L'Oréal Paris national make-up artist Anna Zavgorodnyaya offers several versions of delicate makeup in pink shades on the occasion of Valentine's Day

No matter how one feels about Valentine's Day, there is no good reason to deny yourself the opportunity to look special. It does not matter if you are going on a romantic date or planning to spend an evening with friends. Makeup on this day can be absolutely anything, from simple nude to bright and accent, the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it.

If you want to focus on the theme of this day, here are some ideas for your image. Spoiler alert: you'll need pink. Lots of pink.

  1. Monochrome makeup with an emphasis on blush

Fresh blush has been trending for years, because it gives the face freshness and innocence, and monochrome makeup is quite simple to perform: just apply one shade of lipstick or cream blush on lips, cheekbones, moving eyelid and blend well with a fluffy brush or sponge. For the effect of a shy blush, you can enhance the color in the cheekbones and blend down.

  1. Eye accent

Easiest option that won't take more than 2 minutes: highlight the mucosa of the lower eyelid and the ciliary contour with Le Liner Signature Automatic Eyeliner in Pink Latex and blend lightly. Don't be afraid of the red-eye effect - if the tone is even and mascara is applied, everything will be fine.

For more advanced users, I recommend trying to apply lipstick on the upper eyelid and blend with a soft fluffy brush. Powder it with dry blush for a lasting effect, or, conversely, leave a casual gloss.

  1. ArrowsLatest trends

The latest trends tell us: arrows can be anything. Now you will not surprise anyone with either an unusual shape or color, so feel free to take Matte Signature and let your imagination run wild. I especially recommend shade 09 Fuchsia. Life hack: with the help of eyeliner, you can add more unusual color to the tips of the lower lashes. To do this, use an eyeliner applicator and a brush to immediately comb the cilia and so that the eyeliner does not stick them together.

  1. Kissed lips

This is the best option if you want to make the image both inviting and innocent. The brightness of such a makeup can be absolutely any, but from the textures, I recommend choosing a cream or liquid lipstick with a powdery finish. Rouge Signature Long Lasting Lip Tint is perfect. It is better to apply the product first on the fingertips and blend with patting movements from the center to the periphery.

  1. Scarlet lips

Nothing grabs attention like a bright red lipstick. For a catchy accent to emphasize beauty, it is important to apply Color Riche 120 "Heart of Paris" lipstick on already even-toned lips and align the contour with Color Riche Le Lip Liner, 297 Red Passion.