The word paradise is associated with something heavenly beautiful, with cloudless happiness and, of course, with heavenly pleasure. And what to expect from a carcass with such a name? The novelty from L’Oréal Paris is analyzed in detail by the make-up artist of the brand Anya Zavgorodnyaya

Look like an angel - is it real? Watch the video on how to create this effect.

The new Paradise mascara doesn't just create an angelic look:

  • dizzy volume;

  • instant effect of thick lashes;

  • noticeable lengthening up to 55%.

Behind the new Paradise mascara, several years of research into consumer expectations and trends, tests of various formulas, brushes - all this led to the creation of a unique product.

  1. New spindle-shaped silicone brush with 3 levels of bristles captures, separates and coats every lash without stickiness. I noticed that the mascara glides easily over the eyelashes, coloring them evenly and not leaving a single lump. I think this is the merit of the optimal combination of brush and formula.

  2. I also noticed the separation. I have no doubt that everyone has ever felt the need to once again comb through the eyelashes with a clean brush to remove excess mascara or glue the cilia. So, with this mascara, such needs simply do not arise. It can be layered and be sure that the eyelashes will remain separated.

  3. It's always nice when decorative cosmetics also cares.Today it is already a real, serious trend. The composition of the new mascara contains the main ingredients that care for eyelashes, prevent dehydration and strengthen them: provitamin B5, castor and rose oils. Hypoallergenic ingredients suitable for the most sensitive eyes.

  4. The bottle has also been improved. It looks like a simple rose gold tube, which is pleasant to hold in your hands. But it's not about aesthetics. The stopper has been redesigned to keep the mascara fresh from the moment you open it until the last stroke of the brush with a new and improved stopper.

Who can I recommend this Lash Paradise to? Yes, almost everyone. It is ideal for girls who are looking for mega-lengthening and density, and also love well-defined neat lashes without clumps.