We are sure that many chubby men would not mind adding brutality to their image. One of the most effective ways is to get the right haircut. What men's hairstyles are best for round faces?

Choosing a men's hairstyle that matches a round face

Determining if your face is round is simple: measure the distance from the top of the forehead to the chin and from one cheekbone to the other. If these, as well as other arbitrary face diameters, are about the same, then the circle is your shape. However, a mirror will also help with the answer to this question.

What rules should I follow when choosing a men's haircut for a round face?

  • The main task of a haircut is to balance the proportions, slightly stretching the face visually. Long hairstyles can handle this.
  • Don't shave your whiskey. Explicit contrasts in the length of the hair will further emphasize the round shape of the face.
  • Also avoid ultra-short haircuts - they also emphasize the shape of the face.
  • A faithful ally of chubby men will be haircuts with bangs. The bangs laid up create a vertical accent, making the face optically narrower.
  • For those who want to divert attention from childishly plump cheeks, we advise you to refuse too voluminous haircuts.

Note that there is no universal version of a male haircut that harmonizes with a round face. Professional stylists will help you choose the ideal hairstyle in each case, taking into account a variety of individual features of appearance.

Trendy Men's Short Haircuts for Chubby Faces: 2023 Trends

Short hair is the choice of most men. Yes, it is convenient and practical. But not everyone thinks that short hairstyles can also be stylish. Introducing our selection of trendy short men's haircuts for round faces in 2023.


Popular for men, boxing haircut allows you to visually stretch a round face thanks to elongated hair on the crown of the head. The main thing is to make sure that the master does not get too carried away when cutting the temporal region and does not shave them off with a machine to zero.

We would not recommend boxing for men with bald patches: this feature can become more noticeable if the forehead is completely open.

Half box

Great option for those who don't really like to experiment with looks and prefer proven classics. The semi-boxing differs from boxing in having longer hair on the crown and temples. The haircut allows you to style the bangs in different ways: you can leave them romantically falling on your face, or you can comb them to the side.

Half box suits men with hair of any thickness and density.


The choice of real gentlemen. Canadian men's haircut suggests a small amount, which is nevertheless able to balance the softness of a round face.

Canadian looks best on thick hair. For thin hair, such a haircut, unfortunately, is not the best solution.


This romantic and even somewhat rebellious hairstyle is perfect for young men with a round face. Ragged asymmetric bangs, almost covering the eyes, have been trending for more than one year.

Trendy hairstyles for men with a round face and long or medium length hair

What long haircuts are shown for men with a round face? We have collected the best, in our opinion, options.


Surprised? Yes, bob haircuts are not just for women. This hairstyle is also optimal for guys with a round face. It's all about the volume at the crown and elongated strands near the face. So that the haircut does not look feminine, it is recommended to make the cut a little torn.


Stands of different lengths or oblique bangs will make facial features sharper and more elegant, and this is exactly what chubby men lack.

Note that asymmetrical long haircuts rhyme perfectly with a beard or light stubble.

Cascade or ladder

Decent hair length allows you to experiment. In a ladder haircut, strands of different lengths will visually conceal the fullness of the cheeks.

And a cascading haircut will help narrow the face a bit.


Bob hairstyle is a winning solution for men with voluminous and thick hair. If you have thin hair, then the haircut will not hold the desired shape.

4 photo ideas for stylish hairstyles

It seems that with the choice of men's haircuts for a round face, everything is clear. Now you have to decide how to style your hair so that it looks stylish and modern.

Bangs up

If you decide to try on a box or half-box haircut, then you will have to style your bangs regularly. But do not worry, as this process will only take a couple of minutes, and the result will last all day.

Catch our mini-instruction.

  1. Blow dry your hair on medium power.

  2. Use a modeling paste such as Redken's Rewind 06 to guide the bangs with your hands.

  3. Fix the result by spraying a little varnish on the bangs. Try Infinium Pure Extra Strong by L'Oréal Professionnel. This product is great for men as it is fragrance free.

Side bangs

Canadian type haircuts already have longer bangs, so putting it up will not work. The surest solution would be laying on its side - beautiful and stylish. How to do it?

  1. Apply some mousse to slightly damp hair. For volume, we recommend Redken's Stay High 18 Gel Mousse.

  2. Blow-dry your hair, lifting the bangs slightly from the roots and combing them to the side.

  3. Next, you need to fix the styling so that it lasts all day, but at the same time looks natural. Matrix Style Link Fixer finish spray will help you achieve this. From a short distance, spray a little on the bangs and the stylish styling is ready!

Oksana Starykh Redken educatorImmediately after styling, apply Redken's Deep Clean Dry Shampoo to hair for a phenomenal absorbent effect that keeps hair feeling fresh and clean for up to 4 days. This product is sprayed onto the root zone from a distance of 15–20 centimeters and distributed with massage movements.

Curly hair styling

Curly or curly hair just needs styling.

  • In order to discipline curly hair, Siren Waves elastic cream from L'Oréal Professionnel is suitable. It can be applied to damp hair and then blow dried.
  • If you're aiming for a slightly messy style of curly hair, try L'Oréal Professionnel's Depolish Reconstructing Paste. It is used on dry hair to create the very effect of artistic negligence.
At the final stage, it is not forbidden to apply a spray or hairspray to fix the result and additionally protect the curls from moisture.

Long hair styling

Cascade or ladder is easiest to lay using the brushing technique (using a round brush-comb). It is not necessary to wind the hair - just stretch the strands a little so that they take on a well-groomed and neat look. Don't forget to spread some L'Oréal Professionnel Liss Control+ Serum through your hair before styling to create a smooth look and protect your hair from damage.

If there is no time for styling, long hair can always be gathered in a ponytail or a bun - this result looks impressive and rather brutal.

Answering questions about haircuts for men with a round face

Do men with round faces go for haircuts without bangs?

Haircuts without bangs are quite acceptable for men with a round face shape. It is only important to choose the right hairstyle so that it visually transforms the face from round to oval. This task is well done by elongated strands near the face.

What kind of haircut should a man with a round face hide the fullness of his cheeks?

Haircuts with voluminous bangs can hide the fullness of the cheeks. By the way, facial hair also successfully works in this direction. Maybe it's time to grow a beard?

Are there hairstyles for men with a round face that can be left out?

Some short haircuts, such as Canadian, do not require styling in a categorical form. However, any haircut still looks better with styling, so do not neglect this procedure.Modern styling products make the process quick and easy, so even beginners can do it.

Is it possible to style a men's haircut without styling?

Some chubby men are lucky: their hair holds its shape after a normal blow-dry. But if you are not one of these lucky ones, then mousse or hairspray will help out. So this can only be verified by experience. Much also depends on the skill of the stylist. In any case, when using styling, the main thing is not to forget to periodically use shampoo for deep cleansing of hair, otherwise it will be problematic to remove the remnants of styling products.

How best not to style men's haircuts for a round face?

Any "sleek" hairstyles will only emphasize a too wide line of cheekbones. Therefore, men with a round face should refuse styling with a gel.

Stylists also do not advise doing a straight parting - it is better to give preference to a side parting. Oblique bangs will also help to visually narrow the face.