There are haircuts that you should definitely try on at least once in your life. One of them is a classic square. This hairstyle will impress both men and women and remains a fashion favorite in 2023

Features of classic caret

A classic bob means a haircut in which the hair is left chin-length, with an even horizontal cut. Parting can be done in the center or on the side - the choice is always yours.

It is these features that distinguish the classic from other variations of the square. The haircut is universal, because it is suitable for both discreet business women and expressive creative personalities.

What are the advantages of the classic square?

  • This choice allows the hair to look thicker and more voluminous.
  • Suitable for all hair types, including curly hair.
  • Bob haircut allows all types of hair coloring, including color stretching.

Classic squares also have disadvantages, although, admittedly, there are few of them.

  • The haircut needs to be updated regularly: it is recommended to keep the bob shape in perfect condition.
  • If you decide on a square, then be prepared for daily styling. Not everyone's hair itself lies the way we would like, so you probably can't do without a styler.

Types of classic caret

The hairstyle allows some variation according to personal preference. Let's tell you what types of classic squares are.

With bangs

Classic bob with bangs is a great option for straight and thick hair. This haircut looks neat and stylish.

Bangs do not have to be straight and even. Oblique or torn bangs do not argue with a straight bob.


This haircut looks incredibly feminine on girls.

A short classic bob emphasizes the fragility and romance of the image.


A compromise solution for those who do not want to cut their hair too short is an elongated bob. It looks especially impressive on girls with thick straight hair.

Square with side parting

Side parting is able to adjust the shape of the face and add visual volume to the hairstyle.

Parting on the side is allowed for both short and long bob.

Parted bob

Time-tested classic - square parting without bangs. This haircut looks the most attractive on perfectly straight hair.

For those who like a more relaxed look, we recommend a light curl a la beach curls.

Who will go for the classic four of a kind?

Classic quads suit almost everyone. This is the choice of women who appreciate simple yet stylish hairstyles. Let's share tips on choosing a bob haircut, taking into account the features of appearance.

  • A straight bob without bangs will suit girls with an oval or triangular face. The square shape will become visually more harmonious if you make an asymmetrical bob.
  • For girls with a high forehead, a bob with oblique bangs or a bang-curtain will help to balance the proportions.
  • We have already noted above that curly girls can also choose squares. We confirm that the owners of wavy hair have access to any variations of the bob, including the classic ones. But if the hair curls strongly, then the best solution would be a bob haircut.
  • Girls with thin and not very thick hair should avoid straight bob haircuts. In this case, graduated haircuts will be the most advantageous, in particular, a torn bob that can add visual volume to the hair.

Classic: quads - how to cut?

Are you already armed with scissors and ready to make a classic bob at home? We strongly do not recommend tempting fate with independent work of this kind. It is much better to trust an experienced master who will take into account all your wishes.

If you want to know in advance how hairdressers do a bob haircut, then we offer a step-by-step scheme of the procedure that awaits you in the salon.

  1. The hair is washed, then slightly dried and combed gently.

  2. Next, the master divides the hair into two parts (from ear to ear) through the highest point of the head. The stylist separates the front strands along the parting.

  3. The master leaves a thin layer of hair free at the back of the head, securing the main part at the crown with a hairdresser's clip.

  4. A control strand is selected from the free layer, which is cut to the desired length, after which the entire layer is trimmed.

  5. Each subsequent layer should be a few millimeters longer than the previous one to create an effect of additional volume.

  6. Thus, the hairdresser cuts the hair on the entire back of the head, and then proceeds to the haircut on the temporal areas in the same way.

  7. The front strands can be slightly elongated, creating a slight asymmetry.

  8. The final step is thinning the tips, if necessary.

We have given an approximate description of the creation of a classic women's bob haircut. For different masters, the stages of the procedure and the technique for performing a haircut may vary.

How to style a classic bob at home?

To make a classic square look stylish, it must be styled. Don't worry - it's extremely easy to do. A professional haircut takes no more than 10 minutes.

Take a look at our photo selection of beautiful and spectacular classic bob hairstyles.

Styling options for short hair

Classic short bob is the choice of self-confident girls, because such a haircut always attracts the attention of others. That is why styling should be taken with all responsibility.

We propose to involve reliable assistants in this case.

  • Proper cleansing of hair and scalp is half the success of future styling. Shampoo High Amplify from Matrix not only perfectly copes with cleansing, but also gives the hair the right volume. Lather a little in the palms of your hands, and then apply to the roots of the hair, gradually distributing the foam along the entire length.
  • After you wash off the shampoo with water and lightly blot your head with a towel, you can apply styling products. Work L'Oréal Professionnel Full Volume Extra Mousse through damp hair.
  • While lifting the comb at the roots, dry it with a hair dryer on low power. Quick and easy styling is ready!

Medium styling

If you decide to try on a classic bob with bangs on medium hair, we recommend doing a simple summer styling with the effect of beach waves.

  • Spray some texturizing spray onto clean, damp hair. We advise you to try Fashion Waves from Redken. It will perfectly emphasize the texture of the curls.
  • Tousle your hair with your fingers and lightly blow dry it.
  • Make some small buns or small braids and let them dry naturally. If you are limited in time, you can use a hair dryer in cold air mode.
  • After that, let your hair down and fix the result with Tecni.Art Air Fix Instant Spray from L'Oréal Professionnel. To give the styling a finished look, the product will need quite a bit.

How to style an elongated classic bob?

In this case, the length opens up great opportunities for experiments with styling. An elongated caret allows you to make almost any curls. One of the fastest and easiest ways is with ironing.

Let's tell you how to do this styling.

  1. Dry your hair properly: even slightly damp hair is not safe to use with an iron.

  2. Comb your hair thoroughly and apply a heat protectant like L'Oréal Professionnel Pro Longer.

  3. Divide your hair into several sections, securing each with a hairpin or clip.

  4. Take a small section and pinch it vertically with a flat iron close to the hair roots.

  5. Scroll the strand down from the face. Try not to hold the straightener in one place - it should slide through the hair.

  6. Curl the remaining strands in the same way and let the hair cool.

  7. To fix the styling, you can spray a little hairspray on the curls.

Fashionable bob options: photo

Which versions of the classic bob haircut are on the 2023 trend list?

Classic quads with even cut

This haircut is suitable for those who love elegant classics. A tight cut looks especially good on a classic square.

Classic bob with short bangs

Trendy haircut that rhymes well with any hair color.

Long bangs and classic bob

Bob haircut with long bangs is the best choice for girls with straight hair.

Asymmetrical bob

Such a stylistic decision will add spice to the image.