Looking for a trendy haircut option? Notice the short crop. The versatility of this hairstyle is a separate plus, because it fits into both a sporty look and a business one. But does it suit everyone?

Features of men's hairstyles crop (crop)

Crop is a neat short haircut with a hint of artistic carelessness. Its unusual Russian name comes from the usual English word "crop" , which means "short cut" . But the essence of the crop haircut is not only in the length.

Almost always, the hairstyle implies the presence of a bang and a torn texture of the strands. It is the latter that allows you to achieve that very stylish mess in the image.

If mess scares you in any way, then we hasten to reassure you: after styling, a crop haircut can look extremely neat.

Despite the English roots of the name, men's crop is considered a French hairstyle. This haircut technique is said to have been popular with young people in Normandy as far back as 100 years ago. Crop is often compared and sometimes confused with a Caesar haircut, but there is definitely a difference between them. Yes, they are very similar in front due to the short bangs that are present in both cases. But further it is easy to see the fundamental difference. At first glance, you can see that the crop is characterized by a sharp transition from hair at the crown to shaved temples, while Caesar assumes the same length of hair around the entire perimeter of the head.

Who will go for a men's crop haircut?

Should everyone cut their hair a la french crop? Definitely - no. The hairstyle should favorably emphasize the appearance, and this is the main criterion for choosing an image. Before a haircut, a man needs to take into account several parameters: face shape, hair type and the potential opportunity to regularly update his crop with a professional stylist.

To try on a French crop, of course, men with a round and oval face shape can. Otherwise, the recommendations relate to variations in the length of the hair at the crown and temples, as well as the smoothness of the transition.

For owners of an elongated face, it is better not to consider hairstyles with shaved temples and longer strands on the parietal region. But if you really want to try on this hairstyle, then you can make an elongated crop, reducing the sharpness of the transitions from short strands to long ones.

Men with a square face, experts recommend not to spare the length at the temples - the transition from one part of the hairstyle to another should be sharp.

Recommendations for young people with a triangular face shape are as follows: short hair in the total mass and clarity in the transition of lengths.

Good news: there are not so many hair type requirements for crop hairstyles. Hairdressers advise her, including men with not very thick and even sparse hair. This is quite logical, because you do not need to achieve volume, as is the case with pompadour or undercut haircuts.

Slightly curly and curly strands are also not an obstacle for crop haircuts, as we see in the photo.

Well, for young people with straight hair, crop can simply be prescribed. If you want - wear a haircut in its original form, if you want - add volume and texture to your hairstyle.

Men's crop haircut: technique and pattern

If you managed to see the crop from all sides in the photo, you probably noticed that this men's haircut is not an easy one.The crop cutting pattern itself is not immediately readable. For its implementation, scissors alone are not enough - for quite a long time the stylist has been working with a clipper using different attachments. But you can't do without professional scissor skills.

  1. First, the stylist must separate the strands on the top of the head, securing them with clips.

  2. Then he moves on to the most important stage - he shaves the back of his head and whiskey with a typewriter.

  3. The next stage is the upper zone. In this area, the hair should be longer than at the temples, so it is worked out with scissors.

  4. At the end, bangs are cut. If you are not ready to visit the salon often, choose a shortened version.

How to style crop?

Understanding how to lay the crop is not difficult. In practice, you just need to arm yourself with proven styling products.

If you want to make a universal styling, with which you can go to meet the bride's parents and important business negotiations, you should not experiment. Arm yourself with a fixative that can pacify freedom-loving hairs and discipline them throughout the day. StyleLink Super Fixer from Matrix will suit this role.

There is a more intricate way of styling, which will be relevant for those who wear a long crop. Don't be afraid of complexity - we just offer to emphasize the texture of the strands with Redken lipstick-cream.

Apply the product to semi-moist hair, paying special attention to the area from the crown to the forehead. Then comb through your hair in the direction you want.

Crop trends for men in 2023

Ready to dive into the world of men's haircuts and explore all the main types of crop? We have compiled a review. Still, the trend is a trend, and most importantly, when choosing a hairstyle - personal preferences and taking into account the individual characteristics of appearance and hair.

Classic crop

If you don't know how to cut your hair, choose a classic crop that is considered universal and never goes out of style. Bangs are required for this male crop option, but may look different depending on the shape of the haircut, as seen in the photo below.

French crop

If we talk about the level of the master who undertakes to cut your hair, then the creation of a French-style men's crop requires at least many years of experience, because a haircut has many nuances.First, the elongated bangs. Secondly, long strands at the crown that require thinning. And thirdly, the torn edge of the strands is for those who want the French crop to look rebellious.

Fade crop

Just figured out what crop is, and here are the new introductory ones - the prefix "fade-" . Now let's explain what it means. In the photo, pay attention to the smooth transition of length at the temples. This effect is called "fade" (from the English to fade - "disappear imperceptibly" ). This technique is typical not only for crop, but also for some other men's haircuts. The result clearly hints to others that the young man is watching his appearance.

Elongated crop

If you want to experiment, then the men's crop haircut with long strands at the crown and short hair at the temples opens the way to them. You can slick back the strands with gel or give them volume and texture with mousse.However, leaving the haircut in its original state is also not forbidden - naturalness does not lose ground in the list of the most current trends.

Crop haircut: stylist tips

We discussed in detail the types and features of the crop and are ready to move on to the practical side of things. It remains only to answer the most frequent questions on the topic.

Who is a crop cut more suitable for blondes or brunettes?

We conducted a mini-investigation on the net and, based on the ratio of photos, we came to the conclusion that men with dark hair choose crop haircuts more often. But for fair-haired young people, this hairstyle, no doubt, suits.

Which crop option is the most relevant for men in 2023?

Moderns are sure that you need to combine bright colors and textured styling to be in trend, but we understand that not everyone is close to such extreme options, so we suggest staying with a fade crop.No harsh transitions plus a low level of shaved areas - almost a classic, but with a trendy twist!

How to make a crop hairstyle if the hair is frizzy?

Whatever one may say, I'll have to make time for styling. Perhaps 5 minutes is enough, but it’s unlikely that you can completely do without styling if you need a neat hairstyle. However, you can request a short crop with almost no bangs: although it is believed that such a male haircut does not exist, the masters do it at the request of the client. Also, try using leave-in moisturizers - girls with frizzy hair are literally addicted to these beauty products.

How to cut crop if I'm 40 years old?

As you wish! Looking back at age when choosing a haircut is out of date these days, even if you occupy a responsible position and it is important to “keep up the mark”. Yes, the crop hairstyle is really more associated with a youth look, but no one bothers you to choose the most classic version of the haircut - an elongated one with a smooth transition at the temples.

What should be the care of a haircut if it is an elongated crop?

Even long crop options are considered short compared to other haircuts, so the main thing is to properly and regularly clean the scalp and hair. Adjust the washing mode yourself, everything is individual here. And with regard to the choice of shampoo, we are happy to share recommendations. If you notice that your hair becomes oily rather quickly (after 10-12 hours), try, for example, Elseve balancing shampoo from L'Oréal Paris. It contains blue, green and white clay and is suitable for those with oily hair types.

If, on the contrary, you notice that the skin on your head is dry and flaky, take care of proper hydration. The vegan shampoo "Aloe" will help with this. Superfood" by Garnier. We liked both the stylish design of the product (by the way, the packaging of the shampoo is recyclable) and the formula, which includes 96% natural ingredients.