Which of us hasn't been in a situation where we had to go out with an unwashed head? The reasons can be very different, from an unexpected shutdown of the water to a failed alarm clock. What hairstyles mask dirty hair and what styling will help out in difficult times?

How to hide dirty hair?

Almost any girl understands how much in the image depends on the styling. You can skip something in the makeup - for example, do not dye your eyelashes or leave your lips in a natural state - but you need to fix your hair.However, no one canceled force majeure circumstances, and collecting stale hair in a bun is not always the best solution.

We analyzed the experience of the girls who got into this awkward situation and learned how to style dirty hair in the most advantageous way.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo, according to many, is a brilliant beauty invention. For those who are not yet familiar with this tool, let's explain: this is a special composition in the spray format, which is distributed over dry hair, mainly in the root zone.

Experts recommend applying it even to freshly dried hair, but the option of saving stale styling is much more popular. The tool is a powder based on rice or corn starch, which quickly absorbs fat and adds missing volume to the hair.

After applying the shampoo, carefully work the strands with your fingertips and comb. This will help activate the product and neutralize the white residue that may remain on the hair after spraying the composition.

Important: dry shampoo should be used exclusively as an SOS product and should be washed off with a classic shampoo in the evening. We recommend balancing from L'Oréal Paris. It helps control sebum production and moisturizes the strands.

Texturing spray

To disguise the untidy look of curls, a hairstyle based on dirty hair, made with a texturizing spray, can also. With it, you can give the curls a trendy-sloppy look. In a professional environment, such styling is called "beach curls" , and in our case it will be a "beach disguise" .

Texturing Powder

If your hair lacks volume at the roots on the second or third day after washing, we know what to advise you. Not yet the most famous, but very effective styling format is texturizing powder. We've adopted a great version from Matrix and can confirm: super volume is guaranteed for the whole day!


When not only water is not at hand, but also saving styling products, a beautiful scarf will help you get out of a difficult situation. In this form, you can safely go out not only for bread, but also for a walk in the park, complementing the image with sunglasses.


If the hairstyle is in a borderline state, that is, it is still far from frankly dirty hair, you can try to remove the curls with a wide rim to hide the lack of volume in this way.

If the hair is dirty: quick hairstyles

What hairstyle to do on dirty hair? We did not think that we would cover such a topic, but we recognize its relevance in some circumstances. Well, the experts recommend taking into account the length of the hair, and we will support them in this.

Short haircuts

The opportunity for maneuver for girls with short hair, one might say, is one - to add volume to the strands with dry shampoo. They also advise not to comb dirty hair once again if you understand that you won’t be able to wash your hair with the usual shampoo and update your hair in the near future.

Medium length hair

It is easier for owners of medium length hair to mask oily roots. Consider the options for hairstyles that you can do with your own hands.


Sleek hairstyles with imitation of wet hair can look natural even on messy strands of medium length. To create a beam, get hairpins and a fixing gel. The last thing is just to pacify the protruding hairs, which should not spoil the perfectly smooth picture.


How to collect dirty hair in a ponytail? Tip one: do not try to recreate the volume. It is better to collect the hair tight enough (but without busting) higher, at least at the crown, and secure with an elastic band.

Comb through the strands carefully, and at the end fix the result with a styling product with the effect of a wet finish.


We'll do voluminous braids some other time, but in the circumstances suggested, it's better to braid the strands tighter. We have collected options that can be tried on dirty hair, which is quite convincingly proved by the photo below.


Making the Hollywood wave that Emma Stone and Blake Lively love so much. It will not work quickly, but if your water is turned off and you are in no hurry, why not try? To create a retro look, you will need an iron, thermal protection, styling mousse and strong hold hairspray.

Beach curls

The surfer's girlfriend hairstyle is another saving option for a messy head. Generously apply a sea s alt-based styling product (in the form of a texturizing spray) to the curls. And then alternately squeeze the strands with your fingers until the curls take the desired shape. If the hair dries for a long time, you can dry it slightly using a diffuser.

Long hair

For girls with long curls, it is much more difficult to achieve a voluminous hairstyle, and if the strands are also stale, then luck can be called complete. Let's not reinvent the wheel and immediately offer a bun as a solution to the problem of dirty hair.


Not simple, but tall. If possible, use a bagel to make the bun big enough and noticeable. A beautiful ribbon that can be tied around the base of the bundle will also serve as a distraction.

What hairstyles won't hide dirty hair?

We seem to have learned how to mask dirty hair. Now let's discuss what is best to avoid in this situation.

Of course, loose hair. Such styling does not always look neat even on clean hair - let alone strands of not the first freshness.

It also makes sense to put off the styling in the brushing technique, beloved by many, until better times. Firstly, it is made on the basis of clean, semi-moist hair. Secondly, the lack of volume (it will be almost impossible to achieve it) will negate all the work.

As for the bangs, whatever they are (straight or oblique), it is better to pin them up or, if the length allows, put them in a ponytail or a bun.

Save cascading haircuts with dry shampoo - it is problematic to collect them in a bun or tail.

How to take care of your hair so you don't wash it every day

They say it's easier to prevent a problem than to solve it. We cannot say that this is absolutely true in a situation with dirty hair, but with proper care, you can not only prolong the freshness of your hair, but also improve its quality. Below we will answer the questions of our readers, and at the same time tell you what to do in order to lessen the problem of stale styling.

How to wash your hair properly so that the next day you do not have to hide dirty hair under a headdress?

We recommend trying a shampoo with clay (L'Oréal Paris has one) or with tea tree extract (look for it at Garnier). These ingredients help control sebum production and refresh your scalp - you'll feel it in the shower.As for the conditioner, this product is applied along the length of the hair, retreating a couple of centimeters from the roots. Perhaps in your case it is better to avoid products with oils (we have nothing against it, but if you overdo it with the nutrition of the strands, they will quickly lose their presentation).

It is possible that you have an increased oiliness of the scalp, and, unfortunately, we cannot do anything with this individual feature. The same goes for athletes who actively sweat during training. However, taking a shower after a workout or a hot summer day is much more fun than looking for ways to mask the staleness.

What hairstyle can be whipped up so that it looks attractive even on dirty hair? Maybe you need to change your image?

We advise you to get rid of too long hair first. Secondly, we recommend avoiding bangs and straight cuts. Thirdly, we often check the cleanliness of the comb or brush: it quickly accumulates dust, dirt and sebum, which, when combing fresh hair, corny quickly pollute them.Remember to wash this accessory thoroughly regularly.

What hairstyle can be done on short hair so that by the evening they definitely do not become dirty?

For the accuracy of the answer, there is not enough information about what you plan to do during the day. Still, an active holiday on the weekends or five couples at the university is a slightly different physical activity. And yet there is universal advice. Before leaving the house, apply a volumizing agent to the hair roots. If the hair is still semi-moist, you can use mousse, if already dry - spray, dry shampoo or powder. Styling can extend the freshness and attractiveness of styling for several days.

I have a bob hairstyle, but it doesn't seem to be designed for oily scalp. I suspect that hair can get dirty faster due to homemade hair masks. Is it true?

Very possible. Folk recipes for masks sound tempting, but in fact, such “cocktails” are often quite difficult to wash off: they often contain oils.Ready-to-use formulas (like Garnier Fructis Superfood) are the result of scientific research, lab testing, and extensive testing that a) validates their effectiveness and b) collects user feedback for systemic formula improvements.