This issue should be approached as reverently as possible. How else! We have compiled a cool guide, in which there are both practical gifts and original ones. Choose

How to choose a gift for mom?

There are a lot of ways to please your beloved mother. A little preparatory work will help narrow down the options. Analyze her lifestyle, think about hobbies, work interests - it is better to make a list of ideas based on these data.

Some collect dishes, others collect paintings, and someone invests in a collection of perfumes.

If you know what "exhibit" is missing in your mom's collection, consider that you have found a great gift for her anniversary or birthday.

It doesn't matter if the surprise is original or classic. If what she gets as a birthday present brings her sincere joy, consider mission accomplished.

Top birthday gifts for mom

According to our editors, the best gift for mom is hidden in the cosmetic department. Among the beauty novelties and bestsellers, you can find the necessary and very pleasant products. Many copies want to buy even without a reason. Therefore, when the question arises of what to give mom for her birthday, the first stop on the search map is, logically, a cosmetics and perfume store.


To receive a beautiful bottle as a gift, in which a bouquet of unusual perfume notes is hidden, is no less pleasant than fresh flowers. Moreover, the olfactory bouquet will please you much longer. What fragrances to pay attention to in 2023? Share our opinion.

  • Sì Passione Éclat by Giorgio Armani, 2023 edition. We've already tested the new Eau de Parfum and even backed up our conclusion with a male gaze (and to be precise, a nose). The life-affirming composition in a red bottle has become more gentle and light, but has not lost its attractiveness. You can definitely give it to your mom for her birthday.

  • Donna Born in Roma, Valentino. The fragrance, inspired by the architecture of Rome, will brighten up nostalgia for Italy due to the magical effect of a cocktail of white flowers, bourbon vanilla and pink pepper.

  • Black Opium Illicit Green. Honestly, we have already lost count of which version of the famous YSL fragrance it is, but we can say one thing: choosing a composition with chords of green mandarin, fig leaf and juicy figs as a birthday present for your mother is definitely worth it if your loved one appreciates perfume experiments. YSL says they have created the first cocktail flavor, which means that its owners are waiting for new facets of pleasure.

  • Oui, La Vie est Belle, Lancôme. Ah, what a beauty! The new Eau de Parfum delights with its appearance alone: for the tenth anniversary of its release, the designers have developed a bottle sparkling with golden fireworks, symbolizing the celebration and happiness that the fragrance gives. The perfumers masterfully blended notes of raspberry, gourmand iris, patchouli and centifolia rose. Agree, it sounds tempting.

  • Sky Di Gioia Eau De Parfum, Giorgio Armani. A very nice birthday gift for mom, especially if she likes floral-fruity scents. In this case, the perfumers have created a delicate composition of notes of rose, peony, green pear and lychee.

  • Trésor In Love, Lancôme. The entire Trésor collection is multi-layered, complex fragrances in which it is difficult to isolate individual notes. If the birthday girl knows a lot about perfumery, she will appreciate the composition of jasmine, nectarine, pear and rose.

  • Supreme Bouquet, YSL. This eau de parfum is intended for fans of "high" oriental compositions. Its creator, Dominique Ropion, decided to embody in the fragrance an intricate print with fine details and ornate lines, typical of the culture of the East. Notes of tuberose, jasmine, pear, pink pepper and patchouli helped to achieve the goal.

Decorative cosmetics

Mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and other decorative cosmetics can be a great birthday gift for mom, if she at least sometimes wears makeup.

The same palette of shadows will bring not only benefits, but also a lot of positive emotions. The products below cause both visual delight and a feeling of deep satisfaction from use.

  1. Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay. Twelve chic shades in a large case are enough for everyday makeup and for creating an evening look.

  2. Hypnôse Palette, Lancôme. There are a lot of color solutions in the line, so we advise you to build on the shade of the eyes of the birthday girl. Blue-eyed will suit the novelty of the range - Drama Denim. Green-eyed moms - Reflects D'Amethyste. If your mom has brown eyes, go for the French Nude palette.

  3. Emotions Nude eyeshadow palette, L'Oréal Paris. The beauty of this tool is not only in a large range of beautiful shades, but also in versatility. Manufacturers confirm that the products can be used both as an eye shadow and as a blush, and we will add that several shades will work as a highlighter. In general, a great gift for advanced beauty users.

And you can also learn makeup tutorials with your mom. Our video will help even beginners.

Among the most practical birthday gifts for mom is mascara. Of course, you need to give only proven funds.

  1. Lash Sensational Mascara, Maybelline NY. Makeup artists often recommend staining the cilia, starting from the very roots. But we know from experience that not every mascara copes with this. This one can! And it perfectly lengthens the cilia without losing volume. One of my favorites!

  2. Volume Million Lashes Mascara, L'Oréal Paris. If a mother tries to choose formulas that bring not only beauty, but also benefits, you can give her mascara with caring components for her birthday. So far there are not so many of them, but in the laboratories of L'Oréal Paris they created one. Glycerin, fatty acids to nourish eyelashes and a number of other ingredients for a moisturizing and antibacterial effect were added to the composition.

  3. Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical Mascara, YSL Beauty. I must say that it's nice to have such a beautiful bottle in your makeup bag, so if aesthetics are important to mom, this mascara is a great birthday gift idea.The functionality of the product will be appreciated by women who prefer a classic mascara brush and a natural make-up effect.

If it seems to you that one mascara is not enough, pair it with a luxurious lipstick. We vote for the top five below.

  1. Lip balm Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm, Giorgio Armani. The moisturizer was released in three shades: plum, pink and beige. They look decent on the lips - a translucent wet coating is suitable for everyday work makeup and for an evening look.

  2. Lipstick L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte, Lancôme. A luxurious gift if mom is ready to experiment with textures - in this case, matte. To our delight, brands began to add caring components to the composition of such lip products that prevent dryness and peeling.

    Here the composition is simply exemplary: hyaluronic acid, damask rose essential oil, centifolia rose extract and Perpetual Rose absolute.
  3. Rouge Pur Couture lipstick, YSL Beauty. If you want to give mom a luxurious beauty present for her anniversary, take a closer look at the range of YSL Beauty couture lipsticks. As experts, we cannot fail to note the amazing range of shades, in which there are both calm "day" colors and bright "evening" ones.

Skin care cosmetics

If we are talking about a birthday present for mom from her daughter, then options with care products arise. Indeed, for many women, a beauty routine is an opportunity not only to look great, but also to relax a little in the morning and evening.

Not everyone can afford to buy luxury products on a regular basis, but no one is against receiving them as a gift.

Who, if not a daughter, can choose and give cool anti-aging products to dear mommy for her birthday?

Our shortlist.

  • Absolue Bi-Ampoule Face Serum, Lancôme. The brand experts explain the unusual care format with a two-phase formula (oil and water). Before use, they are mixed to create a concentrated serum that helps to repair the skin and make it firmer and softer.

  • Pure Shots Perfect Plumper, YSL Beauty. The combination of modern technology and natural ingredients in a stylish bottle is a cool gift idea for your beloved mom. The product is aimed at reducing the visible signs of skin aging.

  • Crema Nera Supreme Reviving anti-aging cream, Giorgio Armani, logically entered our top birthday gifts for mom. Firstly, the chic packaging, which immediately shows that the present is solid. And secondly, an effective composition with trehalose, which accelerates the process of cell repair, and gallic acid, which improves collagen synthesis.We are sure that every time the birthday girl will start her evening beauty routine with pleasure, enjoying the application of this luxurious cream.

Cosmetics and perfume sets

If you need to choose a birthday present for mom quickly, you can buy a ready-made set of cosmetics. It can be a set with mini fragrances (a great option for those who are afraid to miscalculate with a composition), a set of decorative cosmetics or a set of caring products. Such a gift, as a rule, is even more profitable than buying the same funds separately. And you don't have to think about packaging - the products in our selection already look smart.

List of original birthday gifts for mom

For entertainers, we have prepared a separate list of original birthday gifts for mom:

  • cooking class;

  • pool membership;

  • engraved bracelet;

  • mini fridge for cosmetics;

  • smart speaker;

  • subscription for ready meals;

  • weekend at the spa hotel.

TOP 10 useful gifts

There are mothers who, having received a creative birthday present, will definitely say: “Well, why did you spend the money?”

We know what to present to such practical mothers. In our list:

  • massager;

  • coffee machine;

  • warm sweater;

  • orthopedic pillow;

  • tablet;

  • air humidifier;

  • robot vacuum cleaner;

  • certificate to your favorite store;

  • thermos;

  • plaid.

Top 3 inexpensive gifts for mom

The budget does not allow you to roam when choosing a surprise? Let's tell you what gift you can give mom for her birthday in conditions of forced savings.

  • Robe-towel will be appreciated by lovers of water procedures.

  • Candles will please the keeper of the hearth.

  • Tea set will add variety to home tea ceremonies.

Examples of bad gifts for mom

Be careful: an overly unusual gift can cause mom not joy, but bewilderment.

Not everyone wants to fly a helicopter on their anniversary, and even more so to jump with a parachute or go to the climbing wall.

Also, do not give your mother birthday items for cleaning and housekeeping. Only things like a robot vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher are welcome - that is, everything that makes life easier and frees up time for doing something more enjoyable than cleaning.