famous primer. It will prolong the wear of eye make-up, although my personal experience is that Urban Decay shadows last well even without a base.