Girls know that curls are the easiest way to create a romantic look. At the same time, frequent use of hot stylers can harm the hair. What if we told you how to make curls without a curling iron? There are many proven ways

Curls without a curling iron for short hair

If you have short hair, doing curls without a curling iron is not the most difficult task, but some tools and certain skills will be required.

Let's tell you how and with what devices you can wind short hair without a curling iron.

With rubber bands

Thin hairdressing elastic bands are optimal - so the curls on short hair will turn out to be the most defined, clear.

Small strands of hair should be twisted into tight bundles, wrapped several times around its axis, and then secured with elastic bands. The resulting "muzzles" can be lightly sprayed with varnish for a more durable result.

With clips

Big waves on short hair can also be formed with clips.

  • Hair should be divided into four parts: two sides, one at the crown and one at the back of the head.
  • Next, you need to apply on each mousse or styling gel, twist it into a tourniquet and fix it with a hairpin.
  • After 2 hours, remove the hairpins - and admire the beautiful light waves.

With hairpins

Studs will allow you to get "springy" afro curls.

  • On wet hair, separate thin strands one by one and wrap each eight on the ends of the hairpin.
  • Secure the ends of the hairpin with an elastic band or invisible.
  • Keep going until you've done the whole mass of hair in this way.
  • Wait until the hair is completely dry and carefully remove the hairpins.
  • Spread the curls with your hands and fix with any fixing spray. To get a fuller hairstyle, you can comb the curls with a brush.

Medium hair and curls without a curling iron

On medium length hair, you can also create wavy curls without curling irons and curlers at home.

With flagella/flaps

Tows / patches are small pieces of fabric on which wet strands are fixed. Each curl is wound onto a thin strip of fabric away from the face, and then the ends of the flaps are tied.

With paper

The principle is the same, only paper (paper towels or napkins) is used instead of cloth.


You can make your hair curly without a curling iron with the help of braids. This method can be tried if the hair is medium or longer.

The more braids, the more intense the curls.

Curls and long hair

But how to make voluminous curls on long hair without a curling iron and ironing? There are some simple yet effective methods.


If you braid long, slightly damp hair into two pigtails, and then dry it with a hair dryer, you will get natural beach curls. Does your hair feel like it lacks volume? Then you can use a special powder, for example Height Riser from Matrix: apply a little product to the roots of the hair - this will help create basal volume.

Curling long hair without a curling iron into small curls will work if you braid a lot of thin braids.

With a beam

Another way to quickly make curls on long hair is to twist wet strands into a bun. After a couple of hours after the hair dries, you can dissolve the bun and get beautiful slightly wavy curls.

Curls with invisible hairpins

As you can see, there are enough methods to make your hair wavy without a curling iron. We are sure that you can add to their list yourself, but for now let's talk about one more.

  • Divide your hair into small strands, treat each with varnish or mousse and wind it around your finger.
  • Gently remove the hair from your finger and secure the resulting curls with invisibility.
  • The waves will be ready in 2 hours.

Creating curls without a curling iron at home: preparation

It's easy to get curls without a flat iron if the hair is properly prepared. We'll tell you how to do it right.

  1. Hair and scalp should be washed first. To cleanse oily hair, L'Oréal Paris' Three Valuable Clays Shampoo is suitable. And for hair devoid of volume, Shampoo "Thick and Luxurious" , Garnier Fructis is shown.

  2. Conditioner will help protect your hair from damage. It will help smooth out the scales of the cuticle of the hair and make it smoother. Try Double Elixir Express Conditioner. The luxury of 6 oils”, Elseve, L’Oréal Paris: it strengthens the hair and prevents breakage.

  3. Lifeless and dull curls require special care before curling. Strengthening mask Garnier "Growing in full force" restores curls along the entire length, gives them softness and silkiness.

  4. Some fixatives can be applied to damp hair. For example, Siren Waves by L'Oréal Professionnel Paris is designed to create bouncy and defined curls.

Compliance with these rules will help make curls without a curling iron and curlers more resistant. Well-cleansed, conditioned and hydrated hair is less prone to breakage and better resistant to damage.

Harm from using curling irons and irons when curling hair

It's hard to overestimate the effectiveness of hair styling gadgets. With the help of a curling iron or ironing, you can make curls in 5 minutes - of course, this is very convenient. But the abuse of high-temperature procedures can damage the hair. Hot exposure negatively affects the structure of the hair, strands can become dry and lifeless. In addition, frequent use of electric stylers can cause split ends.

We do not dissuade you from using the fruits of technological progress - we only recommend that you follow the measure, use thermal protection (for example, Full Recovery 5 hair restoration cream, Elseve, L'Oréal Paris), and from time to time do curls without curling irons and ironing alternatives.

The classic curler and forerunner of the curling iron does not carry these dangers.

But if the curlers are not at hand, the alternative folk inventions listed above will help. All of them are inferior to the curling iron, perhaps, only in one thing - in speed.

How to care for curled hair and prolong the curly effect?

Care and properly selected styling products will allow you to get not only beautiful, but also long-lasting curls. With what means will wavy curls delight you for several days? Share our selection.

Matrix Style Link Volume Fixer

To create voluminous and bouncy curls without a curling iron, finish off with Matrix's Style Link Volume Fixer. This tool will add extra volume to the hair without weighing it down.

Style Link Height Riser Powder by Matrix

To add volume to short curls at the roots, we recommend the special Style Link Height Riser powder. A voluminous hairstyle will remain with you even the next day after styling - it will be enough to fluff the hair at the roots a little with your fingers.

L'Oréal Professionnel Beach Waves Texturizing Spray

If the surfer girl style is your choice, L'Oréal Professionnel's Beach Wave Texture Spray is perfect. Curls without a curling iron will turn out spectacular on hair of any length.

Spiral Queen Mousse by L'Oréal Professionnel

Sometimes curls made without a curling iron lack elasticity. Mousse Spiral Queen perfectly structures each curl. As a result, the curls look neat.

Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo

Oksana Starykh Redken educatorWith regular use of styling / styling products, it is important to clean the scalp and hair well. This should be done with a shampoo selected according to the type of scalp. Shampoo your hair twice. As needed, it is important to use professional deep cleansing products. Shampoo Hair Cleansing Cream removes not only accumulated dirt, but also the remnants of care products and excess styling products.Only an experienced specialist will be able to choose care and determine the intervals for using a cleansing shampoo - after diagnosing the hair and scalp.

Control Addict Long Lasting Spray by Redken

Those who need an extra strong hold can use Redken's Control Addict Spray. It does not stick hair, does not feel on curls and protects hair from moisture.

Control Addict is a great styling product if you want it to last days.

Deep Clean Dry Shampoo by Redken

Oksana Starykh Redken educatorImmediately after styling, apply Deep Clean Dry Shampoo: its extremely absorbent effect allows you to keep your hair feeling fresh and clean for up to 4 days. This product should be applied to the root zone at a distance of 15–20 centimeters and distributed with massage movements.

Curls without a curling iron: what do stylists recommend?

Is it possible to make curls without a curling iron and curlers at night?

Almost all the methods that we described above are suitable for those who are ready to do curls at night. Of course, it is not recommended to sleep with hairpins, but harnesses or elastic bands will definitely not disturb your sleep.

How often can you do curls without a curling iron and ironing at home?

If you do not skip the stages of preparing your hair for curling and take good care of your hair, then curls without a curling iron can be done every few days after washing your hair.

I want to make my hair curly without a curling iron, without using styling products. Will I succeed?

Styling is needed so that curls or waves last as long as possible. Without varnish or a fixing spray, the curls, unfortunately, straighten out rather quickly. The rate of disappearance of curls and waves depends on the characteristics of the hair (their thickness, obedience, etc.).

Is it harmful to curl hair without a curling iron with improvised means?

Too tight braids or plaits can lead to hair breakage. It is important not to overdo it and treat the hair carefully.

Who shouldn't do curls without a curling iron and curlers?

It is worth saving dry and damaged strands. It is better to postpone all experiments with a perm until the hair is restored.