How to weave them, with what to combine and what will happen to the strands if we unweave the Afro-braids? There seem to be more questions than answers. But we will fix it! Read about the pros and cons of an unusual weaving technique and see how zizi braids look on hair of different lengths

Zizi braids: dive into the topic

Zizi braids are a rather curious hairstyle that is often compared to afro braids. But if visually they are really similar, then in terms of execution they differ significantly.

They are usually made of synthetic material, which is not immediately distinguishable from real hair.

Compare results

People with a developed imagination (like us) are curious to imagine a girl with zizi pigtails before the transformation. Agree, it is always interesting to compare photos before and after. We will provide you with such an opportunity.

Pros and cons

Zizi-braid hairstyles, of course, are time-consuming, but they have plenty of pluses.

  • You can experiment with different colors without coloring.

  • Quick weaving technologies available. About 4 hours is not much for such a complex styling.

  • The choice of the length of such braids is always up to you.

  • The material is quite light, so even children can wear zizi braids.

  • Hairdryer, tongs and styling? Did not hear? For weaving such zizi braids, as in the photo, all this is not needed.

  • If you like the first experience, then with the same material you can braid the zizi braids again.

Let's go over the cons. Fortunately, they are practically non-existent. Let's just say that zizi pigtails are unlikely to be done if you wear a very short haircut, and they are not combined with a business style - a strict office dress code is inexorable.

Will they suit me? Choosing a hairstyle based on hair length

Will my hair be long enough? Is it important to consider the shape of the face? And what to do with the bangs that I recently cut? Calm! Fashionable weaving has no contraindications regarding the shape of the face. But something depends on the length. See how zizi braids look on short, medium and long hair.

Short hair

Short haircuts are different. Masters whose weaving is on stream will instantly determine your chances of success. Yes, weaving a zizi over a hedgehog will not work. But there are plenty of hairstyles that can serve as a suitable base for braids, such as an elongated undercut or pixie. If the length of the strands reaches 8 centimeters, then it's definitely worth a try. We have already shown the transformation of short hair with zizi pigtails above.

Medium length hair

Many masters believe that medium length hair is the ideal base for weaving. Short and long do not give the scope of opportunities that are available to owners of such haircuts as an elongated bob or a simple cut of hair just below the shoulders.

Long hair

Experts advise choosing braids right away - otherwise, with long thick curls, you will have to spend a lot of time in the stylist's chair.

Types of zizi braids and weaving techniques

The number of varieties of zizi braids for those who are thinking about such an experiment with hair for the first time can make their head spin. Let's try to systematize this information and list the main options.


Let's start with the popular zizi straight braids, which are great for adding length to hair. They are easy to make and easy to undo. What else do you need?


What is this - a consequence of fine weaving or is it a braid? The photo is not immediately clear. But these are they - zizi in the corrugation technique. We recommend it to those who want to add volume to their hair.


What if you choose colored zizi braids? With wavy braids, the color looks very interesting, especially if you use the ombre technique to color the braids.

And yes, it didn't seem to you: this type of technique is very similar to the corrugation approach described above.


Did you know that women's braids, the very pigtails that are woven in a tight technique, starting from the very roots, are called French? Now you know! So, zizi braids are woven into these braids, and it turns out, so to speak, a bright collaboration of two weaving techniques.


Thinner, even thinner! The master will have to try: to make such zizi braids look voluminous, you need to weave 300-400 braids. And this, mind you, is one of the classic options. Here is an excerpt!


And here is an option for the lazy. They called him the twist. Naturally, with braids 1.5-2 centimeters thick, the stylist will cope faster, and you will not have time to get bored, as with the above options.


Curly and braid - two in one. Zizi-sue braids were invented for those who do not like to choose. We noticed that girls often combine this technique with highlights, but we advise you to stay on a solid hair color - chestnut, wheat or pearl, as in the photo below.

Popular and colorful: choose bright zizi braids

Oh, how many of them! Such a reaction is quite predictable for those who first looked into a store with zizi pigtails. Let's see how braided hairstyles look in different shades.


Brunettes using white braids can get a trendy ombre effect in the root zone, and blondes can get closer to the dream of a platinum blonde. In both cases, the image will be bright.


Blondes are advised to pass by: black braids are an option for girls with dark hair. If you match tone to tone, then not everyone will guess that part of the hair is not yours.

Black and white

Despite the fact that Cruella did not wear zizi braids, in black and white they clearly refer us to this image. However, if you do not choose characteristic hairstyles, this role is unlikely to be assigned to you.


You may be surprised, but zizi braids are a great way to check if red hair suits you. The color is quite bright, so it is risky to choose such a color without first trying it on. Still, braiding is much easier than trying to get a poorly matched red color out of your own hair.


We know that red zizi braids are advised for girls with either a very light skin tone or a dark one. We have our own opinion on this matter: choose bright red only with dark tanned skin. The chances of a harmonious image in this case will definitely be higher.


It's not enough to decide on the blue color. This is only half the battle. You have to choose a shade! Turquoise, sea, denim or cornflower blue - the creators of zizi braids have a lot of interesting and spectacular options.

Dark Blonde

Sometimes you want to dilute the natural shade of your hair with something. We propose to do "highlighting" . Bring something new to the image without disturbing the naturalness.


Winter and summer in the same color? Why not, if you want to refresh your appearance with bright orange zizi pigtails. It's great if the lifestyle allows you to make this color part of the image. Not everyone can make that choice.

Means and tools for weaving zizi braids

And this is already information for beginners and future braders who collect the necessary base for weaving. So, you will need:

  • comb;

  • hairpins and clips;

  • thin comb;

  • zizi braids (many);

  • elastic bands if you plan to put your hair in a ponytail or bun.

Weaving zizi braids at home: instructions

Don't know how to weave zizi braids at home? Well! Study the instructions and be patient - the work ahead is large-scale.

  • The day before weaving, you need to wash and dry your hair.

  • Before starting work, comb the strands. Then separate a thin horizontal strand at the bottom of the back of the head. Grab the rest of the hair with a clip - the turn will come to them later.

  • Divide the selected strand into four parts and tie into small bundles.

  • Then fold two zizi braids in half and loop so that part of the strands is inside.

  • Now start braiding tightly.

  • After the first two weaving links, one of the ends of the zizi should be removed up - it is already fixed and may not participate in weaving.

  • Next, continue weaving using the three-strand braid technology. The "participants" are the remaining ends of the zizi braids, to which you add thin parts of the hair from the strand.

  • When your hair is braided, make a slipknot with the zizi braids to secure the weave.

  • Braid the rest of the braids in the same way. It is important to provide a shift so that the upper layers of the braids overlap the partings between the lower braids.

How to style zizi braids? Popular hairstyles

Understanding how to weave zizi braids, even with step-by-step instructions, is not so easy. Additional video tutorials may be required, and for some, personal consultations of stylists. But even if you do not plan to dive into the topic of weaving, we will show you how to transform the finished version with which you left the salon.


Putting your hair in a bun (high or low) is a great way to make your hairstyle visually more modest. In this form, it is more convenient to go to the gym or do household chores.

Two bunches

A fun option not only for girls who asked their parents to make them zizi pigtails.

High ponytail

A popular hairstyle among those who wear braids, it is important to do it right: for this, the elastic should be hidden with a few braids selected from the crowd.

Volume braid

For those who have not yet had enough weaving, we can advise you to put the strands in one large and voluminous braid.


How cute! We have not yet figured out where to go in this form, but it looks pretty funny.

With bangs

Zizi-braids and bangs are a controversial option, especially when it comes to a straight cut in the face. A beveled elongated bang looks much better.

Stylist tips: how to care for zizi braids?

Consider that the introductory excursion on the topic "Weaving zizi braids" has been completed. Now we will answer the questions.

How many zizi braids do you need to buy to cover your whole head?

Approximately from 200 to 700 - depending on the desired result. The more voluminous hairstyle you want to get, the more braids you will need.

How to care for zizi braids?

What a good question. Still, such a hairstyle, like African zizi braids, radically changes hair care. We did not think that we would ever say this, but you can not use balm and hair masks. This is where the shampoo comes in handy. Choose one that helps to strengthen the hair roots, and apply it with the most gentle movements, without trying to lather the product too much.

How long can you walk with wavy zizi braids?

Such braids, regardless of the method of weaving, are worn from a month to three. A lot depends on how fast your hair grows and the quality of your hairstyle.

What is dot weaving?

This is a technique that is suitable even for lovers of short haircuts. Its essence is that pigtails are attached to each strand in turn, and are not woven into braids.