What do hair stylists advise girls today? Let's talk about the most fashionable trends in 2023 in the field of women's haircuts

Fashionable women's haircuts: trends 2023

  • Retro style is still a noticeable trend in fashion. For example, the iconic bangs from the 70s are still popular.
  • Various cascades and asymmetrical haircuts are also not losing ground - you can safely try them on in 2023.
  • Stylists confirm: an even cut is relevant, but the hair must be well-groomed, without split ends.

Trendy short haircuts in 2023

Tenderness is the key trend of 2023. We choose short haircuts that can emphasize femininity.


On short hair, asymmetry looks as impressive as possible. This haircut is suitable for young and bright girls. Asymmetry, if desired, can also be emphasized - with the help of highlighting. For coloring in this technique, we recommend L’Oréal Paris Excellence Permanent Color No. 10.13 Legendary Blonde.


Bob is another variety of asymmetrical short haircuts.

This versatile hairstyle suits almost everyone, regardless of age.

Under the boy

This haircut also has varieties. The most daring option is under the typewriter. If this is too extreme for you, choose a more relaxed hedgehog.

Sesson or Page

Distinctive features of this haircut are thick bangs and an even cut of hair.

For such a haircut to produce the desired effect, the hair must be perfectly smooth.

Page and session looks especially beautiful on dark or red hair. For coloring in dark shades, paints from the Garnier Color Sensation series are suitable. Check out shade 3.11 Ash Black.

If you decide to try on a page haircut in a red shade, choose Garnier Color Naturals No. 7.40 Captivating Copper.


This unusual women's haircut got its name due to the volume at the crown.

Note, however, that such a hairstyle will look advantageous only on thick and dense hair. If the hair is thin, it will be problematic to achieve the desired volume.


Ragged strands make this hairstyle fashionably hooligan. Get ready for a lot of attention from others: this short haircut will definitely not go unnoticed in 2023.

Medium length hair: stylish women's haircuts - 2023

What interesting things can you offer? Take a look at our selection of options.

Long bob and bob

For shoulder-length hair, you can try on a bob or asymmetrical bob. Such haircuts are relevant at all times.

In shades of blonde, these haircuts look especially fashionable. Recommended Préférence No. 9.1 Viking by L’Oréal Paris.


This is one of the trendiest haircuts in 2023. It seems that it is designed specifically for medium hair. Smooth transitions allow you to achieve natural volume.


Unlike a cascade, a ladder haircut does not imply transitions over the entire mass of hair, but only on strands near the face.

Even cut

Well-groomed, straight, below-the-shoulder curls with an even cut are guaranteed to add elegance to the look.

Asymmetrical Medium Length Haircuts

One of the main trends in 2023 in women's medium length haircuts is the same asymmetry that we already talked about above.

This choice allows experienced hairdressers to make medium-length hair visually thicker.

Long hair: trendy women's haircuts 2023

Well-groomed and shiny curls are a guarantee that any haircut will look advantageous. If, of course, it is done carefully.

Below we have collected the most trendy, in our opinion, haircuts designed for long hair in 2023.

Straight cut hair

This simple but very beautiful haircut will suit girls with any type of appearance. It is only important to contact the master in time to trim the ends: the cut must be perfectly even.

Fox tail

The effect of the fox tail is achieved by grading the strands on the sides, as a result of which the hairstyle takes on an unusual shape resembling the Latin letter V.

This women's haircut is good for thick and dense hair, as it emphasizes their natural structure, while also helping to get rid of split ends without losing length.


Layered haircuts are among the most trendy hairstyles of 2023 when it comes to long hair.

Cascade reveals the potential of long hair, because it allows you to do many interesting styling. The simplest of them is in the brushing technique (using a round brush and a hair dryer). To protect your hair from the negative effects of hot air, use L'Oréal Paris Comb Checked Thermal Protective Cream.

Ladder on long hair

Ladder haircut can be advised to girls who want to beautifully arrange curls without sacrificing length. The length transitions on the strands framing the face look very stylish and have an anti-aging effect.


Usually shaggy is done on strands of medium length. But you can try this cool haircut on long hair.

A short crown combined with strands of various lengths creates a fashionably careless youth look.

Shaggy rhymes especially well with wavy or curly curls.

Modern women's haircuts with bangs

It seems that this year without a bang it is impossible to imagine any fashionable women's haircut. Indeed, it is combined with almost any hairstyle. If you don't believe me, take a look at our selection

Kare with bangs

If you add a bob haircut with straight bangs, you get a creative image of a charming Frenchwoman.

Long hair with bangs on both sides

The bangs-curtain functions as a very interesting accent on long hair. It is easy to style - just dry it with a hairdryer using a round comb (using the brushing technique).Don't forget to fix it with L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium Crystal Extra Strong hairspray.

Straight hair with thick bangs

This women's haircut fits perfectly on long hair and will completely suit those who love perfectly smooth hair-to-hair hairstyles. To achieve a glossy shine, special smoothing products, such as Liss Control Cream Gel from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris.

Beautiful women's haircuts - 2023 without bangs

If you can't be enrolled in a bang fan club, that doesn't mean you don't have a choice - there are plenty of options for actual haircuts without bangs.

Parted haircuts

Medium or long hair parted has always been and still is popular. Universal haircut looks equally advantageous on brunettes and blondes.

Hair to the side

Hair of any length can be styled to the side.

Haircuts that allow you to lay your hair on one side also include a bob. You get a cool look if you fix your hair with invisibility.

Layered haircuts

Cascades and ladders, as well as haircuts with a ragged cut without bangs will be a real salvation for thin hair without volume.

Youth haircuts - 2023

Which women's haircuts for young girls will be the most fashionable in 2023?

Shaved temples

The period of experimentation and rebellion falls on youth, and there is no better time for a haircut with shaved temples. It remains to decide how far you are ready to go in this daring creative: one shaved temple (remember the fashionable asymmetry) or two at once?


The novelty of past seasons has already managed to win the hearts of many fashion bloggers, stylists and show business stars.

The essence of the mallet is that the hair is cut short in front and sides, and remains long in the back. Such a bold hairstyle looks as organic as possible on young girls.


Short strands of different lengths, laid in a chaotic manner with gel or wax, are a trendy women's haircut in 2023.

How to take care of women's hair?

Fashionable hairstyles are great, but in 2023, few people doubt that the key to the beauty and he alth of hair is well-chosen care that meets the individual needs of the hair.

  • Thin and devoid of shine hair will help the Botanicals. Lavender. Moisturizing Essence by L'Oréal Paris. It includes shampoo, balm and hair wash.
  • If curls need strengthening, your choice is Garnier Fructis Growth Full Strength Shampoo and Mask. With regular use of these products, weakened and prone to hair loss will be filled with vitality and strength.
  • Separately, it is necessary to mention the care of dyed hair. To keep the color saturation, you need special tools that prevent the dye from washing out of the hair. Shampoo and conditioner “Goji. Permanent color "from Garnier Fructis protect the color and restore the curls damaged as a result of staining.
  • Mask from the same series nourishes the hair and restores its shine.
  • In autumn and winter, it is especially important to use leave-in care products. Garnier Fructis Strengthening Serum will restore dry ends and give hair a well-groomed look.
  • L'Oréal Paris Elseve Luxury 6 Oils Express Conditioner will tame unruly hair and protect it from the harmful effects of external factors.
  • Thermal protection is a mandatory component of care if hot styling is practiced. For example, L'Oréal Professionnel Steampod protective serum with fruit extracts, vitamins, pro-keratin and ceramides.
  • If you use a lot of styling products (varnishes, mousses, waxes, etc.), you may need intensive cleansing shampoos from time to time to remove traces of these products from your hair.

Actual women's haircuts: stylist's advice

Which women's haircuts are out of fashion in 2023?

There are none, because even the most extravagant retro-haircuts look spectacular in the current interpretation (remember the mullet).

It is important to choose a haircut so that it suits you, emphasizing the dignity of your appearance.

How often should a woman's haircut be updated?

It all depends on the specific hairstyle. Kare and asymmetrical haircuts require updating about once a month and a half. To maintain straight cut haircuts, it is enough to visit the hairdresser once every 2 months.

Is it possible to make a fashionable women's haircut by yourself?

We strongly advise against doing this. Still, hair does not grow back as fast as we would like. It is better to contact an experienced master.

Are there women's haircuts that don't need to be styled?

Special styling will not require women's haircuts with an even cut on long or medium hair. But it is better to style short hair - so the hairstyle will look more advantageous.