Concealer has become an indispensable tool for many. Some hide dark circles under the eyes with it, others - inflammation, others - age spots and uneven tone. It is obvious that the requirements for this beauty product are appropriate. We invite you to try the new product - Bare With Me concealer serum from NYX Cosmetics, and at the same time test yourself by answering the questions of our quiz

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    Can concealer take care of skin?

    Hmm, hardly. He has other tasks. If you apply a cream or serum before it, it is possible. Why not? There is also a tonal cream-care!

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    Caring concealer is

    …something from the category of fantasy. …reality? You don't just ask. …something dubious. Probably, it will be worse to cope with the basic functions of a tool from this category.

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    Why do we need antioxidants in the new Bare With Me Concealer Serum?

    For better product distribution. They moisturize the skin and protect against free radicals! Mmmm, maybe for density?

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    The snow fungus extract found in the new Bare With Me serum is also called

    …the new hyaluronic acid. …superfood. …a scientific discovery.

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    Can I use the new Bare With Me body serum?

    Of course! It is suitable for both face and body. Don't think. What for? There must be another formula for the body

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    Can I layer concealer?

    No, he can roll. Of course, this way it will better cover imperfections. I haven't tried it, but is it really necessary?