When girls complain to stylists about the lack of volume and styling problems, masters often offer them to try on a ladder haircut. Hailing from the 1980s, she's back on the trend charts for 2023

What is a ladder haircut?

A ladder is a complex haircut that the master performs according to a certain scheme, gradually reducing the length of the hair in certain areas: the stylist forms conditional steps that gave the name to the hairstyle.

Speaking of the ladder haircut, we immediately remembered Jennifer Aniston, who can be called her ambassador.The actress has been faithful to this hairstyle for many years. Other stars were seen with the ladder: Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez looked just great. By the way, they often went out with straight hair, and this says a lot about the quality of the haircut.

Optionally, you can add bangs to the ladder, the hairstyle will only benefit from this. With strands framing the face, styling looks very impressive. At the same time, a straight bang is a dubious idea for a ladder, but an oblique or torn one will decorate this haircut.


The haircut technology has been worked out for a long time, and the advantages of such a choice are obvious. Let's list them again.

  • The ability to change the haircut while maintaining the length.

  • Volume! It is rarely superfluous, and with this haircut, styling is much easier to achieve than with hairstyles that are characterized by a straight cut.

  • Good compatibility with a variety of complex coloring options. Ombre, balayazh and shatush seem to be designed for a short haircut - the result looks very fresh (this can be seen in the photo).

  • Easy to style, which significantly reduces the time for morning preparations.

Disadvantages of haircuts

There are practically no cons. Ladder is a universal type of haircut, for which it is critical only that the tips look well-groomed. To do this, it is important to use thermal protection during hot styling, systematically apply leave-in care products and renew the haircut in the salon every 2 months.

What is the difference between cascade and ladder haircuts?

Not every girl will immediately name the differences, but the popular cascade and ladder are haircuts that differ not only in technique, but also in mood.

The cascade is considered a more daring solution with sharp and chaotic length differences, while the ladder implies a calmer modern look with measured transitions from shorter strands to longer ones.

Ladder hairstyles: who suits?

You can't call a capricious haircut a short flight of stairs. It works well on both thin and thick hair. As for the geometry of the face, experts recommend this hairstyle for girls with a round, triangular or square face shape. Obviously, the strands falling like a ladder optically slightly elongate the oval and visually soften the corners.

Ladder haircut on medium length hair

For medium length hair, the ladder haircut will fit optimally. If you agree with us, it remains to decide which option is closer to you - with or without bangs.

Ladder for medium hair with oblique bangs

Some choose a ladder with a slanting bang for love, others - by calculation. Experts especially recommend this version of the ladder for girls with a square or triangular face shape to make the image softer.

If the face is oval or round, then the ladder will emphasize the initial tenderness of the features, but you must be ready to regularly style the strands around the face. High-quality styling will help increase discipline. Vote for Redken spray and L'Oréal Professionnel mousse.

Ladder for medium hair without bangs

This hairstyle appeals to practical girls who don't want to spend a lot of time styling.

If you are one of those, you might be interested in a couple more tips on how to maintain and prolong the effect of a haircut. First, always use heat protection when styling curls with high temperature gadgets.

Second, don't be lazy to apply a hair balm every time you wash your hair and a nourishing or revitalizing mask 1-2 times a week.

When it comes to hair he alth, it's easier to prevent damage than to repair hair later.

Ladder haircut for long hair

Long hair and basal volume rarely make friends - under the natural weight of the hair, the splendor of the hairstyle, as a rule, falls off rather quickly. In such cases, girls are advised to “lighten the load” by offering one of the ladder options.

Shoulder ladder

If your hair is not too thick and dense, your option is a shoulder-length haircut based on long curls. The shortest strands will be at shoulder level. On the one hand, the hair will remain long enough to be collected in a ponytail or bun, on the other hand, it will be short enough to better keep the styling loose.

Chin ladder

The difference in length between the shortest and longest strands in this case will be maximum - the ends of the face will be at the level of the chin. This option can be called a bang rehearsal: if you manage to style the strands near the face, you can complicate the task by making bangs-curtains.

Ladder haircut for short hair

Fashionable ladder options are sometimes confused with a cascade. But the difference is visible at the crown: for the cascade, they create a voluminous hat, and in the case of the ladder, the stylist focuses on working with the tips. Let's look at the main types of ladders that are popular among girls who prefer lightness in their hair.

Ragged ladder

The ladder is complemented by a strong thinning of the strands, due to which it turns out to achieve a daring effect.

Styling is minimal - use tools that add texture to the hairstyle. L'Oréal Professionnel's Tecni.Art Beach Waves texturizing spray won't let you down.

Short ladder

First, the master makes a classic straight cut, and then works on the bottom layer of strands using the ladder technique.

This haircut looks spectacular with straight strands, but you can use the styling products from our selection for a trendy result.

5 Ladder Hairstyle Ideas

Ladder haircut may look different, and our photo report is a clear confirmation of this.

Ladder haircut with smooth styling

On straight hair, the professionalism of the master is immediately visible - in this case, the shortcomings of the ladder cannot be disguised. If you plan to wear classics, choose a proven stylist with experience.

Beach curls

Beach curls, due to their inherent randomness, are able to hide the imperfection of the haircut. But this styling is also chosen with perfectly trimmed strands. We love how this ladder looks on medium length hair.

Roll-up styling

Great styling idea for those who save their hair by trying not to use hot tools.

However, even if you curl only the ends, thermal protection is required - apply it to the ends if you want to avoid splitting.


Our favorite styling style is great for cutting ladders. And how it is combined with complex coloring is just a fairy tale! You may need to take a master class to master the technique of working with a round comb, but the result is worth it.


In the list of trendy hairstyles for 2023, we also found large curls on medium-length hair cut with a ladder. And what, very good!

Stylist Tips

Girls can endlessly discuss fashionable haircuts. We suggest continuing in the “question-answer” format.

What does a ladder look like on medium length hair with straight bangs?

Most often - it is doubtful. We prefer options that make the hairstyle look perfect most of the time.

How best to lay the strands of the ladder near the face - inward or outward?

What do you like best? Hairstyle should not just be fashionable and beautiful - it should emphasize your dignity. We only add that it is more difficult to style the hair away from the face, but this should not stop you if you have a high-quality fixative on hand.For example, Stay High 18 gel mousse from Redken with a strong degree of fixation.

How to style hair if it is cut with a ladder, but the volume is still not enough?

We have already said above that this haircut does not guarantee a super-fluffy hairstyle. But the ladder is a great base to achieve the desired volume by mastering the styling technique with the right styling products.