Strong sex today has access to the entire arsenal of hair styling products - you just need to know what to use. Understanding how best to style hair for men

How to choose the right type of men's styling depending on the type of face?

All types of men's styling have their own characteristics. The hairstyle should be in harmony with the image and favorably emphasize the dignity of appearance.

For starters, we recommend deciding on a style. Some people like classic and elegant options, while others are not averse to experimenting with extravagant styling.

Let's tell you more about how to style men's hair depending on the shape of the face.

Triangular face

In this case, it is necessary to balance a wide forehead and a narrow chin with a hairstyle. It is best to choose haircuts with bangs: the hair can be styled to one side, partially covering the forehead.

Long face

Men with an elongated face will suit voluminous styling with a hint of slight negligence. It is these hairstyles that will help visually expand the face and adjust the proportions.

Square face

Classic is the most winning solution. Side parting with short bangs rhymes perfectly with a square shape.

Oval face

Men with this face shape go with almost any styling. You can comb your hair back or make a parting - it doesn't matter if it's straight or side.

Round face

Round face shows voluminous men's hair styling back. You can fix the hair with varnish or a special paste. Facial hair also visually conceals the fullness of the cheeks, especially since mustaches and beards are now at the peak of popularity.

Types of fashionable men's hairstyles, taking into account the length and type of hair

How to style men's hair depending on the length and type of hair? Get our recommendations.

Short hair

Gel or strong hold wax will help a man style his short hair. With them, you can lift your bangs without any problems or achieve a fashionable casual volume on the parietal part.

Medium length hair

What men's hairstyles can I try on medium hair? A slightly wavy bangs pointing up looks good.

Long hair

It seems that it is extremely difficult for a man to style long hair. The happy owners of high-quality hair are incredibly lucky: well-groomed curls do not need special styling. Hair is always easy to collect in a bun or ponytail, or you can leave it loose. The main thing is that they are clean.

Hard hair

It's not easy to tame coarse hair. For coarse thick hair, we advise you to consider options for voluminous styling with side parting.

Oksana Starykh Redken educatorIf the hair is coarse and needs to be softened, the following products may be suitable: Work Hard modeling paste, Liquid Matte Paste, Hairspray fixing spray.

Curly hair

Having naturally wavy hair will require a minimum of effort to create a beautiful hairstyle.

Styling curly hair for men will help fixing spray, which will make the curls more elastic and visually defined.

If there are bald patches

Bangs covering the forehead will help to hide the baldness. Another effective way to disguise them is to style your hair to the side.

Unruly hair

The fashion for naturalness plays into the hands of men with unruly hair. Messy and tousled hair fits perfectly into a relaxed modern look.

Big hair

There is no problem with volume. To make the hairstyle look relevant, you just need to set the hair in the right direction with the help of styling products.

Stylish men's hair styling in a beauty salon

Before the holidays and solemn events, it makes sense to entrust your hair to an experienced master. Below we will tell you which styling is best for men to choose in a beauty salon.

Elegant styling

Classic styles tend to be the most versatile. Short and medium length hair with a side part is appropriate for both formal events and everyday life.


It is quite difficult to put long men's hair in a trendy ponytail. Hair should be perfectly smooth and straight, so in salons, before collecting hair in a ponytail, they use an iron and special smoothing sprays.

Retro styling

Retro men's hairstyles always attract attention. For example, the pompadour style, made popular by Elvis Presley, will be very appropriate at a themed party.

Hairstyles with bangs

How to style a man's bangs? The answer to this question is easiest to get in the cabin. The master will tell you whether to put your hair back or comb your bangs to the side.

The basic rules for preparing for men's hair styling

How to prepare hair for men's styling? There are some simple but very important rules.

  • Clean hair is the key to good and long-lasting styling. Before styling, be sure to wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and use a balm. For thin hair without volume, we recommend the Botanicals. Lavender by L'Oréal Paris. If the hair needs to be strengthened, then the Botanicals series will do. Coriander.”
  • Don't forget about heat protection before hot styling. If you plan to use a hair dryer or straightener, apply a special protective serum or spray to your hair. For example, Liss Unlimited by L'Oréal Professionnel.
  • Extra care in the form of masks is very important. Nutrition and moisturizing curls will provide "SuperFood. Aloe" from Garnier, apply this mask once a week to clean hair - just a couple of minutes.

Styling for men's styling

Varnish, gel, wax, foam, powder - with such a variety of styling products, it is easy for a man to get confused. Let's figure out how these products work and what men's styling can be done with them.


Gel is perfect for creating the effect of wet hair. With it, a man can style his hair back - you get a cool version of a retro hairstyle.

The gel is also good for short hair: it is easy to fix the shape and position of individual strands in box and bob haircuts with it.

We recommend L'Oréal Professionnel's Fix Max, it promises extra strong hold and is suitable for both flawlessly smooth and more natural styles.


Compared to gel, wax has a thicker and more plastic texture. The tool is useful for creating natural men's styling on hair of different lengths. The wax has a matte finish, so it is almost invisible on the hair.

With the help of wax, a man can put his hair to one side or fix the bangs in the desired position.

Foam and mousse

Achieve voluminous styling with foam or mousse. For this purpose, the products are applied to wet hair, which is then styled with a hairdryer.

For strong hold and volume along the entire length of the hair, we recommend Full Volume Extra mousse from L’Oréal Professionnel.


Powder will come to the rescue of those who lack root volume. Using it is as easy as shelling pears: a little money is distributed at the roots and beat the hair with massaging movements.


Varnish serves as the final means of fixing the styling. Spray it in a small amount from a distance of 20-25 centimeters.

Redken's Medium Hold Fashion Work helps men style their hair beautifully and naturally.

What tools can be used to style men's hair?

To create a beautiful men's styling, special tools will come in handy. They are easy to use, but take a little practice. Mastery comes with practice.

Hair dryer

There is hardly a man who is not familiar with this wonderful tool. Use it for normal hair drying, to create volume, and to straighten unruly hair.


  • A comb-comb is needed to untangle hair and make a parting.
  • A round comb will help a man to make volume styling using the brushing technique on medium and long hair.
  • Massage comb will improve blood circulation of the scalp and stimulate hair growth.


This hair straightening tool is a must have for curly men who want to experiment with their look.

Is there a way to do without tools?

It makes no sense to refuse special styling tools, because they greatly facilitate the process. It will be much more difficult for a man to style his hair without a hair dryer than with one.

How to make a beautiful hairstyle for a man at home?

It's time to move from theory to practice - we do styling for a man at home.

Back hair

For a trendy "hipster" style, blow-dry your hair from the face to the back of the head, combing it back. The result can be fixed with varnish or gel.

Hair on the side

How to style a man's hair to one side? Apply a little foam or mousse to the strands, separate the bulk of the hair with a side part and dry the entire volume with a hair dryer, creating a shape with a round comb.

Slight negligence

Create beachy, slightly tousled hair with a texturizing spray like Beach Waves by L'Oréal Professionnel. Spray it on damp strands from a distance of 20-30 centimeters, and then dry your head with a hairdryer.

Buffed hair

To make the hairstyle voluminous, a thin comb with often planted teeth is designed - it is convenient to make a bouffant from the roots with such a tool.

How to take care of men's hair?

To create volume, the cleanliness of the scalp and the reduction of greasiness in the hair are very important. So if your hair is normal or oily, try L'Oréal Paris' Three Precious Clays, a balancing shampoo and conditioner for hair that's oily at the roots and dry at the ends.

In addition to shampoo and balm, men are recommended to use leave-in products for hair care.

  • Garnier Fructis Triple Recovery 10 in 1 cream can restore hair after frequent styling.
  • Salvation for brittle hair will be the serum "Botanicals. Coriander by L'Oréal Paris.
  • Garnier Fructis Triple Recovery Elixir Oil is designed to add shine and improve the condition of dry ends.

How to make men's styling: tips from stylists

How to make a man's hair voluminous?

The working recipe involves the creation of a pile followed by the use of special styling products. Another easy way to add volume to your hair is to dry your hair upside down.

How to style unruly hair on men?

In this case, you will need special smoothing products (spray or cream) that are applied before styling.

Is it possible to do styling without special tools?

You can't do men's styling without styling products. Here the choice is up to the man: either resort to the help of stylers, or use means of fixation, or choose an integrated approach.