" I cut off 10 centimeters - and as if breathing became easier!" - we heard similar stories from a variety of girls, and we ourselves became their heroines. And while some decide to part only with split ends, others choose a shorter and more fashionable option - a straight bob. Who suits this hairstyle and what is the length of the caret in 2023?

Features of a straight bob

Having once made a straight bob, few decide on other haircuts. Some keep a fresh look, acquired after updating the hairstyle. Others - a new stylish look.

Compared to other shoulder-length haircuts, a straight bob has its own characteristics. There can be no asymmetry here.

Perhaps the only thing the stylist will clarify before making a straight bob is the preferred length of the future haircut and the need for bangs.

By the way, a short straight bob is sometimes confused with a bob haircut, but these are different types of hairstyles.

Bob is a more complex haircut, during which the occipital part of the hair. A bob with an even cut was originally a female haircut.

It owes its unconditional popularity to its many advantages. Let's go through the main ones.

  • Visual volume, which is considered the hallmark of a flat square to the shoulders. It is achieved, firstly, due to the fact that the mass of hair becomes lighter and easier to style. Secondly, the volume effect creates a straight cut with minimal variation in strand length.

  • Saving time needed for hair care. Logically, short hair is much easier to dry and style than long hair. But there's also a less obvious benefit: You'll be less likely to buy hair balm. Owners of long strands complain that conditioners end earlier than shampoos. With four of a kind, the balance will be restored.

  • Style. Having made a bob with a straight cut, girls can achieve the desired effect by simply drying their hair with a hairdryer. Convenient!

To be honest, if we talk about the minuses of the square, since there are not many of them. Short haircuts need to be updated more often than long haircuts. The same can be said about cleansing the hair and scalp: in order to look unconditionally attractive, this procedure will need to be carried out more often. However, these disadvantages ultimately turn into a plus - it turns out that a straight square to the shoulders disciplines well, especially if you wear it with bangs.

Types of straight bob

What can be a square with an even cut? Is there anything to discuss here, you ask? But how! Haircut can be classic, long, with or without bangs - take a cup of tea or coffee, we will choose together.

Classic bob

This type of smooth short square is a rest for a professional master. Straight cut and no graduation or thinning. True, without perfectionism in the approach, the result can be disappointing. You don't want to come home to find that one side of the hair is a little longer than the other, and this haircut shows such nuances quite visibly.

Therefore, in the master's chair, you should immediately decide on the future parting.

In recent years, fashion stylists have recommended choosing a straight line, but we will not be so categorical: with a side parting, the bob also looks stunning, as the photo below proves.

Long bob

If it is difficult for a girl to decide on a classic straight square, you can choose an intermediate option - an elongated one. He is popular not only due to the ability to wear a medium length haircut, enjoying almost all the benefits of a short one (in terms of maintenance).

In addition, the elongated bob opens up wide horizons for various types of styling. First, you can put your hair in a ponytail - an opportunity that many owners of short hair are deprived of. Secondly, this haircut not only allows you to style the strands with light waves, but also allows for pronounced curls.

But, of course, flat ironed hair is out of the competition. We love it when this haircut is done on hair of natural color, using styling products that add extra shine to the curls.

For example, Redken's Oil for All. It seems that this multifunctional product and bob haircut are made for each other.

Kare with bangs

The other day we were lucky enough to photograph a girl with a classic bob, complemented by straight bangs. Approximately as in the photo.

I have to say that the bangs looks very stylish. True, such a hairstyle requires additional care, and therefore time. Our model admitted that she began to meet with the stylist more often, and wash her hair every day.

By the way, it is not necessary to choose exclusively straight bangs. In the photo below, you can appreciate the even bob with side bangs, which can be worn straight or styled using the brushing technique.

The last option, in our opinion, looks just great and is perfect even for a special occasion.

To keep the curls better in shape, use a fixing mousse before styling, and then fix the result with varnish .

Bob haircut technique

Thinking about making your own bob at home? At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing complicated in this - I took and cut off the strands exactly.

In fact, everything is not so simple, therefore, before taking up scissors, study the instructions below, and only then decide whether to cancel a visit to a beauty salon.

  1. Hair is divided into zones: temporal, parietal, crown and occipital. In a good way, each of them needs to be divided into a couple more zones. This will facilitate the cutting process and help achieve a more perfect result.

  2. So that the hair that is waiting for its turn does not interfere, it is fixed on the head with clips. Experts suggest starting a haircut from the back of the head, separating the bottom strand with a horizontal parting.The hair is combed and the first cut is made parallel to the floor. This strand is guided in the course of the haircut.

  3. You can move on to the next strands, moving up: the cut should always be parallel to the floor, and the elongation of each subsequent curl should not exceed 1-2 millimeters.

  4. The crucial stage is the edging of the temporal zone. It must be performed taking into account the already worked out zone on the back of the head.

  5. During the haircut, you must constantly monitor the symmetry of the sides. To do this, take strands equally located on the left and right and pull them forward, comparing the length.

  6. The last thing is to cut the bangs. We definitely recommend entrusting this stage to professionals.

10 ways to style your quads beautifully

If you look at the photo gallery, you can understand how versatile the bob hairstyle is. Fashion trends follow each other, and this haircut still fits into most popular looks.

Let's start with a strict business style. The winning solution will be a classic bob with straight hair. Smoothing gel and iron will help to achieve the desired result. So we see this styling paired with a strict trouser suit.

If you stab strands near your face, you get a practical everyday look. We offer to complement this styling with monochrome makeup. Why not apply pink shadows on the moving eyelids, complementing them with an eyeliner from the same range?

Light waves, which are so popular in recent years, are the best choice for a date. Let your hair down or pin it up on one side, releasing a couple of curls to gently frame your face.

Contrary to the belief that the bob is not very friendly with a sports lifestyle, we dare to offer an option for an elongated bob. In this version of the haircut, it is quite possible to pin up the hair so that it does not interfere with the view.

By the way, the rim option is also good for active pastime.

If the soul asks for something original, you can braid a few small braids near the face and fix them with transparent rubber bands. And to make them look smooth and shiny, put some hairspray on them.

For a laconic evening look, take note of the styling using the brushing technique.

It is much easier to make it on short hair than on long hair. The main thing is to apply a high-quality thermal protectant to the curls before drying with a hair dryer. We love multifunctional. It's nice when the product not only prevents hair damage, but also takes care of their quality.

What about a perm? Girls with squares sometimes solve the issue of styling in such a radical way, getting a whole shock of small curls.

Let's finish our styling marathon with a trendy option with curls pulled back. It is not difficult to make it, the main thing is to get a gel or wax with a strong degree of fixation.

Stylist Tips

Above, we have already decided who goes with a straight four of a kind. We repeat that there are practically no contraindications to this haircut, it is easy to style, but requires regular updating if you want to look perfect. In the final block, we will answer the most common questions related to this hairstyle.

Kare only looks good on straight hair? I want to get a haircut, but I'm not sure if a straight bob will suit me. I worry that curly and frizzy hair will ruin the styling.

You must be prepared for the fact that styling will require additional effort and time from you. We know girls with similar backgrounds who do a great job. And they look great.

How should bob be cut in 2023? Which parting to choose - straight or oblique?

For a long time, parting was obviously in the lead at shows. But this season on the catwalks, the side part obviously competed with him, so it all depends on your personal preferences.

I have a straight bob, but it is inconvenient for me to wash my hair every day. I'm trying to find some kind of compromise, but on the second day, the hair still loses volume. What do you recommend?

First, get dry shampoo. You should not use it regularly, but as an SOS tool it is indispensable. Second, try switching to L'Oréal Paris Elseve Balancing Shampoo. Its task is to moisturize the hair and keep it fresh.