It just seems that men have a poor choice of hairstyles. Professional stylists will easily convince you otherwise. And they give a special place to men's haircuts with a transition. Maybe you should consider this option for yourself?

What is a men's haircut with a transition?

You might think that transition hairstyles are something extravagant, but they are not. Shaved temples and the back of the head are quite common among men, it’s just that the length transition itself (in most cases vertical) is not always striking.The hair on the top of the head is always longer than behind the ears, but the degree of contrast is a matter of personal preference.

When transitioning from scratch, for example, a haircut reveals most of a man's head.

A smooth transition is considered the benchmark for masters of men's haircuts. They achieve it using different techniques: stylists can use both a trimmer and a typewriter.

However, there are pros who can only do the job with scissors.

Who would like a haircut with a transition?

The variety of hairstyles with a transition is so great that it will not be difficult for any man to choose the best haircut for him.

There are options that will perfectly complement a sporty style, others can become a necessary accent for a business look.

When choosing a man, it is important to consider not only lifestyle and wardrobe, but also external data.

For example, too short haircuts with a transition are not recommended for overweight men. An uneven skull is another contraindication, although not so categorical if a true master of his craft takes up the matter.

Short hairstyle perfectly hides small bald patches. With such initial data, they try to make a smooth transition in the most problematic places.

Do I need to build on the type of hair? Undoubtedly. But to refuse a male model haircut with a transition just because you have wavy or fluffy curls is definitely not worth it. In 2023, styling is able to discipline even the most naughty strands. The main thing is to choose professional products that will fix, but not glue the hair. Men are advised to pay attention to gels, pastes and waxes - some of the easiest styling products to use.

types of men's haircuts with transition: photo and description

For men who are primarily interested in the result (no matter how it is achieved - with a machine or scissors), we have collected the most popular types of haircuts with a transition. Do not forget to save the option you like to discuss it with the master if you have planned a visit to the hairdresser.

Bat with a smooth transition

If earlier a cap haircut was valued for a sharp transition (as in the photo), today this men's hairstyle looks more relevant with a smooth reduction in hair length.

It definitely cannot be compared with the classic pot now. But it is quite possible to confuse with the British or Canadian.

Caesar with transition

Caesar is chosen by self-confident men with certain aesthetic ambitions - the transition in this haircut really looks interesting.Look at the photo, how the area on the back of the head and in the temporal area is professionally worked out. Experts call this effect a smoky transition in men's haircuts, and it is quite characteristic of the Caesar haircut.

The same can be said about the bangs, the quality of which is easy to determine the professionalism of the stylist. Yes, with such a hairstyle, it is not recommended to delay updating the haircut - Caesar obliges you to be disciplined.

Half box with transition

Three things can be said about the half-box hairstyle in the context of today's topic. First, we definitely like it very much. Secondly, the semi-box suits many men. And thirdly, the transition in this men's haircut is achieved with the help of a typewriter.

The strands of the face are also left moderately short, and even if a young man asks to cut his bangs, this will not cause any special problems. It will be enough to lightly fix the strands with gel before leaving the house - and the stylish styling is ready!


The classic tennis haircut is in some ways very similar to the fashion half-box described above, but there is one significant difference - bangs! And it should be laid up. Yes, yes, it's set. We cannot change the direction of hair growth, although there are men who have the desired vector set by nature itself. If this is not your case, we recommend using Redken fixing paste.

With her, it will not be difficult to lift short strands in the face. And you can go to the court - test the strength of both yourself and the styling tool.

When creating men's tennis, hair is cut with a clipper, and a smooth transition is achieved with the help of several attachments.

5 photo ideas of a stylish haircut with a transition for men

For some, choosing a haircut is a real torture, for others it's a pleasure. We hope you belong to the second group, and the anticipation of the new gives you positive impressions.

Let's not shelve the decision, and let our selection help you decide on the choice of the future image.

Let's start with the British, a male haircut with a rather sharp transition. It is often chosen by chubby young people.

Due to the volume at the crown and shaved temples, the visual effect of a more elongated face is created. Moreover, it can be strengthened if you use professional styling products. For example, mousse from L'Oréal Professionnel or texturizing powder from Matrix.

The next men's haircut for your consideration is a cap (everyone remembers that it should be with a smooth transition?).

Get a stylish look if you texture your strands with special products like L'Oréal Professionnel Universal Texturizing Spray (suitable for both men and women).

An option that will be in harmony with a mustache or beard is an undercut haircut ( although it will suit the face without them).

To work with the side zones, stylists choose the shortest nozzle, because the hair needs to be cut almost to zero. At the top, the strands, on the contrary, retain their length so that they can be easily combed back with a gel.

By choosing a top note haircut with a sharp transition from rather long hair on top, a man may wonder how to do a bun at home.

Yes, everything was done perfectly in the salon, but now you have to master some skills yourself. We hasten to reassure you: there is nothing complicated in this. Get a set of rubber bands of different colors (and more is better - we know from experience how quickly they disappear miraculously somewhere) and a light fixation gel.

Gather the tail not too tight, otherwise your head may ache, and then distribute a drop of the product through your hair with your hands, smoothing the protruding hairs on the temples and crown.

By the way, keep in mind that hair in a ponytail or bun can lose freshness faster. If this is your case, try changing your shampoo. You can use the care from L'Oréal Paris with three types of clay. The products not only help the hair stay clean for longer, but also moisturize it, including where it is most critical, that is, at the ends.

The final item in our ranking of men's haircuts with a smooth transition will be a fade, which is very useful in hot weather. This hairstyle is considered universal: it will be “one’s own” both at a fashionable hipster party and at a business meeting.

Methods for performing men's haircuts with a transition

You can, of course, learn how men's haircuts are made with a transition (with scissors and a typewriter) from videos. It will be useful, however, to rely on the step-by-step instructions that we are in a hurry to bring to your attention.

Using a typewriter

Let's take a step-by-step look at how a man's haircut is made with a transition using a typewriter.

  1. To begin with, the master selects a nozzle. For example, to work out the temples, he can use a short nozzle, moving it from bottom to top at a slight angle. At the top, he should tilt the front of the apparatus towards himself in order to take into work the hair on the crown of the head. Using the same technique, the length at the back of the head is removed.

  2. Imagine a conditional line that runs along the perimeter of the head above the ears, and process the nozzle, leaving the minimum length, the hair from the neck to this line.

  3. With a slightly larger nozzle, go along the transition line - against hair growth. After that, you can again arm yourself with the smallest nozzle and beautifully refine the transition line.

  4. Don't forget to trim the bottom hairline - you don't need an extra nozzle for this.

  5. In the final, be sure to comb your hair to see if any zones are missed and whether the transition is even.


How to cut hair with a machine, and even with the transition, we told above. Now let's move on to men's haircuts that are made with scissors.

  1. We will start from the bottom up, that is, from the neck. We take a comb and lean it against the head at a slight angle (the teeth should look up). The scissors must be placed parallel to the surface of the comb.

  2. Grab the strands with a comb and haircut. The direction, we remind you, is from the neck to the top of the head.

  3. We leave the strands at the temples for dessert. Trim the strands so that they are in harmony with the hairstyle as a whole. To do this, simultaneously focus on the length of the hair at the crown and at the back of the head.

Haircut ready. But it sounds, of course, much easier than it really is. Still, the skill of a stylist requires both skill and certain artistic abilities.