“Should I cut off my bangs?” - this question at least once in her life tormented every girl who wanted change and renewal. If you have a round face and wonder if bangs will suit you, read on!

Which bangs are best for round faces?

First you need to decide which face is called round. This shape assumes almost the same length and width.

Chubby girls are also characterized by a low forehead and a small chin. The cheekbones are not very pronounced, and the cheeks are most often plump.

We all understand that bangs should mask the flaws in appearance, and, on the contrary, emphasize dignity. So what kind of bangs are suitable for a round face? Attention to our selection.


Straight bangs will help chubby girls to balance proportions and visually stretch their faces a little. But it is better to forget about too thick and perfectly even bangs: this option will make the face optically wider and “weight” it. Straight bangs are recommended to be slightly profiled.


Slight asymmetry hides the fullness of the face and enlivens the image.

Slanting bangs for a round face are recommended to be done up to the eyebrow line and longer - this way it will look the most relevant.


The bangs-curtain has been in the top of fashion trends for more than a year. Such an elongated bang will hide the visible volume of the cheeks and optically narrow the face. At the same time, we advise you not to make a voluminous and thick bang-curtain - this is undesirable for a round face.

Ragged bangs

Almost all variations of bangs with ragged edges are suitable for chubby girls (as well as girls with a square face shape). In addition, torn bangs will make the hairstyle spectacular and fashionable.

If the torn bangs option for a round face seems too extreme for you, then we recommend a more restrained graduated bangs. like a line. It is better to give preference to smooth lines, slight negligence and naturalness.

Bang options for a round face if you have long or medium hair

Bangs for a round face for long and medium hair can be slightly elongated. This creates a visual vertical that corrects the proportions, as if slightly stretching the face. Below is our selection of photos of different bangs for a round face.

Korean bangs

It's worth recognizing that Korean women have practically mastered the art of changing their appearance with the help of various beauty life hacks: just remember a few videos of girls from the "before and after" series. It was they who came up with the voluminous translucent bangs, which perfectly corrects the proportions of a round face, making it truly elegant.

Ragged, asymmetrical or oblique bangs

Uneven bangs look very harmonious on medium or long hair. Asymmetric oblique bangs can be successfully complemented by long strands, and “hooligan” ragged bangs are suitable for shoulder-length hair.

Thick bangs

To create volume at the top of the hairstyle, stylists recommend making thick bangs. If the face is round, it is better to mill thick bangs to make it look airy.

Bang options for a round face if you have a short haircut

Perhaps someone thinks that short haircuts are contraindicated for girls with a round face. Cap or gavrosh haircuts are really better to avoid, but asymmetrical pixies with oblique bangs look very attractive on chubby ladies.

Ragged bangs rhyme well with bob haircuts and short bob.

Which bangs are not suitable for a round face?

The above examples show that almost any bang can be adapted for a round face.

Perhaps, it is worth abandoning only the round bangs, which migrated to modern trends from the eighties. The reason is clear: it will once again emphasize the shape of the face.

Photo ideas of stylish styling with bangs for chubby girls

Which hairstyles with bangs for a round face should be considered for those who want to follow the trends? We have compiled a catalog of stylish hairstyles that are easy to repeat at home.

Volume bangs

For a round face, a hairstyle with bangs will be a winning partner if you add a little volume to it. L'Oréal Professionnel Thermal Modeling Spray will help you create it. It is great for blow-dry styling. You need to spray the product on wet strands, and then dry your hair with a hairdryer using a round comb (using the brushing technique). Don't forget to lift each strand at the roots.

For more volume the next day, use a dry shampoo like High Amplify by Matrix. It will remove excess skin sebum and refresh your hair. By the way, some stylists advise applying dry shampoo immediately to clean, damp hair - this way you can achieve maximum volume for several days.

Beach curls

If you have curly hair, the easiest styling option is textured beach curls. This summery look is easy with Redken Wax Blast 10.

Neat styling with bangs

Do you not like careless styling? Then you can not do without a hair straightener. Remember, however, to use a heat protectant when working with hot stylers. L'Oréal Professionnel's SteamPod Serum will protect your hair from high temperatures and give your strands smoothness.

Tip: To avoid the effect of slicked hair, it is enough to go through it with an iron just once. Otherwise, the curls will lose the desired volume and may look untidy.

Textured styling with bangs

Do you want to add density and volume to your hair? We recommend that you pay attention to styling products such as mousse or foam.

Redken's Guts 10 Mousse Spray gives volume to the hair not only at the roots, but also along the entire length. The product can be applied to damp curls and lightly fluff them with your fingers, and then dry your hair with a hairdryer on low power.

This style is designed for both short and long hair.

Smooth styling

If you suddenly want to get rid of the bangs for a while, it's easy to remove and make a smooth styling.

With L'Oréal Professionnel's Tecni.Art Fix Max gel, you can move your bangs back or to the side. This method will definitely appeal to girls who appreciate retro styling.

The unobtrusive pleasant aroma of the gel will be a bonus.

Bangs for a round face: some tips from stylists

Do short bangs suit a round face?

Stylists agree that for girls with a round face, short straight bangs up to the middle of the forehead can do a good job: they visually narrow and slightly elongate the face. Mini bangs look especially interesting in combination with an unusual hair color - pink or platinum blond.

The right decision would be to make short bangs uneven and torn.

Are there any particularities in the care of bangs for a round face?

It is important not to skip the steps of hair care.

  • Cleanse hair and scalp thoroughly with shampoo.
  • Use conditioner to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair and give the curls shine and silkiness.
  • Regularly make masks to moisturize and nourish the hair.
  • Do not forget about thermal protection before blow-drying or ironing.

If you follow these simple rules, your hair, including bangs, will look he althy and shiny. Additional care in the form of oils and serums can be connected if necessary. For example, if you notice that your hair is splitting.

What hairstyles with bangs are shown for a round face?

Try to choose high hairstyles. In particular, girls with bangs will go for all kinds of buns and high tails, as well as beautiful braiding on the crown.

Curls or light waves are also not forbidden: they create a gentle and romantic look.

How can I correct the proportions of a round face with bangs?

An elongated bang from the top of the head will visually make a low forehead higher, and an oblique asymmetrical bang can distract attention from a too large nose or chin.

Bangs can also be used to hide skin imperfections on the forehead and cheeks. Excessive volume of the face hides bangs with elongation on the sides.

How often should I update bangs for a round face?

It all depends on your hairstyle and whether you want the bangs to stay with you for a long time. As a rule, the haircut needs to be updated once or twice a month.

In order for the bangs to look beautiful and optically not weigh down the full face, it must be periodically milled. It is better to entrust this process to an experienced master, since at home there is a risk of removing excess.For the most natural result, the master uses special thinning scissors.