Grandmothers surround us with warmth and attention, sacrificially forgetting about themselves. How to thank them for this concern? What can I give my beloved grandmother for her birthday?

How to choose a gift for grandma?

When choosing a present, you need to take into account your grandmother's lifestyle, her activities and interests. And do not forget about age - the gift should be appropriate. Try to imagine how she will react to this or that gift, how she will (and will) use it in the future, how it will fit into the surroundings of her house and will look next to her other things.

Top Birthday gifts for Grandma

Perfumes and cosmetics are a great choice if you want to please your beloved grandmother, especially if she leads an active social and cultural life. What can you give grandma for her birthday from this category of funds? We share our list of ideas.


Topping the list is our adored perfumery. A well-chosen fragrance will be a wonderful gift for a loved one. It is only important to know your preferences. Think about what kind of smells she likes.

  • Lancôme's classic, rich Hypnôse fragrance with notes of vanilla, jasmine and passion flower is a versatile choice. It is suitable as a perfume for every day, and for special occasions.
  • If grandma appreciates interesting oriental fragrances, we recommend you to pay attention to Poême from Lancôme. The combination of sandalwood, vanilla and orange flower makes this composition unusual and memorable.
  • An olfactory bouquet of peach, rose and sandalwood in Lancôme Trésor will definitely please your grandmother if she likes spicy and tart aromas.
  • For women who cannot imagine themselves without a floral aura, Sì Passione Éclat by Giorgio Armani beauty has been created. Bright bergamot and blackcurrant give the fragrance freshness, while the duet of centifolia and damask roses leaves a sweet trail.
  • Noble floral-woody Giorgio Armani beauty Code Donna gradually reveals notes of orange, ginger and jasmine on the skin.
  • Does grandma like delicate fruity scents? Then Giorgio Armani beauty Sky Di Gioia will please her with notes of lychee and green pear, as well as pink peony and rose in the heart accord. Unobtrusively complete the composition of blackberries and black currants.
  • Favorites of iconic perfumes will love Opium by YSL Beauté. Sensual and direct, it makes itself known with notes of mandarin and bergamot, and clove, jasmine and myrrh sound in the heart.The bitter trail of patchouli is softened by notes of vanilla. It is precisely such complex and multifaceted fragrances that, as a rule, are liked by older women.
  • If you don't know what kind of perfume will definitely please your grandmother, we advise you to pay attention to the chypre group of fragrances. For example, on Mon Paris Eau De Toilette by YSL Beauté. Its fruity-floral sound is unobtrusive - eau de toilette is suitable for both a special occasion and daily use.


With the choice of decorative cosmetics, you need to be extremely careful. If the grandmother does not do bright makeup, then she is unlikely to like such a birthday present as red lipstick. But the means of nude and neutral shades can really please the birthday girl.

  • L'Oréal Paris's classic Color Riche Shine lipstick in shade 112 never goes out of style.
  • Shadows are worth giving if you know for sure that your grandmother uses them. We recommend The City Mini palette from Maybelline NY - these are beautiful nude shades that are in harmony with any type of appearance.
  • If grandma is used to making up her eyes, you can't do without a special pencil. Recommended Drama Liqui-Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner by Lancôme.
  • Macara is sometimes needed even for those who practically do not use cosmetics. A good birthday present for grandma from her granddaughter is Telescopic mascara by L’Oréal Paris.
  • NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Lip Balm is another great gift for grandma. Such a present is especially relevant in winter and early spring.
  • Perhaps grandma will appreciate L'Oréal Paris' Alliance Perfect Foundation Serum, which combines light tone and skin smoothing with excellent moisturizing care. Since the coating is very light, there are few shades, and the risk of making a mistake in choosing the right one is very small.Great birthday present for grandma.

Skin Care Cosmetics

This is a win-win idea. Mature skin needs special attention, which is why you can show such an important care for a granny if you buy her special care products.

  • Keep your skin supple and toned with La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Concentrated Gel. It smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and protects it from UVA and UVB rays. In general, it’s a good idea to pair it with an anti-wrinkle serum from the same line.

  • The skin around the eyes also needs special care. Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum from Biotherm removes bags under the eyes, and also fights age-related changes.

  • Kiehl's Multicorrective Face Cream neutralizes the signs of aging and evens out skin tone.

  • Lifting effect is the most desirable effect for aging skin. Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Cream for all skin types strengthens the oval of the face and makes its contours clearer.

  • Women in their years know how important a night facial is to look good. Vichy Slow Âge Cream Mask oxygenates the skin and actively restores its performance at night. The texture of the product is very delicate, so the cream is quickly absorbed. A neutral healing aroma leaves a pleasant impression.

Cosmetic and perfume sets

Perfume and cosmetics set - double or triple (depending on the amount of funds in the set) the opportunity to please your grandmother on her birthday. In addition, buying these products in a set is much more profitable than buying them separately.

  • With Lancôme's iconic products, included in the Advanced Génifique x Hydra Zen set, your daily skin care routine becomes the most enjoyable ritual. A youth activating serum, an eye cream, a regenerating night cream with a lifting effect and a face cream with a lifting effect - all this will allow the birthday girl to throw off the burden of years, at least visually. Plus, the products are very comfortable for the skin.
  • The YSL Beauté set includes real beauty legends: the magnificent Libre fragrance and Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in a luxurious shade.

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List of original birthday gifts for grandma

What's original to give grandma for her birthday? What present will she remember for a long time?

gifts from grandchildren

  • Most of all, our grandmothers appreciate the attention and time spent with them. If you rarely see each other, surprise her by visiting her with a beautiful bouquet and her favorite cake or fruit basket.
  • Making a photo album with the highlights of your family's life is a great birthday gift idea for grandma.
  • You can edit a whole movie about your grandmother and your whole family - we are sure that such a creative gift will touch her to the core and in general will become a family legend.
  • Give your grandmother a ticket to the sanatorium. This will be a real manifestation of concern for the he alth of a loved one.
  • An original gift for a grandmother from her grandchildren on her birthday can be a joint mini-trip. A sea of emotions is provided for all participants!

gifts for grandma from great-grandchildren

What to give an old grandmother for her birthday?

The most valuable gifts for the older generation are everything that is made by the hands of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A drawing or a song of your own composition will definitely touch your grandmother and give her great pleasure.

In fact, even an old grandmother needs skin care. Cosmetic oil or a pleasant nourishing cream will surely please her and come in handy.

TOP 7 nice birthday gifts for grandma

How to surprise grandma for a round date? We bring to your attention a selection of gift ideas for a grandmother for her anniversary.

Clothes and accessories

  • An elegant set of harmoniously matched scarf and gloves will give your grandmother not only warmth, but also aesthetic pleasure.
  • Maybe granny has been dreaming of a new headdress for a long time? Try between times to find out in advance what color and style she prefers.
  • The bag is one of the accessories that can never be too much.
  • If you find it difficult to choose clothes, then why not arrange a shopping day for your beloved granny and get what she likes?

Impression gifts

Think about what your grandma would love? There are several options worthy of close consideration.

  • Trip to warm countries. Such a trip will give her a charge of good mood for a long time. Of course, it is necessary to provide for the company if the grandmother is not a fan of independent travel.
  • Theater tickets diversify grandma's leisure time and give you the opportunity to discuss your impressions with you.
  • If your grandmother leads an active lifestyle, give her a subscription to a special dance studio or fitness club - this is a great way to maintain he alth and stay full of strength and energy.

Useful gifts

What would useful gifts for grandma look like? We invite you to consider the list below.

  • A new smartphone - with it she will always be in touch with you.
  • Smart watch or fitness bracelet to track the number of steps and physical activity in general.
  • Home gadgets, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, dishwasher or humidifier.
  • Modern lamp - floor lamp or sconce.
  • Beautiful wall clock.
  • Sewing machine - for a grandmother who loves needlework.

Inexpensive gifts for grandma

What to give grandma for her birthday if you can only afford something inexpensive? Here is a list of ideas for those on a tight budget:

  • flower in a pot;
  • photo collage in a beautiful frame;
  • flower vase;
  • tea or coffee pair;
  • small stylish night light;
  • book;
  • handmade sweets (if she has a sweet tooth and does not need dietary restrictions);
  • jewelry box.

What better not to give grandma?

For a grandmother, gifts with meaning are important, presented with care and attention - from the heart. It is better not to give, for example, an ordinary box of chocolates or money in an envelope. Let the gift be modest but memorable.