Light curls are quite easy to form without the help of professionals - such styling does not require special skills. We tell you what means will help you achieve your goal faster, and share inspiring photo ideas!

How to make light waves on your hair with an iron?

Paradoxically, straighteners (or irons) are often used precisely to get light waves on the hair. This is really convenient: with their help, you can style both short hair, for example, to the shoulders, and longer curls.

We admire the girls who manage to create beautiful waves on their own, and share the instructions that will allow everyone to practice this business.

  1. First, divide the curls into several identical strands.

  2. Then, press the first strand with an iron. It is important to keep the tool close to the roots of the hair and perpendicular to the head.

  3. Now is the crucial moment. Holding the tip of the strand, turn the iron 180 degrees, gradually moving down a few centimeters. Then do the same but in reverse. Continue this algorithm until you have processed the entire strand.

  4. Work the rest of the strands in the same way. Wait for the curls to cool, lightly spread them with your fingers (or comb) and fix the result with hairspray.

By the way, if you try and put all the strands in the same way, you can get a Hollywood wave popular with stars.

How to make light curls with a curling iron?

Armed with a classic curling iron and styling mousse/spray, you can make light waves pretty quickly. Stylers of this form allow you to get more accurate curls due to smooth transitions.

  1. Divide your hair into equal sections about 2 centimeters wide.

  2. Take the first strand and, holding its tip with a curling iron, gently wind it onto the tool. If your plans are to make light curls, you should not warm up your hair for a long time - just 10-15 seconds at medium temperature is enough.

  3. Repeat the procedure with the rest of the strands, and then, when the hair has cooled, fluff it with your fingers.

How to make curls with curlers?

Do you want to do without hot tools? We understand. It is much more difficult to achieve the desired effect without high-quality stylers (especially since brands, one after another, produce thermal protection in various price categories).

And yet we will discuss how to make light waves on the hair using curlers. To begin with, when choosing a job without a curling iron and ironing, you should get proven fixatives.

The right styling product will not only prolong the durability of the styling, but also help to make it more expressive.

It is also worth considering that it is not so easy to achieve exactly light waves in this way - curlers are more suitable for creating styling in the form of pronounced large and small curls.

Therefore, we advise you to arm yourself not with classic curlers, but with boomerang sticks. They are more flexible and suitable for creating chaotic styling. Use them to style semi-moist hair, creating various twists, and wait for the strands to dry.

How to make hair waves with a hair dryer?

A hair dryer is the only hair accessory at home? Don't be discouraged! On medium hair, you can make light waves with the help of this device alone. If there is a diffuser (an additional nozzle for a hair dryer, which often lies idle) - that's great!

It will help dry wet hair and make light waves at the same time even on long hair. Laying is done in two steps. First, mousse is applied to the strands for volume or to form curls (yes, there are some).

And then they begin to dry their hair with a hairdryer, fixing the curls in a chaotic manner and periodically pinching them with a nozzle.

Alternative hair styles

Inventive girls have come up with a lot of ways to create light curls without ironing and other gadgets. Consider the most workers, according to our editors.


If you have short hair (let's say a bob) and you plan to make light waves on it, prepare a bandage and styling foam. Distribute the product through semi-moist hair, then put on the bandage in the classic way and start wrapping the strands around the bandage one by one, moving away from the face. Wait for the hair to dry on its own, or dry it with a hair dryer, and then remove the bandage.


Someone will say that the method is rather primitive, but why not use it if it is effective?

How many schoolgirls tried to make light waves on their hair, braiding braids for the night! The main thing here is to decide how many braids to braid. And remember how to do one of the most common hairstyles.

If you want big but small waves, stop at one relaxed braid.And for small waves, it is worth braiding more braids and making them tighter.


Can't or don't want to braid? No problem! You can try on light curls on medium and long hair using plaits. Take a strand of hair and twist it around its axis in one direction, at the end fixing the result with a hairpin, elastic band or hairpin. It is not necessary to bring to African options, twisting the bundles as tightly as possible: after all, we want to make styling in waves, and not in small curls.

If there is no time to wait until the hair takes the desired shape, you can process the strands in bundles with an iron, moving from the roots to the tips.

Photo ideas of light waves on hair of different lengths

Light waves can be created not only on medium length hair. And we have photo evidence!

Short hair

Girls with bob and bob haircuts have long mastered this styling and calmly make light curls at home. Even the stars often change the classic Hollywood wave, choosing a more chaotic and easy option - including for red carpets.

Medium length hair

In our opinion, on medium-length hair, styling with light waves looks the most harmonious. Do you agree?

Long hair

Not every girl with long hair can afford such styling. In any case, it seems to many that due to the length or heaviness of the hair, the strands will lose their shape too quickly. Maybe! But if you make light curls with a curling iron, having previously treated your hair with styling products, the chances of a beautiful and lasting styling increase.

Features of men's hair styling

You may ask why we allocate a separate chapter for men? Everything is simple! As a rule, women's hair is thinner and softer than men's, so we may need different styling products.

Perhaps you know that the degree of fixation in gels and foams with the prefix for men is higher than in the styling products we are used to. So if your man has medium length hair and wants to try a light wave hairstyle, don't forget to get special fixatives for him.

Tools for creating light curls

It doesn't matter if you plan to make light waves with or without ironing. In any case, an effective styling product will help bring styling to a qualitatively new level. We offer you to figure out how wax differs from mousse and which product to choose for you.


Gel can often be seen on the shelf in the bathroom of both men and girls with short hair. This tool helps not only fix the styling, but also give the curls the desired shape and direction.

Wax or paste

Dense wax also needs to be distributed through the hair with your fingers. How is it different from gel? Usually wax is used to give hair shine and shape, but if you need to fix unruly strands, it is better to choose the appropriate gel.


Mousse is one of the favorite products of girls who dream of voluminous hairstyles and denser hair. It is applied both to the root zone to lift the strands, and along the entire length - to increase the density.


A product that hardly needs any introduction. Hairspray is the very tool that completes the styling. It helps to prolong its durability and maintain the desired shape of the hairstyle.


The most rarely used remedy. But this is so far - many simply have not tried to use it. Powder, resembling translucent flour, is applied to the hair roots. This helps to neutralize the accumulated sebum, and secondly, to compact the strands and lift them for extra volume.

How to care for hair that is often styled in waves?

Yes, yes, let's discuss leaving. And how did you want? If you regularly make light waves on your hair with a flat iron or other hot tools, the curls can become thinner and drier.

Therefore, in the beauty arsenal of girls who actively care about the quality of their hair, there is always thermal protection, moisturizing conditioner, nourishing mask and caring serum. Take a closer look at our editors' choice.

Stylist Tips

How to make light waves on your hair without a curling iron?

Oh, lots of ways! We assume that you want to do without hot tools. The easiest way is to braid the braids at night, after spraying the hair with a styling spray.

If I want to make light waves on medium hair with an iron, what temperature should I choose?

Usually we recommend sticking to 150-170 degrees. But if you have thick hair and you understand that it is not possible to style it in this mode, you can slightly increase the temperature.

How to wind light curls so that the volume is not only at the ends, but also at the roots?

Quite a popular request. There is an exit. First, style clean hair. Secondly, before drying your hair, apply mousse to the root zone, and then work this area with a hairdryer, head down. And thirdly, when styling curls with an iron or curling iron, do not forget to grab the hair with the tool as close to the roots as possible.

How to quickly make light waves on dry hair?

Apply mousse to the strands, and then use a curling iron or iron.

How to make waves with a hair dryer?

If you have nothing but a hair dryer, twist your semi-moist hair into bundles, and then dry it with a hair dryer on a warm setting. Let your hair down only after the curls have cooled.