Don't you try? Making such styling is easier than it seems - afro-style curls will not require superhuman efforts from you. In general, go ahead, try on a new look!

What is afro curls?

Let's start with the basics and find out what can be considered Afrolocons. These are very tight and elastic (compared to the average curls) curls of small diameter, which add impressive volume to the styling.

African curls are not an invention of stylists - hair of such a structure is naturally found quite often, though not in our latitudes. In Europe, this type of perm attracts, first of all, with its exoticism.

In the 21st century, the scope for experiments with appearance and hair in particular is almost limitless. And styling afro hair is not so difficult on your own, even easier than it might seem.

If you have free time and a certain set of professional styling products, you can do a hairstyle with afro curls at home.

Features of afrolocons: pros and cons

Each hairstyle has its strengths and weaknesses, afro curls are no exception. Let's look at their pros and cons.

So, the positive aspects include:

  • super volume that is difficult to achieve otherwise;

  • brightness of the image - it's hard not to notice a girl with such an unusual hairstyle;

  • saving time in the long run, afro curls - styling that lasts a long time;

  • versatility - no matter if your curls are dark, red or light, afro curls will look spectacular on any hair.

What about the cons? They are too.

You need to be prepared for the fact that, having made afro curls, you will most likely be forced to:

  • care for curls more often and more intensively;

  • update the style and the usual make-up - an unusual hairstyle will require new solutions for the image as a whole;

  • keep track of your curls, especially if you are a perfectionist - styling them is not always easy, although it seems to many that large curls are more capricious.

Fashionable African curls based on hair length

Determining the true length of the hair, looking at the afro curls, is another task. Some curls are more springy, while others are more relaxed. This bright hairstyle can look interesting on hair of different lengths. So a fresh haircut, unless we are talking about ultra-short options, is not an obstacle in order to get curlers.

Afro curls and short hair

Girls often cut their hair 5-7 centimeters to make the styling look more voluminous.

But if you make afro curls like in the photo, you can increase the volume several times. The basis can be a pixie haircut, and an elongated bob.

Afro curls and medium hair

Afro curls on medium length hair is probably the best option. You can wear such curls both loose and gathered, and these are at least two hairstyle options.

Afro curls and long hair

Girls with long thick hair do not often choose to weave an Afro - it will take more than one hour to curl small curls. Yes, and a perm is not always justified for them: under their own weight, the curls lose their shape faster.

Variety of hairstyles with afro curls: photo ideas

Afro curls will open up a brave new world of hairstyles for you! If you thought that girls with voluminous curly hair were limited in the types of styling, then you were mistaken. Let's look at the most popular.


If you collect straight strands in a ponytail, the effect will be normal. But with afro curls, the opposite is true: these curls loudly declare themselves, even when gathered in a ponytail.

Afro curls

Usually braids are woven just to get curls, and we suggest doing French weaving based on ready-made afro curls.


At some point, you will still want to do this hairstyle: it is not always convenient to work and do household chores with a voluminous cloud of curls. At such moments, the good old bunch comes to the rescue.

Curly bangs

If you have oblique bangs, then it should also be curled if you already decided on afro curls.

Straight bangs

But the fate of straight bangs is up to you. Yes, you can leave it untouched if you wish. But is it worth it?

How to make afro curls at home?

Ready to start practicing? You will be surprised, but there are not one or two ways to create afro curls. Choose yours!

Curling iron

Raise your hand to those who had a styler bellows attachment and didn't know what to do with it. Her time has come! To get voluminous styling with it, you need to work with dry strands and use thin layers of hair.

And don't forget to apply heat protection to your hair before working with hot tools. We love L'Oréal Professionnel 10 in 1 Blow-dry Fluidifier and the reviews are great.


Long live the classics! It is worth uncovering the curlers (of the smallest diameter, of course) after you wash your hair and apply mousse to contour curls on the strands - L’Oréal Professionnel also has this. It is important to twist the strands tightly - you want to get clear curls along the entire length of the hair.


This "school" method is also used by quite adult girls. The method is really good. Firstly, it practically does not injure curls. And secondly, it does not require special skills. It is only necessary to distribute mousse for volume (for example, Total Results from Matrix) over semi-moist strands and braid many thin braids, fixing each at the end with an elastic band.You can wait until the hair dries itself, or you can use a hair dryer - the result obtained after you loosen the pigtails will not change from the selected drying method.


You will need 20-30 hairpins and a texturizing hairspray. Apply the product to semi-moist strands and prepare the hairpins - each of them needs to be slightly pushed apart. You should work with thin strands, alternately winding each figure eight on the free ends of the hairpin, directing its semicircular end to the hair roots.

How to make persistent afro curls in the salon

Do you want to make afro curls for a long time? Then you can't do without a perm.

The procedure will be time-consuming - plan to visit the salon from 3 to 5 hours. Yes, for a long time, but the result will please for several months.

In addition, the main burden will fall on the stylist. Most likely, he will wind the strands on small curlers, pre-saturating the hair with a special compound.

How to style African curls?

It also happens: you have afro curls from birth, but you don’t know what to do with them.

Let's learn! Firstly, for curly hair, styling begins already with the washing stage. Such strands require high-quality hydration and "discipline" . We found a line of products designed specifically for unruly and frizzy strands - Liss Unlimited, L'Oréal Professionnel.

Another rule that is important to follow is that curly hair should be combed when wet and preferably after applying a conditioner or mask.

We will emphasize the texture of curls with the help of means that form curls. They are applied to wet hair with "squeezing" movements. How and how much to dry future afro curls is up to you: they keep well both when dried naturally and after treatment with a hairdryer with a diffuser.

Correct care for African curls

Those who decide to make Afro curls (whether at home or in the salon) should remember a few tips for caring for curls.

  1. Do not use hairpins and curlers on a daily basis: after all, these beauty accessories create excessive hair tension and can disrupt the blood circulation of the scalp.

  2. Intensify hydration and nourishment of hair. It will be great if you can include in your regular care products designed specifically for curly hair. But quality conditioners and masks to nourish fine hair will also work.

  3. When choosing styling products, give preference to trusted brands. As we said, we trust "professionals" like Matrix, Redken, L'Oréal Professionnel.

  4. If you have long hair, creating afro curls will require you to be very patient. The fact is that it is recommended to dry the hair completely before styling. Experts advise working with hot curling irons and irons only on dry hair.

Stylist Tips

The theme of afro curls is not the easiest: you need to solve a lot of questions, from how to care for the strands to what accessories and tools to use for styling.

What to wind on - on curlers or a curling iron? So you can't do without the Q&A section!

Is it possible to make afro curls on short hair?

Of course! We love how the little curls look on the pixie haircut!

Do you think afro curls and bob are compatible?

Yes again! The only thing we would advise in this case is to make a side parting - this way the hairstyle will look more interesting.

I want to swing at afro curls with bangs. Will I be able to do temporary coloring in this case and is it worth using strands on the face?

There are a lot of examples when colored strands are worn with small curls! We are for the bangs to be in business, including in the matter of coloring.