How to choose a hairstyle for a man? We've put together some tips to keep in mind when looking for the best solution

Basic rules for selecting men's haircuts

Correct selection of men's haircuts is a thoughtful job, in which a number of factors are taken into account. Stylists pay attention to:

  • face shape,

  • hair structure,

  • lifestyle,

  • clothing style,

  • age,

  • have a beard or mustache,

  • the presence or absence of free time for hair care.

Before you change your hairstyle, a man should carefully analyze his appearance. After all, the right haircut can play an important role in life and tell a lot about a person.

How to choose a hairstyle for a man, taking into account the shape of his face?

This is one of the main reference points. Let's try to choose a hairstyle for a man, depending on the shape of the face. There is nothing surprising in the fact that one haircut goes to the oval type, and another to the square type. Consider the possible options, starting from the initial data.


For a man with a square face, we advise you to avoid sharp lines that can further emphasize such geometry. Haircuts with rounded transitions are suitable.

If the density of the strands allows, you can grow relatively long hair. And if not, styling will help out. For example, Redken Thickening Spray promises to thicken curls, adding volume and shine to them.


With a round face, the situation is the opposite: in this case, a man should choose a haircut with sharp corners, letting go of the length at the crown. If desired, you can comb the bangs up.

It makes sense to take a closer look at asymmetric solutions, such as an undercut or a canadian, which, most likely, will need to be fixed with additional styling tools. We vote for Matrix Super Fixer Modeling Gel in a bright bottle.


With this face shape, you can safely experiment with different haircuts and styling. When making a choice, start from the type of hair and individual style.

In this case, keep in mind that long hair can visually stretch the face, and very short hair, on the contrary, make it round.

For styling, we recommend getting a universal assistant - Transformer gel-mousse, L'Oréal Professionnel. We are sure that men will appreciate this styling product: it is easy to style both curly and straight hair with it.


Your forehead is prominent, and your chin looks narrow against its background? With this face shape, a man should choose a hairstyle with special attention. Experts recommend considering the British, quiff and haircuts with bangs combed to the side. On our own, we add that in this case one cannot do without high-quality hair paste.Take Redken plastic: Rewind 06 is suitable for fixing both short and long hair.


It's not that difficult to choose a hairstyle for a guy with a rectangular face shape, if you take into account a few points. First, you should not cut your hair too short ( although someone can make it an integral part of the individual style). Secondly, it is advised to avoid a beard, especially a strongly elongated one. Thirdly, with such facial geometry, as a rule, they discourage the quiff haircut, which has been fashionable in recent years, in which the master shaves the hair on the sides, keeping the length at the crown.

But let's move on from prohibitions to recommendations. What haircut to choose for a man with a rectangular face shape? Very handy can be oblique bangs, which will cover part of the forehead, camouflaging the equal width of the upper and lower parts of the face. But such a hairstyle will look good with thick wavy hair that holds volume.

But men with thin curls should think about a haircut in the style of Leonardo DiCaprio from his youth. Styling it is not so difficult, but most likely you will want to lift the hair roots. Help with this texturizing spray Volumetry, L'Oréal Professionnel.


A rather rare face shape, in which the forehead and chin look narrow against the background of rather pronounced cheekbones. Experts advise to beat this feature with the help of voluminous styling a la a free artist and randomly trimmed bangs. But if you are a person of an uncreative profession and it is important for you to look neat in the office, style your hair with a cream or paste. By the way, we found a universal product that combines the properties of both of these products (plus wax). This is Over Achiever, Matrix. It is convenient to use on both dry and wet strands.

How to choose a hairstyle for a man, taking into account the structure of the hair?

Do you know how to recognize a good stylist? Let's say you show him a photo example of your dream hairstyle and ask him to do the same for you. After evaluating the quality and type of your hair, he should explain to you how this haircut will look in your case. Yes, yes, you need to choose a future hairstyle according to the type of hair. Consider the most common ones to make it easier to determine which men's hairstyle suits whom.

Thin and rare

We exclude the option with slicked back hair, which allows you to better see the scalp. It is better to stay on the most ordinary men's haircut or make a short bob.

Thick and hard

On the one hand, you are very lucky: you can only envy your luxurious hair. On the other hand, you know how hard it can be to deal with stubborn hair. So it’s not so easy for such a man to choose a hairstyle on his own.

The stylist should study in which direction the hair grows, after which he may suggest doing, for example, an undercut or a beaver. For home care, we recommend getting a softening duo of shampoo and conditioner, as well as strong hold clay.


Thought there were few options? You are wrong. Pompadour, undercut, caret, fade, quiff - as you can see, young people with wavy hair have a lot of options for experiments. If it's hard to choose from such a large list of men's hairstyles, give preference to options that suit the shape of the head.

Very curly

There aren't many hairstyles on the curly hair stop list. Perhaps, these include only loose long hair and a caret with a clear cut. We advise you to look at the cascading haircut, British and Canadian.

Soft and straight

Some will say that this is not hair, but a dream. Others will object: they say, the strands do not hold the styling at all. It is possible at the same time that the latter simply chose the wrong haircut or do not have sufficient experience in styling.

With such data, almost any haircut is appropriate, with the exception, perhaps, only of a straight elongated bob. To prevent your hair from looking too slick, choose a good shampoo and use effective products to add volume to your curls.

How can a man choose a haircut according to style?

Whatever one may say, but the position obliges to meet certain requirements for appearance. It is easy to understand why athletes will go for a short haircut the most and whether a man should generally focus on his profession when choosing a hairstyle.

Classic style

Under the classics, men most often mean business style. As a rule, there is no place for excessive creativity in stylistic decisions in the office. And men in classic suits with laconic haircuts look win-win, like agent 007.


Football players, hockey players, swimmers, athletes choose mostly short haircuts - first of all, of course, for practical reasons. Still, running around the field with long hair or drying it for 20 minutes after a kilometer swim in the pool is really inconvenient. The athlete needs a hairstyle that won't make you sweat extra.

Youth style

The last 5 years we have seen a surge of creativity among young people. Long bangs, bob, top knot (tails or buns) - the new generation clearly wants to stand out in society.Although, if you think about it, among 20-year-old young people, the classic men's haircut a la Canadian will soon be extraordinary rather than grunge or undercut.

Romantic style

Romance is different for everyone. Many people think of a romantic haircut that emphasizes the masculinity of the stronger sex. But in the usual sense, a romantic men's haircut rather looks like this: medium-length hair with moving styling, pronounced texture and volume at the roots.

Creative style

It's easiest for creative people to experiment with haircuts. You can try a rare crop, and a bold flat top, and even a mullet - a haircut that is again popular this year (and for women too).

Stylist Tips

Do you have any questions? We understand that the topic is multifaceted.

How to choose a hairstyle if a man has fine facial features?

Avoid sharp lines. Soft smooth transitions and slight carelessness in styling will help soften the image.

What hairstyle suits me if I have curly hair and a round face shape?

How about an undercut haircut? She looks interesting with curls and visually slightly stretches her face.

How to understand which men's hairstyle suits you?

Based on a few basic criteria, such as head shape, hair type, habitual image and lifestyle. We discussed all these topics in this article above.

How do I know which men's haircut is right for me if I don't want to cut my hair often?

Kare, like Keanu Reeves, or a short hedgehog - unpretentious options with which it's not a sin to miss a visit to the hairdresser a couple of times.