If you think that a bob haircut is in harmony only with an elongated face shape, you are mistaken. This hairstyle also suits chubby people, the main thing is to choose the right version of the haircut and not make a mistake with styling

How do bob and round face fit together?

There is no intrigue here: bob is a universal haircut, and stylists consider it among the possible options, including for owners of a round face.

On the one hand, this is great news. On the other hand, it is not so easy to independently choose the very length and shape that will favorably complement your face.

If we talk about a square based on a round face, then not only the elongated version is being discussed. Let's jump ahead a bit to motivate those who are interested in this haircut, and say that among the available options there are bob, bob with bangs, and bob with a leg (this option, by the way, has flashed more than once on the red carpet).

With a round face, a short bob is chosen so that the styling visually narrows the head, making the shape of the face more elongated, closer to oval.

In general, there is nothing to fear: a haircut can be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the face.

So, what should women with a round face look for when considering a bob haircut? First, it is important to optically balance the proportions of the face. Secondly, emphasize the cheekbones area, because the rounded shape of the face often comes with plump cheeks.A straight or oblique cut of hair in the shoulder area, added volume at the crown and strands framing the face so as to partially “blind” it will help to achieve this.

Remember the looks of Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Taylor Swift. A round face does not prevent these stars from picking up excellent samples of a square - both with and without bangs. Sometimes the square looks even more advantageous on them than on girls with a long face.

By the way, bob haircuts have a few more advantages.

  • The haircut looks stylish with both straight and wavy hair.

  • Styling bob takes less time than styling long hair.

  • The hair looks voluminous and the hair is well-groomed (if you follow the haircut update schedule).

Fashionable types of bob for chubby: 2023 trends

Let's move on to the main section, in which we will tell you how, for example, a graduated caret differs from an elongated one and which one is best suited for a round face. Fashion examples of haircuts are attached. There will be something to inspire!

Long bob

When you mention an elongated bob, you might imagine a classic Victoria Beckham haircut, but for a round face, we offer another option. The cut does not have to be beveled, and the cascade is useless here. It's much simpler: let your hair fall to your shoulders (or cut it to this length). Additional options, such as torn or oblique bangs, as well as parting on the left or right, are up to you.


So bob or bob? Why choose when you can combine all the best in one haircut.By the best, we mean the volume that the hairstyle got from the classic bob, and the clarity of lines inherent in many bob options designed for a round face. If you stop at this option, we recommend mastering the styling using the brushing technique - take a look at the photo to see how spectacular hairstyles made in this way look.

Straight bob

What could be simpler than a straight cut? The classic will fit into both a business look and an evening one - a lot depends on the styling.

To complement a straight square for a round face, we recommend bangs with thinning and torn edges, and competent graduation will not hurt the haircut itself. Still, excessive volume is not needed here.

Square on a leg

Square on the leg was wildly popular in the 90s - then this haircut was worn by many, regardless of age and individual appearance.Today, she is advised to the owners of a round face, and this is no accident. If the haircut is done correctly (experts recommend cutting the front strands, adhering to the direction at an angle to the cheekbones), you can visually lengthen the face. Stylists also focus on the chin, making sure that the strands are below it.

Kare with oblique bangs

To be honest, this is our favorite. We studied the photo and concluded that a bob with oblique bangs is one of the most stylish and winning options for a short haircut with a round face. Experts say that an asymmetrical hairstyle detracts from the shape of the face, but we want to focus on something else. Look at the photo, how concisely this haircut looks, nothing more - a completed stylish look.

10 photo ideas of stylish bob styling with a round face

Before parting with 5-10 centimeters of hair length, it is important to come with a stylist to a common understanding of the future image. The easiest way to do this is to show the master a photo with a specific example. We collected 10 ideas at once. Choose!

Such a caret without bangs is suitable not only for a round face. It can be adopted by everyone who is not ready to spend a lot of time styling.

An elongated caret allows you to use both short strands and medium length curls in styling. The predominance in length here should be in the curls framing the face. But on the crown, it is quite possible to make a cascade, which will help to lay mousse for volume and a round brush.

Oksana Starykh Redken educatorWhen it comes to volumizing fine hair, I'd go for light mousses, sprays, or medium-hold lotions. Apply them to damp hair before blow-drying.

By the way, many might think that the volume for chubby girls is absolutely contraindicated. This is not so, but there are nuances that are really important to consider. First of all, there should be no imbalance.

A thick shock of hair at the level of the cheekbones and a lack of volume at the roots can lead to an effect opposite to what they were striving for - in this case there can be no talk of any visual stretching of the face. You have to do exactly the opposite. Raised hair at the roots and smooth styling along the length is a completely working scheme.

Mousse from L'Oréal Professionnel or Redken will help to achieve basal volume. Apply the product to semi-moist hair and, if possible, dry the strands with a hair dryer in the upside down position.

If you choose this option, don't forget to apply heat protection to your hair first. Why not use one of the products in our selection?

Below we share photo ideas of bob with bangs for a round face. Whatever one may say, but these options look really impressive. Yes, they require additional styling time. But with professional styling, you can style your bangs pretty quickly and without problems.

Freezing Spray from Matrix is suitable for fixing short hair styling. Experience will help you choose the optimal dosage, but at first it is better to be careful. In this case, it's better to undershoot than overshoot and get an unnatural result.

Don't know what to do with your hair while exercising? Girls who wear squares have managed to adapt and have found stylish ways to pin strands around their faces. It remains only to be inspired by their examples!

Secrets of the bob: stylist tips for chubby girls

It can be difficult to decide on a square. Some do not want to part with long curls, others are afraid that a new haircut will impose certain restrictions on their style.

Well, all these concerns are understandable, but we note that this is just a temporary change of image: if you don’t like it, you will grow your hair or modify the resulting version. Perhaps the answers to the questions below will help you make the right decision.

Do squares suit girls with a round face? And can it be combined with complex coloring?

If the task is to visually stretch the face and you plan to do this with a bob haircut, then there are no contraindications. With complex staining, the situation is more complicated. Without certain professional skills, it is better not to take it. An experienced colorist should lighten the hair in some areas and darken in others so that it not only turns out to be abstractly beautiful, but also favorably emphasizes your appearance. By the way, this direction of beauty science even has a separate name - hair contouring. For a round face in combination with a bob haircut, we recommend that you consider options with darkening the inside of the hair near the face.

Can I choose an elongated bob with bangs for a round face?

Of course! Above, we talked with you about an elongated bob, and bangs are almost always a good idea that can rhyme with a hairstyle with a round face shape. The main thing - in pursuit of additional volume, do not create the effect of a cap around the perimeter of the entire hairstyle.

Which bob should I choose if I have a round face and thin hair?

Girls with thin hair are recommended with a square cut, but for a round face, this option is not the most advantageous. Perhaps you should choose a bob with a leg, but the advice of a professional stylist has never bothered anyone. An experienced master will take into account all the individual features of appearance and advise the best solution.

Long bob without bangs for a round face?

Kare is considered a basic haircut precisely because it involves a variety of options. Of course, bangs will definitely “make friends” with a round face, but you can beautifully beat strands near your face without it.

How to lay a square on a leg in order to get the effect of an elongated face with an initially round one?

Try adding volume at the roots. You can do this with mousse or texturizing powder. But it’s not worth adding density to the hair along the length, because your task is to make the styling higher, not wider.