Are there really haircuts that go equally well with a formal suit and a daring leather jacket? Yes! And one of them is a half-box men's haircut. Let's tell you how a half-box differs from boxing, and reveal the secrets of the technique for creating this universal hairstyle

Features of a half-box men's haircut

Half box appeared as a kind of boxing army haircut, when both the back of the head and whiskey are cut under the typewriter. The hair at the top is left a little longer - the difference can reach 3 centimeters.Thus, the boxing hairstyle implies a certain contrast between the side parts and the crown.

The half-box is characterized by a less noticeable transition between the temples and the top of the head. The length of the hair in the bulk is approximately 4-5 centimeters. Compared to boxing, this hairstyle looks more youthful and allows you to experiment with fashionable styling.

Who is the half-box for?

  • Haircut half-box goes to almost all men. There are no age restrictions for her: she will adorn both young guys and older men.
  • The semi-box for men with an oval face is especially organic - with such initial data, the haircut looks very organic.
  • Half box goes well with facial hair: it is in harmony with both beard and mustache. This is a great solution for men with a round face, as the beard effectively hides the puffiness of the cheeks.
  • In terms of style in general, this hairstyle is shown to both the elegant gentleman in a three-piece suit and the daring fashionista who dresses in accordance with flashy trends.

Who is better off choosing a half-box haircut? Avoiding hairstyles with an emphasis on bangs and a short nape is for men with a pronouncedly elongated and thin face. Such haircuts visually enhance these features.

Pros and cons of a half-box haircut

Let's start with the advantages of the half-box haircut.

  • Universal for any age and style.
  • Easy to style.
  • Some half-box options allow you not to update your haircut for a long time.
  • Suitable for all hair types.

Does this beautiful haircut have any downsides? There are no objective ones. But when choosing any haircut, it is always important to take into account the individual characteristics of the appearance, which largely determine the result.

Types of men's half-box haircuts with photo

Several versions are possible. We have prepared a selection of photos of a male half-box haircut from all sides. Choose the options you like.

Classic half-box

For those who are not ready to spend time on complex styling, the classic version of a semi-box will do. It is also important that this option does not require frequent updates, since bangs are not supposed to be here.

What else is important to consider? The classic semi-box opens the face as much as possible and makes the forehead visually higher.

Elongated half-box with bangs

If you are not ready to give up bangs, then an elongated half-box will be an excellent solution.

The hair on the flanks and the back of the head can be shortened, and the bangs can be left long. An elongated half-box is suitable for men who will not be lazy to style their hair every day.

Short half-box

This haircut is very similar to boxing, but the short half-box hair on top is still longer and has a small bang.

Technique for performing a half-box male haircut using a typewriter

Any hairstyle is best done in the salon, by a professional master. At home, it is problematic to perform a male half-box haircut: you need appropriate experience and skills in handling hairdressing tools. Of course, if you are no longer new to independent work, you can try to make a half-box using video tutorials that are publicly available on the Internet, but in any case, this will be a rather risky undertaking.

But how do professional masters do this hairstyle? Let's describe step by step the technique of cutting a semi-box with a machine in the salon.

We use:

  • thin comb with often set teeth;
  • hairdressing scissors and thinning scissors;
  • hair clipper.

Is everything ready? You can start.

  1. Clean and dried hair is carefully combed and divided into sections: temporal, occipital and parietal. At this stage, it is important to determine the line along which the border of the haircut will pass.

  2. With the help of a machine, the master begins to cut the hair of the back of the head.

  3. Whiskey is also cut with a machine - at an angle of 45 degrees.

  4. The upper strands on the crown are shortened with straight scissors. The hair is taken away from the face and cut strictly perpendicular to the head.

  5. Bangs are sometimes left a little longer than the main strands at the crown.

  6. Next, the master does thinning of the hair - he passes through the strands with special scissors so that the length transitions look smooth and the haircut is natural.

  7. At the final stage, the head is washed to remove the fine hairs remaining after the haircut, and styling is done.

    This is a basic instruction for creating a classic half-box haircut. Performance variations can be different - it all depends on your desires and preferences.

5 photo ideas for stylish half-box hairstyles for men

What styling can be offered to men with a half-box haircut? Catch some interesting options.

Classic styling

This is a style for every day, as it does not require much time and effort. Rough Clay 20 from Redken can be applied to clean and dried hair. She will set the direction of the bangs and securely fix the styling.

The clay has a matte finish, so it is invisible on the hair - the result looks very natural.

Wet hair styling

For connoisseurs of retro looks, we can advise you to put your hair back with a gel. For these purposes, it is better to choose a strong hold, such as Fix Max from L'Oréal Professionnel. This "grease" styling will look stylish in combination with a formal suit.

If you have curly hair, we recommend styling it with L'Oréal Professionnel's Bouncy & Tender Gel. It will emphasize the texture of curls and make them elastic.

Side bangs

Topical styling with voluminous bangs. On slightly damp hair, you need to make a side parting and dry the bangs with a hair dryer and a round comb.

Fix your style with Redken's Fashion Work Spray. With it, the hair will look natural, and the hairstyle will last all day flawlessly.

Half-box with parting

This trendy hairstyle will suit men who have chosen an elongated half-box. On damp hair, you need to make a central parting, and then dry the curls with a hairdryer or leave to dry naturally. L'Oréal Professionnel's Depolish Reconstructing Paste helps structure your hair.

Please note that this tool is recommended to be applied to the hair, preheating it between the fingers.

But still, the classic version implies a flawless side parting or its complete absence.

Careless styling

Slight carelessness of styling is an integral part of a relaxed creative look. Men's half-box haircut in an elongated version allows you to provide such a result.

Spray some texturizing spray onto wet or dry hair for a stylish casual look. Try Redken's Fashion Waves spray.

Post-Styling Haircare

As you can see, styling designed for a half-box men's haircut is not at all difficult to do, there are no special tricks. However, it is important to remember that with regular use of styling, you need to competently and systematically clean your hair and scalp.

Redken's Hair Cleansing Cream care shampoo is suitable for both removing styling from the hair and for high-quality cleansing of the scalp.

Tip: if the hair is heavily soiled or a large amount of styling was used, lather the shampoo well and leave it on your hair for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. So its efficiency will increase significantly.

Haircut half-box: some tips from stylists

I have unruly hair. Will a half-box haircut suit me?

Men with unruly hair can recommend a short half-box without bangs. This option will save you from the daily need to tame your hair.

Is a men's half-box hairstyle suitable for coarse hair?

A good choice would be a classic or short half-box. In addition, we note that coarse hair sometimes becomes a real advantage - for example, an elongated half-box hairstyle looks more voluminous with such initial data.

Modern styling products make it easy to style even coarse hair, so you can not limit yourself and choose the kind of half-box that you like best.

Do I need any extra care for my bouffant hairstyle, besides regular hair cleansing?

A big plus of the semi-box is that this haircut is not afraid of split ends, since the hair is short enough and the haircut needs to be updated regularly. If we talk about care, then it is enough for the hair to provide the necessary nutrition and hydration by choosing a conditioner or conditioner according to the type of hair. As an added care, hair masks can be done once or twice a week.

How often do you need to update a men's half-box haircut?

It all depends on the speed of hair growth - as a rule, they book a haircut once a month and a half.