Surely, many have found themselves in a situation where the birthday of a loved one is about to come, and what to give him for the holiday never occurred to him. Panic never helped anyone, but our ideas can save the day

What to give your loved one for her birthday?

It's not easy to please your beloved woman, because you have probably already implemented many popular gift ideas. But there are things that can be given as an encore, because they tend to end. Yes, yes, we suggest finding a gift for DR in the cosmetic department.


If you don't know much about a girl's preferences, stick to the classics.

Quality (and very beautiful) eyeshadow palettes are from the Urban Decay brand. These are funds from the category “you take it in your hands - you understand: a thing!”.

Does the girl like makeup? A good gift can be a duo of lipstick and mascara.

By the way, modern technologies allow you to try on shades of lipsticks (and not only) in virtual reality. Upload a photo of your loved one, for example, to L'Oréal Paris or Maybelline NY and pick up mini-gifts to your taste.

Women's perfumery

We believe that there are never too many fragrances. Gone are the days when it was customary to associate yourself with one scent. Today, olfactory compositions are selected like clothes - according to the mood or for a specific occasion.

Buying perfume in an online store is not so easy - there are hundreds of them! We will try to make it easier for you and tell you about the fragrances that are relevant in 2023.
Let's start with Si Passione Éclat Eau de Parfum by Giorgio Armani. We will be happy to include this fragrance in our birthday gift lists. A bright composition with notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and rose in a no less bright red bottle, of course, deserves it. And how festive it looks!

Continues our top scented birthday gifts with a scent that exudes an Italian vibe. A magical mix of jasmine, bourbon vanilla and woody notes was created by Valentino perfumers. This is an invitation to Italy and a promise of miraculous change.

By the way, if you know what kind of flowers your loved one prefers, it makes sense to look for fragrances with these notes. We share popular options, each of which, according to the editors, will be a wonderful birthday present.

  • Rose Fragrances

  • Peony fragrances

  • Jasmine fragrances

Perfume and cosmetic sets

We don't know why, but getting a beautiful set as a birthday gift can be more pleasant than the same products, but without a branded gift box. To everyone's delight, brands also like to release sets with perfumes, lipstick, mascara or care products. We have a lot of appropriate gift ideas - catch!


When it comes to cool birthday gifts for your loved one, you can't ignore high-quality care products.

Creams, serums and other equally useful and beautiful products can be given to a friend, sister, mom, grandmother.

For men, by the way, such funds will bring no less benefit (but we'll talk about them below).The main thing is to ensure that the label of a potential gift does not directly mention wrinkles, dull complexion or inflammation (the addressee may take this as an unambiguous hint of the imperfections of his skin). The appearance of the tool in our case is also important - after all, this is a birthday present.

Let's illustrate our words with a selection of funds that can be donated for DR.

How to please a man on his birthday?

Now let's discuss what from the beauty field you can buy your beloved husband for his birthday.

Perfume for men

Do you want to expand the perfume possibilities of your loved one? We understand: you are the main connoisseur of his aura. Introducing the top three fragrances worth paying attention to.

  • Acqua Di Giò Pour Homme, Giorgio Armani.This is a timeless classic. The refreshing composition, which has been a bestseller for 26 years, is more than relevant in 2023. We hope that both you and your man will enjoy the olfactory play of notes of citrus, cyclamen and peach, white cedar and freesia.

  • L'homme, YSL Beauty.Another classic scent has caught our attention in YSL's perfume wardrobe. Practical persons can buy three or four bottles at once, so that at home there is always a gift ready to please a male birthday boy - husband, dad or work colleague. The composition is both soft and bright, which is explained by the original perfume arrangement, in which notes of ginger, bergamot and spices fall on chords of violet leaf, white cedar and vetiver.

  • Stronger With You, Emporio Armani.Paired fragrances include both a sweet chord (melon), and hot (pink pepper), and as if warming (vanilla). A warm masculine composition can be supplemented with a feminine version. And what, very romantic!

Skin care for men

Yes, men do it too! In any case, they could. In general, helping your loved one find the necessary care products is a plan worthy of all praise.

What if you get a cool cream for your birthday? Still, girls most often have more experience in choosing such presents.

Let's share the latest news. Giorgio Armani has released three products in the Armani Men line: a cleansing gel for the face, a lotion and a cream for the face and around the eyes.

In addition to promising formulas with ingredients of natural origin, we liked the stylish, concise bottles.

Everyone knows that men often suffer from irritation after shaving, although in some cases it can definitely be avoided or at least reduced with the help of competent care. Therefore, we include before, for and after shaving products in useful gifts.

Perfume and cosmetic sets for men

Are you faced with the task of buying a gift for your husband and not spending a fortune? Solomon's solution will be a gift set. If you want to complement the fragrance or face cream with something else, you can purchase a ready-made kit: as a rule, this is a better purchase than buying these products separately.

Birthday gift ideas for dad or mom

Birthday gift ideas for mom and dad depend on their interests and your imagination. You can surprise your parents with a memorable surprise. For example, order a holiday greeting printed in a newspaper from a printing house. If your parents are unlikely to appreciate this kind of originality, it is possible that they love useful gifts. Well, we share three interesting birthday gifts for parents.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It's hard to go wrong with this gift: giving a robot vacuum cleaner for a birthday is giving a person free time that he used to spend on cleaning. In addition, this is a real toy for those who are already out of childhood.


Massage is always pleasant and useful. Don't know which massager to choose as a birthday present? Start from the area that worries parents most often - perhaps it is the legs or, for example, the neck. And choose a gadget from trusted manufacturers!

Garden swing

The best birthday gifts are those chosen with love and received with joy. For everything to fit together, you need to analyze what your parents are passionate about. If they like to spend time in the country, consider garden swings. You can lie down on them after dinner, relax while reading or contemplating nature.

Basic birthday gifts

There are times when there is no time for unusual surprises, and then you can buy something more traditional for a friend for his birthday. So here are our suggestions!

All for tea and coffee

Commemorative gifts are, of course, good, but, on the other hand, it is no less pleasant to receive birthday gifts that can be used daily.For example, coffee or tea. Why not collect a mini-collection of branded teas or quality beans? Or pick up a beautiful tea or coffee pair? In general, there is room for development of the theme.

Tea connoisseurs will certainly be delighted with a glass teapot with a special candle stand that will keep the drink in the teapot hot.


Judging by the wide range of these decorative elements, candles are often bought. And lovers of romance give them, including for their birthday. Aroma candles bring joy not only at the moment of unpacking. They are born to create coziness, romantic mood and a pleasant atmosphere until they melt.

Concert tickets

Inviting a birthday boy to a concert of his favorite artist is a great idea. If you yourself were lucky enough to receive such a cool birthday present, then you know what a range of positive emotions we are talking about.

What gifts should you not give?

Overly creative birthday gifts can be bewildering to the recipient. You always need to weigh the pros and cons before making an unusual surprise. For example, not everyone is ready for a parachute jump, and horseback riding, which is advertised as a present, can be considered by some as an extreme experience. Even if it seems to you that the gift chosen for your birthday is “the best”, try to look at it through the eyes of a birthday person. Might have to reconsider.