Our personal experience tells us that choosing a gift for a man is a more difficult task than finding something suitable for a woman. But we are not afraid of difficulties and have compiled an impressive list of options for what to give a guy for his birthday

TOP 20 best gifts for boyfriend

Beauty industry products have always been in the top of potential gifts for girls. What's wrong with young people? They also need to feel confident and look attractive. What to buy if you choose a product not for yourself, but for your loved one? We offer the top 20 best, in our opinion, gifts for a guy.

Fragrances for men

If we are asked to quickly answer what we can give a young man for an anniversary, we will not think for a long time: a nice perfume. Let's choose together!

  • For a business man whose work is related to business negotiations, we will “prescribe” L’homme eau de toilette from YSL.

    The woody fragrance sounds elegant and at the same time quite austere, so we think this is a great solution.
  • A conservative hero of the day who doesn't follow trends but knows how to present himself in society may like Lancôme Hypnôse Homme Eau de Toilette with notes of bergamot and mint.

  • Eau de toilette Acqua Di Giò Homme is a good fragrance for those who appreciate fresh compositions.

    Perfumers mixed citrus olfactory lemonade with spices and floral notes - as a result, they got a wonderful aroma that sounds very summery.
  • A dreamer who is moving towards his goals is shown Y Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. The bottle itself inspires with its elegance. Now imagine a man wearing a fragrance based on lemon, incense, juniper berries and lychee - a movie hero, isn't it?

  • Stronger With You Absolutely will give a man a hint of your intentions, so before you give him an attractive composition with rum, vanilla and candied chestnut accords, answer yourself the question, are you ready for the next step yourself?

  • If the addressee is not a simple guy who does not understand the intricacies of the ephemeral world of smells, but a person who appreciates selective perfumery, you can give him a fragrance from the Privé collection by Giorgio Armani for his anniversary.

    Stop for example at the oriental-woody Bois d'Encens, considered unisex.

    Perhaps you will be allowed to try on a bewitching mix of vetiver, spices and essential oil.

  • Has your friend always stood out from the crowd with a fashionable appearance? Then he needs an unusual gift - such as Vestiaire Trench eau de parfum from YSL. An exquisite composition with citrus and dry cedar will add zest to any look.

Perfume sets for men

Difficult to choose between body lotion and fragrance? Then a duet of these funds can become a good birthday present for a guy. We leave examples of ready-made gift sets below.

  • If the budget that you can afford to allocate for the purchase of a gift is limited, pay attention to the bright set “Men Expert. Hydra Energetic" from L'Oréal Paris. Inside, everything you need for basic skin care: a moisturizing facial cream that can be used after shaving, and yes-yes sheet mask, designed specifically for men.

  • Or check out Vichy's Anti-Irritation gift Set.

    For many men, post-shave discomfort is a common story, and it would be great if you could change this story for the better by arming him with a special shaving cream and repair serum.And the travel bag that comes with the set will come in handy when traveling or as a home organizer for skin care products.
  • As a rule, men don't really like complicated care. Many are closer to the “the simpler the better” approach. Without losing quality, you can offer the guy on the DR a set of moisturizers "Legends of Kiehl's" . Inside, indeed, only basic products: cleansing gel, fluid and face cream. And most importantly, the products are suitable for all skin types.


If the beauty industry continues to develop by leaps and bounds, then women will begin to visit the departments with men's cosmetics more actively.

Why do we think so? Take a look at how many cool products are tagged for men.
  • Vitamin Cocktail Lotion by Giorgio Armani will be appreciated by men for whom facial care has already become a familiar routine. This luxurious product will be a pleasant addition to the basic care products - cream or fluid.

  • L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Invigorating Eye Gel is recommended to be combined with another gift - an exciting book or an educational program: it will help to cope with dark circles under the eyes if your loved one gets carried away and sacrifices sleep for the sake of new knowledge and impressions.The care product with a cold roller and vitamin C will quickly refresh your eyes and perception of the world.

  • Kiehl's Facial Fuel Light Moisturizing Facial Fluid is the "base" that solves many typical skin problems, such as flaking, dull complexion and early wrinkles.

  • Agree, you want to see a young man inspired and energetic not only on his birthday, so give him Total Recharge anti-fatigue gel from Biotherm for his anniversary. So you will not only show concern, but also hint that it seems to be time for someone to go on vacation.

  • Men love multifunctional products, you can't argue with that. For those who are not going to argue, Giorgio Armani Armani Men moisturizing face and eye cream from Giorgio Armani will be an excellent gift option. skin, and birch bark extract to fight inflammation, and even a special complex of vitamins MAG C.And all this in one bottle.

  • Do you think that men do not worry about the first wrinkles and other age-related skin changes? Wrong! If you're close enough to know that a gift like an anti-aging cream won't upset him, take a look at Kiehl's Multi-Purpose Cream.

    The tool works not only for lifting, but also for a more complex effect, moisturizing the skin and caring for it.


Complete our marathon of beauty gifts for a boyfriend on his birthday with styling products necessary for young people who care not only about cleanliness, but also about styling their hair.

  • L'Oréal Professionnel's Medium Hold Mat Hair Paste helps tame coarse, unruly hair and leaves a light matte finish.

  • L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Beard and Hair Styling Cream not only makes hair more manageable, but also takes care of it with cedarwood oil.

  • The entire Redken Brews collection looks stylish and works great, but we want to highlight Wax Pomade. This tool allows you to shape your hair not only immediately after washing your hair, but also during the day. A handy thing, especially for business men with a busy schedule.

  • There are men who know how to style their hair with hairspray. Is yours like this? Then he knows that this remedy tends to end unexpectedly - after all, it is not clear how much of it is left in an opaque bottle. If you're a supporter of useful gifts, replenish your man's stock with Style Fixer from Matrix. It has a super-strong fixation and, which is nice, a serious volume - as much as 400 ml.

Memorable birthday gifts for boyfriend

Do you dream that your boyfriend will remember your birthday present for a long time? Then read the next section where we've put together some cool ideas.

Nominal gift

Engraving or embroidery is one of the ways to customize a gift, add personality to it.

You can leave initials or a cute message on many products, such as:
  • t-shirt or sweatshirt;

  • thermos;

  • wallet;

  • jewellery;

  • diary.


Yes, yes, giving a young man something that will cause a storm of emotions for his birthday is a great idea! What could it be?

  • Tickets to a concert of his favorite band or artist.

  • Subscription to the matches of his favorite team.

  • An original excursion (for example, to an underground bunker or rooftops with stunning views of the city, a confectionery factory or a ceramic workshop). There are a lot of options - it all depends on the interests of the birthday boy.

  • Organizing a birthday with family and friends - let it be a surprise for him.

  • Renting a kart track is another way to have fun with friends.

Romantic birthday gifts for your boyfriend

Of course we couldn't help but think of romantic birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. I wonder if our thoughts on this matter will coincide?


If you have artistic talents, you can paint a portrait yourself. It is not forbidden, however, to order this original gift from professionals.


Mini-trip is a great gift, we know from our own experience. The main thing is to carefully think over the travel plan and book tickets, a hotel, a table in a cozy cafe (you don’t want to leave the birthday boy hungry?)


Why not give a person the opportunity to relax on their birthday, and not rush around the city, organizing a holiday for friends?


But not simple, but handmade. If you have no baking experience, we advise you to practice in advance to find the perfect recipe. We are sure that not every guy receives such an unusual birthday present.

Dinner in a beautiful place

If you know a beautiful and cozy place with a breathtaking view of the sunset, you can give your boyfriend a romantic dinner for his birthday. However, booking a table in a pub for a football match is an idea that can be even more successful. As they say, to each his own.

5 inexpensive gift ideas

An interesting present is not always expensive. Why not consider budget gift options like:

  • tracksuit;

  • dressing gown;

  • film premiere tickets;

  • convenient lunch box;

  • sports bag.

10 useful gift ideas

It is desirable that a birthday present for a guy is not only original, but also useful.

If you vote for practicality, then choose an accessory or gadget from the list below:
  • belt;

  • scarf;

  • wallet;

  • wireless headphones;

  • portable battery;

  • gloves;

  • coffee machine;

  • massager;

  • advanced laptop mouse;

  • electric toothbrush.

How not to make a mistake when choosing a gift for a guy

Before you buy your favorite guy a gift, remember what his hobbies are. Maybe he mentioned in a conversation about things that he likes, that he has been dreaming about for a long time.

The ability to listen to your partner and capture information is an important skill when choosing a gift and showing sincere care.

For example, if your boyfriend loves football, he will be pleasantly surprised if you give him an item related to his favorite football team for his birthday.

Examples of bad gifts

What is better to exclude from the list of potential gifts? First, things that are absolutely not useful to him. You should not impose your interests on a young man, to which he is indifferent: in this case, even the most original, from your point of view, birthday present can disappoint or even repel a guy. Secondly, you should avoid presents that indicate some shortcomings of a man. For example, giving deodorant or acne cream is bad form, unless, of course, you were explicitly asked for it.