The oval shape of the face is considered to be almost a standard. It would seem that with such initial data, you can choose any haircuts. And yet there are nuances that are important to consider in order to look your best

Features of men's hairstyles in harmony with an oval face

The oval face shape is characterized by wide cheekbones, a slightly rounded chin and the same gently rounded hairline. The happy owners of these traits do not need to visually correct the proportions of the face with the help of a hairstyle, the main thing is to correctly emphasize the dignity of their appearance.

Which men's haircuts are best for an oval face?

  • Classic hairstyles are a win-win choice for men with an oval face shape. Canadian, platform and undercard will do.
  • A voluminous undercut, by the way, is able to hide the fullness of the cheeks, if there is such an individual feature.
  • Men with a thin face should avoid too much volume at the top of the head. It is better to give preference to bangs and hairstyles designed for medium length hair (covering the ears).
  • Ultra short haircuts are also suitable for men with an oval face.
If it is difficult to choose the best haircut on your own, you can always seek advice from a professional stylist. The shape of the nose, the severity of the cheekbones, the height of the forehead - all this is important to consider when choosing the most successful male haircut for an oval face.

Trendy short haircuts for men with an oval face shape: 2023 trends

The vast majority of men choose short haircuts. No wonder: they are comfortable in everyday life and do not require special styling skills. What short hairstyles are shown for an oval face shape?


Boxing haircuts are characterized by shaved hair on the sides and at the back of the head, and the length of the hair at the crown does not exceed 4 centimeters. Box cut hair grows back quite naturally and looks neat for a long time.

If a man has slightly protruding ears, then it is better to refuse a boxing haircut: this feature of appearance will become more noticeable.

Half box

This is a great haircut for both young guys and adult men with an oval face shape. The hair in the upper part is left longer than in boxing, which allows you to experiment with different styles.


Underkat (from the English undercut, “cut from below”) is a hairstyle with a strong contrast between shaved temples and long strands at the crown.

The undercut haircut has not gone out of fashion for several years, and in 2023 it still remains in the top trends.


The hairstyle of London gentlemen rhymes well with the oval face shape of men. Unlike the undercut, the long hair at the crown does not fit hair to hair, but remains casually tousled, which gives the male look a special charm.


This haircut with a small volume in the front part does not change the natural harmony of the oval face - and this is definitely a plus.


Short haircuts are also shown for men with an oval face shape, if there is no need to mask any individual features with a hairstyle (for example, uneven skulls or slightly protruding ears).

This haircut is done with a machine. If desired, the hair in the parietal part can be left a couple of millimeters longer than the main mass.

Fashionable hairstyles for men with an oval face, designed for long hair and medium length hair

Men with long and medium hair surprisingly combine brutality and tenderness, which undoubtedly makes them attractive in their own way. What long men's haircuts are in harmony with an oval face?


Bob or bob hairstyles will undoubtedly adorn men with thick and wavy hair. Volume and not too long length will optimally complement the oblong face shape.

Ragged haircuts

Those who prefer a trendy casual style should try on tattered haircuts.

Hairstyles with uneven lengths are easy to style: just apply mousse on the strands and beat them a little. Get a grunge youth look.

With asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetrical bangs will help men with an oval face shape hide small flaws in their appearance. A neat bang will discreetly mask, for example, a too wide forehead.

No bangs

Many men don't like haircuts with bangs for the sole reason that this bang needs to be styled somehow. Well, with long and medium hair, you can do without this element - hair of the same length will also adorn men with an oval face.

Shaved whiskey

Maximum rebellious haircut with an expressive contrast between long hair on top and shaved temples. Hair can be collected in a bun or ponytail at the back of the head.

5 stylish styling ideas: examples with photos

What hairstyles should men with an oval face shape adopt? We have selected the best, in our opinion, options and are ready to present them to you.

Wet hair effect

Maybe someone thinks that hairstyles with such an effect remained somewhere on the covers of magazines of the 90s? We hasten to dissuade you of this. "Wet" styling is relevant in 2023.

They are made with a gel and a comb. It is important to use the gel, because the hair needs a glossy shine. Try L'Oréal Professionnel's Fix Max for extra strong hold, quick drying and no residue.

Gel in a small amount should be applied to the strands, after which the hair should be combed back. If you use a comb (comb with sparsely set teeth), then the hairstyle will be more voluminous and the strands will remain mobile.And for smooth and glossy hairstyles, you will need a thin comb with often planted teeth.

Volume bangs

Bangs of any length are easy to style with a hair dryer and fixatives.

Slightly damp bangs are dried with a hairdryer on medium mode, slightly lifting it from the roots with a comb. Then a varnish or fixing spray is applied. We recommend Redken Wax Blast texture spray.

Volume curls

Natural volume is a win-win choice for men with an oval face shape. You can achieve the desired effect on both long curls and medium length hair.

Let's tell you how to make such styling. Catch the instruction.

  1. Apply a mousse to wet hair, such as L'Oréal Professionnel's Volume Lift Root Volume Spray Mousse.

  2. Using a round brush, start drying your hair in small strands, moving from bottom to top. Do not forget to slightly lift the hair at the roots during the drying process.

  3. When all hair is dry, set with Matrix Style Fixer spray.

Beach curl effect

Any voluminous hairstyle rhymes with an oval face shape. Careless, as if slightly dried up after a sea bath, curls are a great choice for men with medium or long hair. The hair does not have to be specially styled - just apply a texturizing spray to the hair before blow-drying.

L'Oréal Professionnel Beach Waves Spray will help create light textured waves without weighing down the hair. It has a matte effect and is completely invisible on the hair.

Hairstyles to match an oval face: tips from stylists

What haircuts should men with an oval face avoid?

We have already noted above that there are practically no contraindications for an oval face when it comes to choosing hairstyles. It is better to decide on a specific haircut, starting from personal preferences and the quality of the hair.

Hair texture is an important factor to consider when making a decision. If the curls are not very thick, we advise you to avoid bob or bob haircuts. For thin hair, short haircuts are preferable.

Which men's haircuts for an oval face don't require frequent updates?

If you don't want to visit the hairdresser more than once every 3 months, then choose haircuts with hair of the same length. Such hairstyles do not require frequent and drastic correction - you can only cut the ends.

More complex haircuts, such as an undercut or a british, need to be updated once a month - otherwise the effective appearance of the hairstyle will not be preserved.

I want to get a haircut, but I'm not sure if it suits an oval face. How not to make a mistake with the choice?

In such cases, it is better to contact a stylist who will help you decide. It is better to listen to the advice of an experienced master.

Are there any peculiarities in the care of men's haircuts for an oval face?

If you like short haircuts or hairstyles with shaved temples, then you need to pay special attention to the scalp. Choose shampoos that will nourish and moisturize your skin well.

After a haircut with a clipper, scratches may remain on the skin, so it is better to abandon styling products for a few days so as not to injure the skin once again.

What men's haircuts for an oval face should not be styled?

Hair a few millimeters long does not need to be styled. Long curls can also not be styled in everyday life - if desired, they can be collected in a ponytail or in a bun.