One of the most fashionable men's hairstyles in the 1990s had an unusual name - curtains. This is a translation of the English word curtains. If you look at the photo examples, it becomes clear that the name accurately reflects the essence of the haircut. In 2023, she was again at the peak of popularity

Features of men's hairstyle curtains (curtains)

Curtains is a men's haircut with an even parting in the center and strands framing or partially covering the face. Length and graduation are optional, as are bangs. We advise you to find a good hairdresser, since curtains cannot be called the easiest haircut to perform.Working on your own at home comes with a lot of risk - finding a new style is much easier with the help of professionals.

A hairstyle made by a master has a lot of advantages. Haircut curtains:

  • easy to style (if the hair is obedient, sometimes just combing it is enough);

  • visually adds volume to the styling;

  • makes a favorable impression on many girls.

The stylists will confirm the first two points, and we, in turn, will focus on the third. Still, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves and Timothée Chalamet, who tried on curtains in different years, always knew how to present themselves.

Who suits the men's haircut?

What kind of man do you imagine when you think of curtain hair? There is an opinion that only young men choose it, but we fundamentally disagree with this.

Yes, 30 years ago, the fashion for "curtens" was indeed distributed mainly among young people, but today this men's haircut has no age restrictions.

You need to take into account not lived years, but appearance features: face shape, length and type of hair, individual style.

Square face

For young people with this geometry of the face, graduated strands near the face will help soften the image. And remember: styling does not have to be perfectly symmetrical around the face. Moreover, with such an appearance, a little creative mess on the head will only benefit, which is easy to create by releasing a few strands in the bangs area, as Matt Damon did in his youth.

Round face

The hairstyle of people with a round face should not be short, so long curtains are preferable. The explanation for this is simple: strands a la elongated caret will help to adjust the proportions, making the face visually a little more elongated.


Men with a wide forehead and a narrow chin are advised to use a cascading curtain haircut.

Long face

With an elongated face, volume, volume and again volume are shown. Sleek styling combined with an elongated face is not a good idea. Lucky if you have wavy or curly hair: the hairstyle in this case, in our opinion, looks more interesting.

But you can achieve splendor with the help of styling products. We vote for professional products that stylists work with.

Men's haircut curtains: how to cut?

We will tell you how to cut your hair to get curtains, but we want to emphasize that this is by no means a call to perform these actions at home on your own. Your first task is to grow the strands to the desired length, and it is better to entrust the rest to a professional.

But back to technique.

  1. First of all, the hair is washed and dried with a towel.

  2. Then the strands are divided into four parts. Usually, hair is pinned up with clips at the temples, crown and back of the head.

  3. The next step is to determine the place on the top of the head from which, in fact, the curtains themselves will begin. To do this, separate a small strand from the total mass in this zone and cut it, achieving the required length.

  4. And then, moving to the temples, you should cut your hair, equal to the control strand.

  5. When the temples are worked out, you can move on to the back of the head. In this area, the hair is cut with graduations to create volume on the sides and back.

To stack or not to stack?

That's the question! The answer depends on several factors. Firstly, on the type of curtains (yes, they are different, but more on that below). Secondly, on the type of hair. We are sure that after the first shampoo you will understand whether your haircut needs technical support or the curls look so chic.

We have collected universal tips that are relevant for men's curtain hairstyles.

  • Take care of the volume. Without it, the curtains look dull, and we need a completely different result. You can lift the hair at the roots with the help of various means. If you're styling wet hair, use Redken's Aerate Cream Mousse. For dry curls, Matrix's Height Riser Luxurious Texturizing Powder.

  • If you doubt the freshness of your hair, the best way out is to wash your hair. This haircut looks the most impressive when the hair is clean. If you don't have time to shower, simulate wet hair with Redken Wax.

  • If you are the kind of man who is not ready to spend a lot of time styling hair, choose short haircut options for curtains.

Curtains: trendy haircut options in 2023

What should be the men's curtain haircut this year? With shaved temples or fashionable Korean? Longer or shorter? A wide selection can be confusing. Let's make the task easier by illustrating each option with a photo example.

Double side bangs

Classic does not need additional comments. Choose a comfortable length and enjoy the graceful simplicity of a haircut. By the way, stylists say that parting helps to focus on the eyes. Why not use this life hack?

Shaved temples

To make a curtain hairstyle with shaved temples, you need at least courage. It also takes time to set up. Still, the lack of additional reliance on whiskey, which the previous version has, must be compensated for with something. Texturing effects will help.

Korean type of haircut

The fashionable Asian version is characterized by layering. It makes sense to try on Korean curtains on medium hair with sufficient density and rigidity. Such strands after washing do not always need styling (isn't that a plus?) - a haircut can look harmonious anyway.


Curly hair is a great base for curtains. And it's great that the curl can be anything: clear and elastic or unexpressed and relaxed.

Photo ideas for haircuts curtains based on hair length

How long does it take to grow curls to try on curtains? Reasonable question! Of course, you won’t go to the salon with a hedgehog, but it’s difficult to name a specific length in centimeters, different options are possible. Get inspired by the photo below and, depending on the chosen idea, you will be able to estimate in how many days or weeks to go to the stylist.

Short hair

With short hair, men's curtain hairstyle allows you to look very young. This haircut option refreshes the look and is easier to style.

Medium length hair

This length is the gold standard for curtains. Young people with straight hair take on the image of a romantic hero, and owners of curly strands - a real dandy.

Long hair

We recommend growing hair for those who like experiments. With such a length, it is easier to give the curls the desired texture with the help of styling and change the image by varying the position of the parting (from straight to side or vice versa).

Curtain haircut: stylist tips

The more difficult the haircut, the more questions. We hope that we can answer at least some of them.

How do I style curtains if I have curly hair?

Let's first define what effect you want to achieve with styling. If you need to discipline the curls so that they do not interfere with the face, use a fixing gel or varnish, simultaneously setting the strands in the desired direction with your fingers. But if you want to make curls more elastic, we advise you to apply indelible products for curly hair to your hair after washing.Both Redken and L'Oréal Professionnel have them.

What is the name of the tool that creates volume at the roots?

Oh, there are many! Firstly, mousse (at the same time it will add density to the hair along the entire length). Secondly, a texturizing spray. This tool will not only lift the strands, but also fix the styling. Well, and our favorite powder, which (with proper handling) is able to quickly and effectively make styling many times more voluminous.

How to make a curtain hairstyle fashionable?

In our opinion, the main difference between modern curtains and those worn in the 90s is the smoothness of the lines. For a cascading haircut today, soft transitions are held in high esteem, and the graduation looks more accurate.

Is a curtain haircut suitable for teenagers?

More like! Hairstyle curtains can be easily worn at 12 and 40 years old. The main thing is that the styling is to the face. And, of course, for boys it is important that the hairstyle is comfortable, so the curtains should not be made too long.

Will a curtain hairstyle work if I have blond hair?

Do you have any doubts? Above we posted a photo of your request: very blonde hair and a curtain hairstyle (we hope you don't mind looking at this hairstyle from behind). Looks very stylish.

How to make a curtain hairstyle if my hair is frizzy?

To begin with, it is important to understand whether you are moisturizing your hair enough, whether they have enough nutrition. Strands can express their dissatisfaction with the care with increased fluffiness. For a momentary solution to the problem, use disciplining styling products. If the strands begin to fluff, reacting to a humid environment, you can start an iron. High temperature will tame even the most capricious hair. And be sure to use a balm after washing your hair: it smoothes the hair cuticle and helps to cope with frizz.