Fluffy, curly, curly - the owners of such hair sometimes really want to radically change their hairstyle. How and how to straighten hair beautifully at home? There are many ways!

How to straighten hair with an iron?

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to how to perfectly straighten your hair is a flat iron. Carving out half an hour for styling, in principle, is not a problem. There are girls for whom this procedure has become a daily routine, as familiar as brushing your teeth or doing morning makeup.

" Isn't that bad?" - you ask. Still, straightening hair with an iron is a procedure in which the strands are exposed to high temperatures (about 150-200 degrees), and if done frequently, the risk of damage is very high. To minimize this risk, several rules should be followed.

Firstly, all beauty manipulations with hot tools are recommended to be carried out using thermal protection.

Today, almost all brands that produce hair products have the appropriate formulas. We know that great products can be found at different price points. For example, multifunctional creams are offered by L'Oréal Paris and Garnier, Redken and L'Oréal Professionnel.

It's important to use thermal protection regularly because it prevents damage, not fixes it.

Secondly, you shouldn't straighten wet hair with an iron - first you need to at least dry it properly with a hairdryer.

And now let's move on to the procedure itself. Let's analyze it step by step.

  1. Any styling begins with combing your hair, do it carefully so as not to damage them.

  2. Now you need to divide the curls into strands and stab a part (preferably at the crown) so that they do not interfere.

  3. Get to work with the bottom strands. They should be neither thick nor thin - with experience it will be easier to determine their optimal size.

  4. Grab the selected strand with an iron from the very base and move down to the very tips (at medium speed).

  5. If you manage to straighten your hair the way you wanted, the first time, great. If not, work through the strands with an iron again. Again the result is not perfect? Then gradually increase the temperature or reduce the thickness of the strands.

  6. Do the same manipulations with the rest of the strands, moving from the lower tiers to the upper ones, gradually releasing the curls fixed on the crown.

  7. Almost done! Now, if you want to prolong the durability of the result, use a fixative spray or hairspray, spraying the product on the hair from arm's length.

How to straighten hair with a blow dryer?

Those who regularly visit the stylist may have noticed that the studios straighten their hair without ironing, using a hair dryer and a comb for this purpose.

It's not so easy to do it yourself, but if you practice, you can also master this method. By the way, it allows you to get rid of fluffy hair at the same time and give it the desired shape. With it, it is easy to lift the curls at the roots or twist the strands at the ends.

Some people probably guessed that the method that allows you to stretch your hair with a hairdryer is also called styling using the brushing technique - using a special round brush. We advise you to allow more time for the procedure. But if you fill your hand, then at home you can not only straighten your hair with a hairdryer, but also do styling “like from a salon.”

Let's see what steps this styling consists of.

  1. It's not possible to straighten dry hair beautifully, so, whatever one may say, the first thing is to take a shower! Use the usual shampoo and balm, and after wringing out the curls with a towel, apply a protective agent on them in a convenient format. In stores you can find sprays, creams, and fluids. And there is no need to wait for any serious damage to the hair in order to use, for example, such a serum. It not only helps to restore strands, but also serves as an excellent preventive and protective agent.

  2. Decide what kind of styling you want to do, and depending on this, choose a styling tool. For example, for perfectly straight hair, you need a smoothing cream, and for voluminous styling, mousse.

  3. Ready? You can proceed to the main stage. To do this, prepare the strands, fixing some of them on the back of the head (so as not to interfere with work).

  4. First, let's work on the bottom strands. Take one of them and comb it with a brush or comb.

  5. Now place a brush at the roots so that the bristles go through the curls. At this point, it is important not to rush, otherwise you will have to run for help to pull the brush out of your hair.

  6. And now get ready for synchronized work. You need to blow-dry the strand in the direction from the roots to the tips, while pulling it and “unfolding” it with a brush.

  7. Did you like what happened? Wonderful! You may have to repeat the manipulations several times for a more pronounced result.

  8. Lay the rest of the strands in the same way. If you wear bangs, it should be worked out last.

  9. We hope you did it! Now fix this beauty with varnish. But do not overdo it: after all, the hair already has both thermal protection and a styling product.

How to straighten your hair without a flat iron and hair dryer?

What, is it possible? Yes, just imagine. Naturally, provided that you do not have afro curls by nature. Of course, straightening your hair, as in a salon, is unlikely to work, but there is no traumatic effect with hot tools, as is the case with a hairdryer and ironing.

So, the first way is rather unusual. You will need curlers of the largest possible diameter. They need to wind clean, semi-moist hair on them, after spraying a light styling agent on the strands. It remains to wait until the curls dry on their own, remove the curlers and comb the hair. The layout is ready. This method helps to tame the fluffiness of the strands and get beautiful, neat waves at the same time.

The second way is as simple as possible. Wash your hair using a smoothing shampoo and a conditioner or mask from the same range.Lightly blot the curls with a towel, apply again a smoothing styling product or oil. Already half done. Now carefully comb the curls, repeating this action every 10-15 minutes until the hair is completely dry.

Best hair straighteners

Whatever method you choose to straighten your hair, it will be difficult to do without a styling product. We know how difficult it can be to choose the right product. Calm! We have collected the top 3 funds that our editors trust.

Smoothness Control Serum Liss Control+, L’Oréal Professionnel

The format of the product and the laconic design of the packaging already inspire confidence.

It is convenient that the serum can be applied both before using the iron and hair dryer, and as a means of self-care, so for versatility we will add one more score.

By the way, the light-hold transparent gel has not only received our approval. On the net you will find a lot of positive reviews from girls with dry, porous and dyed hair.

Smooth Setter, Matrix

This item comes in a bright blue package with a narrower action and is suitable for girls who straighten their hair at home using a blow dryer. The degree of fixation is the initial one (we choose it for the opportunity to keep the styling light, mobile and natural). The functionality of the cream includes smoothing the hair and controlling the discipline of the strands.

Oil for All, Redken

Oh, we love it when the remedy is a pro in different fields. Take this oil in a cute pink bottle. It gives shine, and silkiness, and, of course, smoothness. It should also be suitable for those who are afraid of classic oils because of their dense texture. Redken experts have created a lightweight product that does not weigh down the strands, and even girls with fine hair can use this oil formula.

Hair straightening: some tips from stylists

We hope that everyone now figured out how to straighten their hair properly. Just in case, we will answer five more on-duty questions to consolidate the material.

What's the best way to straighten short hair?

Your haircut has an undeniable plus: most likely, you regularly visit a stylist to update your hair, which means that it is easier to get rid of tips damaged by hot tools. On the other hand, if you want to grow your hair out, it's best to ditch the blow dryer and straighteners and switch to more gentle hair straightening methods. For example, using a smoothing oil and a comb (we wrote about this method above).

Can I straighten dry hair at home?

Yes. Ironing is just advised to process only dry hair, not forgetting to first apply thermal protection to them.L'Oréal Professionnel has a tool that can be distributed over both wet and dry strands. It's a cool Blow Dry cream that, in our editor's experience, doesn't feel at all on the hair, and which she uses disciplinedly every time before blow-drying and styling.

What products will help straighten hair without ironing?

Write down: L'Oréal Professionnel Liss Control+ Cream Gel, L'Oréal Paris Dream Smoothness Serum and Matrix Total Results Thermal Protection Spray.

Which method is considered the most effective if you need to straighten your hair for a long time?

Straightening with an iron. When you work out each strand under the pressure of two plates, even the toughest curls give in.

How to straighten hair fast?

We believe that in this case, you can do without ironing. Straighten your hair quickly with a hairdryer and a round comb. You will be doing two things at the same time: drying your curls and making them smooth.