Surprise or ask in advance what will make her happy? Choose an original present or a useful and practical one? We hope our ideas will help you decide what to give a girl

TOP 40 best gifts for a girl according to the editors

Who would doubt that the top gifts for girls, our editors will start with beauty products. Moreover, we believe that you don’t need a reason to present a new fragrance or another lipstick, but if there is one, then you have the cards in your hands - or rather, our list of perfumery and cosmetic presentations. It remains only to choose what to give your girlfriend.Description and photos are published below!


Oh, how nice it is to open a new lipstick or eyeshadow palette. No wonder the unpacking format is so popular on the net - such videos collect thousands of likes. Take this into account when choosing - a girl will be pleased not only to receive a cool gift, but also to capture a beautiful packaging option as a keepsake.

With shadows, of course, the easiest thing is: there are a lot of chic palettes today. For example, a cool choice is provided by the American brand Urban Decay, which is famous for the quality of its products. We confirm this from personal experience.

Another win-win gift idea for a girl is a luxurious lipstick. It's great that today you do not have to choose between the functional qualities of the product and the beauty of the bottle.

Each of the lipsticks below will be a pleasant gift in all respects for a friend, mother or, for example, sister.

And yes, we almost forgot about blush! In our opinion, this is a beautiful gift, but be careful with the choice of shades: if you don’t know which one the girl prefers to use, take the universal one. Examples below!

Fragrances for women

Confess: when thinking about what to give a girl, you probably considered fragrance options. Well, then we are thinking along the same lines. Catch a list of current songs. We tried to accommodate different tastes and lifestyles.

You can give the girl you like a hint of this by giving her symbolically significant Because It's You Eau de Parfum by Emporio Armani.

We are sure that the mix of raspberry, neroli, rose notes , vanilla and musk will appeal to many.

In a duet with this perfume, they also released a male version called Stronger With You - so there is a chance in the future to receive a reciprocal sign of attention.

One of our editor's favorite fragrances (among the new releases) is Libre Eau de Parfum by YSL Beauty. As conceived by the authors, the composition sounds like a hymn to freedom, which means that such a gift to a girl can be made, for example, at the end of a university or advanced training courses.However, receiving a perfume with lavender, jasmine and amber chords as a gift would be great and without any reason.

If you want to let a girl know that the moments spent with her are wonderful, you can give her La Vie est Belle En Rose Eau de Toilette from Lancôme with notes of peony and rose. Remind her that the French name for this fragrance, Lancôme, means “life is beautiful,” and tell her what it is that makes your life beautiful. Prove to her that romance has not yet died out in our practical age.

Do you suspect that the girl knows a lot about luxurious expensive perfumes? A win-win gift in this case would be something from the Privé collection from Giorgio Armani. All compositions are classified as high perfumery. These fragrances are not simple. For example, Rose Alexandrie eau de toilette is a complex bouquet of classic rose, bergamot, Italian mandarin and styrax.

And Cuir Améthyste Eau de Parfum surprised us with notes of birch and labdanum combined with more classic violet, rose and bergamot. A really worthwhile gift for a girl who is well versed in olfactory nuances.

Our perfume list of gifts for a girl is completed by the composition Donna Born in Roma, Valentino, inspired by one of the most romantic cities in the world - Rome.

The fragrant aura of notes pink pepper, blackcurrant, bergamot and jasmine. Agree, you want to take a deep breath?

It will also be nice if you pair the fragrance with a bouquet, at least partially composed of flowers and plants, the notes of which sound in the perfume composition.

Perfume and cosmetic sets

Thanks to beauty brands: when there is not enough time to assemble a present on their own, they help out with ready-made gift sets. A mascara set, a fragrance and lipstick duo, and nice skin care sets - take a look at the proposals that we have selected as candidates for the title of a worthy gift.


For a girl whose bathroom looks like a beauty shop, cream or serum will be one of the best gifts.

We do not recommend giving a beauty certificate at the same time: the joy will be sincere, but the gift itself will not be in the hands of the girl right away.

The choice is huge and you do not know where to stop? Don't panic, we'll show you which products to keep an eye on!
If it's a cute gift for a friend, put together a set of hand cream and lip product. Without these products, the daily life of modern girls is already unthinkable.

Feel free to give your beloved girl luxurious care. And so that no hints of age or any imperfections! Anti-ageing products, deodorants and unusual peels are best excluded from the list, unless she herself asked you about the opposite. Lancôme Rose Petals Mask, Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Nourishing Face Cream, Giorgio Armani Concentrated Crema Nera Serum and a few more beautiful jars are perfect - as you can see, among the products that you can choose as a gift for a girl, there are a lot of interesting things.

5 unusual gift ideas for girls

Unusual gifts for a girl are usually hunted by those who want to surprise her - and any holiday, be it March 8 or a birthday, can be the reason. Well, you can consider one of the following suggestions.

Engraved bracelet

If a man wants to make an original and memorable gift for a girl, why not present her with a name bracelet? We advise you to place the engraving on the inside of the jewelry - this will be your joint secret.


Such an unusual gift makes sense if you are ready to organize a romantic evening with stories about the constellations for your girlfriend. And, of course, if you have no doubt that she will like such a pastime.

Private full day program

Cozy place for breakfast, beautiful park, her favorite lookout and donuts, and spa massage in the evening.The events of this day depend on your imagination and its preferences. And don't ask where she would like to go. Girls appreciate men who are able to make the right independent decisions in such difficult matters.

Photo shoot

To make a surprise here will not work - for sure, your beloved will want to prepare for a photo shoot. But this is not a reason to refuse such a gift. If you offer a girl a joint love story, you are sure that an unusual gift will touch the strings of her soul.

Master class followed by dinner

A girl who loves original gifts in the form of various activities can be given a culinary master class. Whatever its theme, we advise you to go there together.

5 cute gifts for a girl

Lovely gifts are considered to be symbolic, but this word does not always have a depreciating connotation. The present may not be "purely symbolic" , but truly memorable, causing joy and tenderness.

Trip to her favorite animals

If you know that your girlfriend loves, for example, fluffy llamas, and you know where you can chat with them and even stroke them, don't miss the opportunity to give the girl a lot of pleasant emotions.

Plush Pajamas

Such gifts are often given to each other by girlfriends, and, I must say, pajamas always find a use for themselves. Pajama parties, by the way, have not been canceled!

Night light

There are countless options for this bedside table accessory. We like cute bears, advanced high-tech models with built-in charging, and space options with imitation of the starry sky.

Photo album

Surely you have not held an album with printed photos in your hands for a long time. Give this experience to your friend by filling a photo album with joint shots.


If earlier, when visiting a girl, many brought sweets and wine with them, today you can also grab beautiful scented candles. There can never be too much romance!

gift Tips

We are sure you want to find an interesting gift for your girlfriend, but what should you look for? Of course, from the interests of the girl. Sometimes you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Think about why bring her something that may not be useful? Act for sure: if a girl likes to paint her lips, take a closer look at one more lipstick. Choose among the new products - so as not to give what she already has.

Examples of bad gifts for girls

An overly creative gift is not always a good idea, especially if the girl doesn't like surprises. Therefore, it is better not to consider a parachute jump or, say, her portrait of large dimensions as a potential gift. An exception can be made if the girl is professionally engaged, for example, in baking cakes or would like to open her own pastry shop.

Gym membership is also better not to give without first probing the ground. Otherwise, it is easy to find yourself in an awkward situation: suspicious girls may take this as a hint of the need to get in shape.