Most men prefer short hair, but in vain. Owners of long hair always stand out against the general background. Men's caret - a haircut for which we will campaign for the stronger sex today

Men's bob: what does a haircut look like?

The key feature of any square is the common denominator, which leads to the length of the strands. As a rule, the hair is trimmed along the jaw line. However, extended options are also possible - they will be discussed below.

Men's bob hairstyle differs from women's in light negligence and the absence of strictly graphic lines. But this does not mean that symmetrical and even bob options are contraindicated for men - this is always a matter of taste and personal preference.

The advantages of a male bob are quite weighty:

  • this haircut has no age restrictions;
  • caret available to all men regardless of hair type;
  • some types of bob add visual volume and density to the hairstyle.

Cons, however, also exist. What can baffle men?

  • Bob haircuts in most cases require styling, which can be quite troublesome for some men.
  • In order for the haircut to always look neat, regular visits to the hairdresser are necessary, at least once every one and a half months.

Types of male caret

To decide on your variant of a square, it is desirable to have illustrative examples before your eyes. Let's look at the photo of various types of men's caret.


A short variation of the male square will suit those who have naturally thin and not very thick hair. A double bob will add volume to your hair.


A graduated man's bob is cut in levels, from the longest bottom to the shortest top. Transitions between layers can be both contrasting and very smooth.


French bob can be called a male variation of the bob on the leg, but with its own characteristics. The hair on the back of the head and in the neck area is not shaved, but made a little shorter than the bulk of the hair. This hairstyle is ideal for men with straight and manageable hair.


Men's elongated bob is a great choice for any type of hair. This haircut will especially appeal to chubby men, as it hides the volume of the face and helps to visually narrow it, making it more refined.

With bangs

For those who choose this type of male bob, we advise you to choose an elongated or slightly torn bang - even or straight will make the haircut too childish.

Which of the men will bob haircut?

The versatility of the bob haircut allows almost all men to wear this hairstyle. But stylists still advise to stick to an individual approach and choose a square, starting from the features of appearance.

Bob haircut to fit the shape of the face

  • For chubby men, the most advantageous choice would be an elongated bob that creates a vertical accent. It is better to refuse a bob-type bob - this hairstyle will emphasize the cheek area.
  • Owners of an oval face shape are shown voluminous varieties of male squares - in particular, French and double.
  • And the men's bob with bangs is designed for guys with a square face shape. Asymmetric or torn bangs distract attention from a too massive chin and visually lighten the image.

Men's bob according to hair type

The right choice of haircut also depends on the type of hair. Experts advise men with thin and sparse hair to do a graduated or double bob.

And lucky people with thick hair can safely recommend a bob.

Male caret and age

Classic men's bob suits those whose lifestyle obliges them to look restrained and elegant. A short bob is indicated for men of respectable age. The most daring variations of the bob are available to young guys - for example, with shaved temples.

Men's bob haircut: how to cut

How to make a square for a man? The haircut technology is not as simple as it might seem at first glance, so it is better to trust a professional master.

What are the stages of the procedure for men's bob haircuts in the salon?

  1. Hair is thoroughly washed and combed.

  2. Then, the strands at the crown are gathered into a bun or secured with a clip.

  3. The remaining mass is trimmed evenly with classic scissors, whiskey is shaved with a machine if desired.

  4. The bun is loosened and the hair is carefully combed.

  5. Next, a horizontal parting is carried out from ear to ear, dividing the hair into two parts. The hair in the upper part is divided by a vertical parting into two more parts and secured with clips.

  6. The lower part is trimmed approximately to the line of the shoulders or lower jaw (depending on preferences) - this will be the reference length, which will need to be guided in the future.

  7. The stabbed part is alternately released in a small strand and cut to the control length.

  8. The same is done with the hair from the second stabbed part.

  9. Further, the master, if necessary, makes thinning and styles the hair.

It is unlikely that anyone will be able to perform such a complex male bob haircut at home without the help of a master. So we recommend making an appointment.

Fashion bob haircut options for men: photo

What types of men's bob haircuts are in fashion? We bring you our selection of the most trendy options for 2023.

Straight classic bob

This haircut option will be relevant for a long time. The front strands should be made a little longer to make the square look more stylish.

Curly hair caret

Men with curly hair often prefer bob haircuts. It is really perfect for this hair texture.

Asymmetrical bob

A youthful haircut that looks great on any hair, be it curly, straight, thin or thick.

Asymmetrical men's bob looks no less brutal than classic options.

Parted bob

Parting is not suitable for all men. It is contraindicated for owners of a round face, but for men with a thin and pointed face, parting will be very useful.

How to style a man's bob hairstyle at home?

With styling, any haircut looks better. At home, styling a men's bob haircut is not difficult if you know some tricks and use the right styling.

Below you will find a selection of simple, but very beautiful, from our point of view, versions of styling a male bob.

Bob styling with bangs

Bangs can be styled in different ways. The easiest way is to lay the bangs to the side. To do this, dry it with a hairdryer using a comb (optimally use a round brush). When drying, try to comb your bangs to the side. After that, it is enough to fix the hair with a spray. Try Redken's Control Addict for ultra-long hold and shine.

Texture styling

Men's bob is great for all types of textured styling. Special sprays will help emphasize the structure of the strands. We recommend applying L'Oréal Professionnel's Beach Waves Texturizing Spray to damp hair, then blow-dry it on low power. You should get a stylish casual beach styling.

Curly bob styling

What about curly hair? The most win-win option is to make curls elastic and clearly defined. L'Oréal Professionnel's Siren Waves Elastic Cream can handle it.

Smooth styling

Sometimes all you need is smoothness and shine. Miracle Creator Spray from Matrix has truly magical properties: it smoothes the strands, gives them a he althy glow and protects against damage. It is enough to spray a small amount of spray on the hair before drying with a hair dryer - and, as experience shows, neat styling of a man's bob is guaranteed.

If your hair lacks body and thickness, Redken Brews Densifying Spray will come in handy. After application, the hairstyle looks voluminous, and the hair is thick.

Men's bob: some tips

Let's answer some readers' questions on today's topic.

I have short hair - how to grow it quickly for a man's haircut?

If you want to achieve the fastest possible result, you need an integrated approach.

  • He althy lifestyle is the foundation of everything. Proper nutrition, giving up bad habits, quality sleep - all this will have a positive effect on hair growth.
  • It is necessary to choose the right home care. It is better to do this with the help of a specialist. The action of shampoo and hair conditioner should be aimed at strengthening and stimulating hair growth.
  • Be sure to use heat protection before styling: this will help avoid injury and hair breakage - one of the main reasons for difficulties in growing the desired length of hair.

Can men not style their bob haircut?

As we noted above, the caret is simply created for styling - without it, the hairstyle may not look so impressive. But in fact, a lot depends on the art of the hairdresser and on the characteristics of the hair.If they are naturally smooth, dense and docile, they can look good without styling. In any case, if there is no time for this procedure, you can collect your hair in a bun or ponytail.

How often should a man's caret be updated?

To keep your hair in good shape, it is recommended to visit the hairdresser about once a month.

Who definitely shouldn't cut a man's bob?

There are practically no contraindications for the caret. Perhaps, only those who understand that they will not be able to regularly care for long enough hair should abandon the men's bob haircut.