Women's dream is to find a haircut that does not have to style your hair and always look great. Let's see if there are such options

Features of women's haircuts that do not require styling

Let's start with a spoiler: comfortable haircuts are not a utopia. They exist! And this gives many girls hope to find everyday hairstyles that allow them to forget about long preparations for work or a date.

Of course, a lot depends on the technique and skill of the hairdresser, but a good hairdresser always takes into account a whole range of factors, including the quality of the hair and the shape of the face. Therefore, the most important thing is to find an experienced stylist who knows firsthand what a smart haircut is and who can choose the best hairstyle, starting from the thickness, texture, weight of the hair and the direction of styling familiar to your curls.

At the same time, the stylistic variation is great. It can be fashionable youth haircuts, voluminous retro hairstyles, and modern creative solutions. Summing up the intermediate result, we note that you should not give up if the first attempt to make a haircut that does not require styling does not live up to expectations. The reasons may be different.

Firstly, it takes about 2 weeks for the hair to get used to the new shape - give it time.

Second, make sure you take care of your curls the right way. Unruly strands require more attention when it comes to choosing shampoos and conditioners.

If your hair is frizzy, try the options below and don't forget about leave-in products - perhaps life will be divided into before and after with them .

Thirdly, choose a quality styling. We trust professional brands such as L'Oréal Professionnel, Redken and Matrix. They offer products for a wide range of needs: volumizing, styling, thickening, and even thermal protection with a memory effect.

If this set of measures doesn't work, you may need another stylist and/or another attempt at a new women's haircut that looks great without styling.

How to choose a hairstyle without styling depending on the type of hair?

A good stylist doesn't just cut a haircut, he creates an image. And for this, he needs to evaluate first of all the type and quality of hair. Below we will tell you what haircuts the master advises, depending on whether the hair is straight or wavy, dense or thin.

Thin hair

It is believed that the most difficult to choose a haircut for owners of thin hair. At the same time, it is better for girls with such hair to avoid using hot tools, although this is often the only way to achieve voluminous styling. Therefore, for them, a successful haircut that does not require styling is the key not only to a good mood, but also to he althy hair.

Girls with straight hair who want the strands to look thicker are recommended to try on a shoulder-length bob with a straight cut. This is a great haircut without styling.

One more option is graduation. This haircut is called a transformer, because thanks to the graduation it can be worn with or without styling, getting different hairstyles.

And of course, you can't ignore the cascade, which people like to advise so much to those who complain about the lack of volume. The main thing is to master the technique. The skill of the stylist is crucial here.

We will advise the owners of thin hair two products that will help add visual volume to the hairstyle. These are Matrix Root Powder and L'Oréal Professionnel Condensing Spray. Well, at the same time - watermelon treatment for fine hair from Garnier.

For thick hair

Girls with thick hair are less concerned with how to achieve volume with the right haircut. It is enough for them to comb the strands after washing and wait until they dry themselves. Well lucky so lucky.

But not everything is so simple. Thick hair can be heavy, in which case the hairstyle can lose volume at the roots under its own weight. A haircut with a torn ladder, which adds natural lightness to the hairstyle, allows you to solve the problem.

For straight hair

If a girl has straight hair, she often wants to curl it, which means hot styling. As a rule, the reason for this desire is the lack of volume. So if you need a haircut that is good without styling, it is better to refuse long hair - at least for the duration of the experiment. What if you like a short bob?

For wavy and curly hair

Cascade, garcon and pixie - that's what stylists recommend for girls with curls and curly curls. Thinning in this case should be said no, as well as too short haircuts: due to its structure, the hair already looks shorter than straight hair of the same length.

Short women's haircuts you don't have to style

Most often, women with short hair come with a request for a haircut that will be attractive without styling.

Perhaps before that, they abandoned long curls in the name of comfort and now, quite naturally, they are looking for a hairstyle that requires a minimum of daily attention. Take a look at the options we think might work.


There are many stylish versions of this haircut. Which one to choose? The classic form is advised to girls with thick hair. Slightly asymmetrical - for owners of fine hair. And the option with bangs will be a winning option for those who need a rejuvenating effect.


This hairstyle implies stylish casualness. If you only have a couple of minutes to get ready, spray some texturizing spray on your hair and use your hands to shape it.


Please pay attention to girls with curly or curly hair for this haircut. Most likely, nothing will need to be done with the hair, well, or at most comb and tame the protruding hairs with a fixing gel.

There are, of course, more "demanding" pixies, but they do not apply to hairstyles that can be worn without styling.


Bob is another option for a short haircut that is suitable for every day and can look luxurious without styling.


Do you want an idea for a versatile hairstyle? Please, Garcon! A French haircut with a voluminous top can transform both straight and wavy strands.

Women's straight haircuts for medium length hair

Beautiful haircuts that do not require styling can also be found for girls with medium length hair. Catch our top options!


This haircut is quite complicated, so it's important to make sure that you speak the same language with the stylist. You can study the photo examples of options in advance and choose the one that the stylist will focus on during the work.


Of course, with styling mousse and a hair dryer, you can lay a ladder so that you can easily get on the red carpet. But this haircut will look decent without styling.


Cascade is good because it leaves room for maneuver: during work, the stylist can adjust the length of the strands in different places, emphasizing the individual features of the appearance and creating optimal visual volume.


Do you want to feel like a Frenchwoman? A rather rare sesson hairstyle today will help you stand out from the crowd.

No-styling haircuts designed for long hair

Do you think everything is clear with long curls? No matter how! The success of the image as a whole may depend on the haircut.

Ragged haircut

Do you even want to give up blow-drying? Then take a closer look at the haircut with torn strands, which promises the effect of additional volume.


If in the salon you will be persuaded to make a short flight of stairs with bangs, think carefully. This haircut is quite simple, but with short strands at the face, it requires some attention.

And you and I, as you remember, are looking for haircuts that do not require subsequent styling and are good on their own, without additional manipulations.

Even cut

You don't need to lay this option, but there is one thing: haircuts with an even cut are recommended to be updated frequently. In fairness, we note that this will not take much time - with the help of a typewriter and scissors, the craftsmen cope with this task very quickly.

Beautiful no-styling haircuts for women over 50

We have noticed that there is a separate request for women's no-styling haircuts from those over 50. Let's see what the experts advise.


This is a fairly popular women's haircut that does not require styling. It is desirable to make a bob with torn bangs, but whether it will lie as it should without additional effort depends on the individual characteristics of the hair. We think that minimal styling is still required.


And in a short version. Perhaps, of all the haircuts described in this article, the pixie is the most comfortable and unpretentious.

Stylist Tips

I would like to see in the photo what a smart haircut that does not require styling looks like.

Here are three simple hairstyles for hair of different lengths.

Recommend a haircut for medium hair with bangs that could be worn without styling.

Your requests are not the easiest! Try to make an elongated bob with straight thick bangs. It is possible, however, that the bangs will still have to be “disciplined” at least a little.

Are there no-styling haircuts for fine hair?

Of course! Above, we devoted a whole section to thin hair, and here we add that layering helps to visually make thin hair more voluminous and lush.

Which haircut is suitable for office work and looks neat without styling?

Make a straight cut and collect hair in a ponytail: the strands will not climb into your eyes, and the image as a whole will look neat and well-groomed (subject to regular haircuts).

What short women's haircut can you recommend for full girls so that styling is not required? Preferably with examples in the photo.

If you want to cover your neck, then super short haircuts are not recommended. But a false square is suitable: there will be no effect of a sleek hairstyle, which should be avoided if you do not want to further emphasize the forms.