Creative or classic? Unusual or popular? Together with experts, we have compiled a hit parade of men's haircuts in 2023

Fashionable men's haircuts: trends of the year

On the catwalks of 2023, men's hairstyles were not limited to one or two trends. Moreover, we can talk about the widest range of choice.

If we talk about the poles towards which fashion trends gravitate, then, on the one hand, this is a classic military style with a transition from shaved temples to a short-cropped crown. On the other hand, model retro haircuts with parting.

Sporty hairstyles for guys were not without - in 2023 they are represented by at least three types. These are boxing, semi-boxing and tennis.

A common feature of fashionable men's haircuts in 2023 is the desire for naturalness. Hairstyles adjusted to the hair are good for the time and place, but trendy haircuts can be different - natural, no styling required.

Stylish men's haircuts for those with short hair

Top men's hairstyles for fall 2023 are headed by short haircuts.

We tried not to limit ourselves to the brightest trends of the season, because it is important to choose men's haircuts not so much from the photo as according to the recommendations of professionals, starting from the shape of the face, the quality and type of hair.


We have already mentioned above that in 2023, military-style haircuts for guys are very popular. The relevance is due to several factors. Firstly, the haircut is universal and convenient in everyday life: short strands do not require styling (maximum - easy correction of stray hairs with gel). Secondly, such a haircut hides the emerging bald patches. Who cares, take note.


The UK-originated short men's haircut was talked about a lot last year, but it's still relevant this fall season. It's easy to recognize her. Hairstyle with long bangs can be tried on medium length hair: at the top of the strands should be quite long, while on the sides the stylist removes all unnecessary.

If you used to go without bangs, but now you decided to try on a British one, get ready: you will have to spend more time at the mirror. Without styling, such a hairstyle rarely looks perfect, so start modeling paste - it will speed up the process and bring some creativity to it.


Model haircuts - 2023 is worth studying separately, but there are also star men's hairstyles worthy of your attention. Caesar is one of them. A variety of famous men have been seen with this short stylish haircut (not only in 2023) including.

Celebrities prefer different styles, but in choosing a haircut with short flanks and nape and almost even bangs, many of them agreed. I wonder what they used for styling? We recommend using a cream gel to control smoothness. I do not want external circumstances in the form of weather or active occupation to spoil the impression of the image.

Fade haircuts

We separate men's fade haircuts into a separate category, since they are quite popular in 2023. What makes them different? Long hair on the crown and short on the flanks and back of the head.

This hairstyle is often chosen for boys of school age, but it is better if the young man is able to style the front strands on his own every morning (for example, combing them back with a strong hold gel).


Even if you have never heard of the undercut haircut, you should not write it down as a novelty - this is a model with a century of history. In the fall of 2023, she can be advised to disciplined men who are ready to regularly visit a stylist in order to adjust their fashionable haircut in time. Still, a sharp transition between long hair at the crown and short hair in the bulk should remain so.


Crop is a kind of transforming hairstyle that can be adapted to both a business style and a fashionable bohemian look.

In professional circles, a haircut is called youth, and we will not argue with that.In the fall of 2023 crop is a great option for stylish guys. The styling is quite concise: a small bang that merges with the bulk of the hair cut in a cascade. This technique allows you to experiment with styling.

It's easy to add volume or creative mess to your hair with a texturizing tool.

And the classic matte paste will help you neatly style the strands if you have a business meeting scheduled, which implies a strict dress code.


Rebel or romantic? It’s hard not to pay attention to a man with an elongated haircut Sagittarius. True, the owner of such a hairstyle will have to pay attention (and time) to it.

If you do not style your hair, there is a high risk of being without the necessary volume at the roots and with a bang that climbs into your eyes. It will be useful to get a reliable mousse. L'Oréal Professionnel or Redken have these. It does not hurt to master at least the basics of the art of styling.

Buzz cut

What men's haircuts would you recommend for the summer of 2023? Experienced men know: the best hairstyles for the hot season are short. And if they also do not require styling, as is the case with buzz cut, they are not worth the price! The best time to grow your hair is during the winter months.

Sporty haircuts

We have already mentioned that among fashionable hairstyles, sports tend to lead. Even if you have nothing to do with sports, do not rush to give up this option. In our opinion, the versions in the photo are quite versatile and do not require special styling skills.

Perhaps it will be enough for you to fix single unruly hairs with varnish or modeling paste.

Popular Men's Hairstyles 2023: Medium Length Hair

In 2023, men with medium length haircuts are common. It seems to us that many of them are people of creative professions, but this, of course, is not a prerequisite.

This length, by the way, allows you to do styling in a variety of roles - you can look quite strict.


Romantics and young people who prefer a relaxed look are the target audience for a bob haircut. From the point of view of visual harmony, this fashionable hairstyle can be recommended for men with a large forehead: bangs will organically adjust the proportions of the face.


Chubby-faced young people should take a closer look at the pompadour haircut, which, due to its non-standard shape, allows you to visually stretch your face a little.

Those who know her firsthand probably know how to style this not the easiest hairstyle.But new "users" will need information about products that will help tame strands. Wax or modeling paste are products that can fix hair so that it does not cover the face.


Those who want to try on Dima Bilan's "same" haircut need to be patient to start growing strands. Someone will prefer a more pronounced length at the face, someone - at the back of the head (in this regard, it is better to consult a stylist). But whatever the decision, know that you must be able to wear a gavrosh haircut. Guys should check out the fashion trends of 2023 and don't forget to take care of the trendy hairstyle.


It so happened that the cap haircut has another name - voyage. This, in our opinion, is one of the most classic men's haircuts of 2023 among fashionable and trendy.

A little more hair on the crown and a little less on the flanks are the main requirements for this hairstyle.


This hairstyle has a serious meaning. When it comes to grunge styling, it doesn't matter if your hair is short or long. The main thing is to create a bold, protest mood. Deliberate carelessness is welcome, as is the wet finish and accentuated hair texture.


If you play the guitar and don't mind going on stage (even if it's an apartment), take a closer look at the increasingly popular mullet haircut. It looks as cool as possible with an underlined volume at the roots. If it is not enough, use mousse.


We did not expect it ourselves, but it turns out that a calm Mohawk exists. And you can look at it in the photo.


Parted in the center and strands on both sides of the face - this is the essence of the haircut, which is associated with young men from romantic movies.

Current men's haircuts: long hair

Fashionable men's haircuts - 2023 also include options designed for long hair (below the shoulders). Let's study!

Top note

One of the most modern men's haircuts, which is quite often chosen by men in 2023, is the top note. Translated from English, top knot means "bundle at the crown." At the same time, the hair is shaved on the sides. The haircut is quite recognizable, agree.


Kare needs no special introduction, so let's just touch on how to style this men's haircut, which made it to our top in 2023.

It's important to keep your hair moving, so look for styling products that meet these requirements. We have chosen a trio worthy of your attention.


Squared volume is about the male cascade, which, as a rule, is much shorter than the female haircut of the same name. Of course, this hairstyle will look luxurious on thick hair, but it is also good because it creates visual volume with less winning initial data.

You just need to get thick hair products and enlist the support of a good mousse to treat the root zone during styling.

Long bob with bangs

For men with curly hair, 2023 offers a special trend - a haircut that combines an elongated bob with bangs. The latter, however, plays a rather symbolic role, slightly covering the sides of the face.

Even cut

There are men who wear long hair with a straight cut almost all their lives. Most often they are not interested in how and with what to lay the strands, but perhaps the ice will break this year. The reason is that not so long ago this hairstyle was highlighted by top stylists, making it part of men's looks at fashion shows.

Shoulder-length grunge

The effect of wet hair for grunge haircuts is also possible with a length below the shoulders. To create it, use texturizing sprays in a duet with a fixing gel. And do not limit the flight of your imagination.

How do men take care of their hair?

Whatever the trends, men's haircuts in 2023 need competent and systematic care no less than at any other time. Let's pay your attention to the basic rules.

  • Choose a shampoo according to your scalp type. Universal products are, of course, convenient, but sometimes dandruff is formed precisely because of improper care (for example, excessive cleansing with aggressive products can become the cause of excessive dryness of the scalp).

  • Use balms or conditioners according to your hair type. Long strands will become more disciplined, and the image as a whole will make a well-groomed impression.

  • If you use styling products, do not forget to wash your hair regularly, and lathering your hair makes sense twice, and once a week it is recommended to use shampoo for intensive cleansing.

Stylist Tips

Men's hairstyles in 2023 - the topic, as it turned out, is extensive. We have studied options designed for different hair lengths, and now we will answer the most common questions on the topic.

If we talk about fashionable men's haircuts in 2023, what hairstyle is better for a young man with a long face?

We vote for a classic bob or hat.

Recommend the most youthful men's haircut in 2023.

Great question! We think these are grunge haircuts.

Is it true that short men's haircuts in 2023 must have a shiny finish?

Not at all! For example, military-style haircuts, and many others, can be styled with a matte paste.

What trendy men's hairstyles in 2023 will suit a young man with an oval face?

Canadian, British, Caesar, even with a relief pattern! For this face shape, there are practically no contraindications for choosing a haircut. Restrictions can only be associated with the quality of the hair, their initial state.