What is happening today in the "realm of shadows" and what to focus on in makeup? Urban Decay national make-up artist Alexandra Romashova answers FashionVIPdergisi.com questions

Basic question: what shades are in fashion now?

Over the past year, there has been a clear trend - preference is given to:

  • monochrome shades (one color stretch);

  • complementary shades (colors are located opposite each other on the color wheel) - due to this, the effect of saturation / brightness of makeup is maximized;

  • basic colors as the basis of any makeup.


What has changed in technology? What is special from this point of view, for example, in Naked Cyber?

Naked Cyber is a futuristic vegan palette that contains no animal ingredients. Its main feature is that it is a velvety formula in matte, radiant and duochrome shades. Shiny and glitter toppers can be applied wet or dry.

In what situations are shadows of a particular texture (dry, wet, cream, etc.) appropriate? What are the benefits?

As for the choice of the texture of the shadows, it is rather the application technique that matters. Dry shadows (mono, palettes, etc.) are classics, they are widely known and suitable for absolutely everyone and for any occasion.

The wet method of applying shadows requires a certain technique, it is most often used for evening or bright makeup.The wet method gives a great advantage in terms of color solution. In addition, when applied wet, we can not only achieve “color enhancement”, but also increase the durability of the shadows.

Cream shadows are most often used as a basic option for every day. They apply quickly and easily and give a weightless finish. A big plus of cream shadows is that they can act as a substrate for dry shadows, intensify the color, give additional adhesion of products to each other.

When is glitter/shimmer appropriate for eyelids and how not to overdo it?

Glitter and shimmer we meet on a daily basis, let's take a look.

  • Shimmer shadows are iridescent shadows, when applied to the skin, they sparkle beautifully with small light-reflecting particles.

  • Glitter (glitter) is finely chopped sequins that, after being applied to the skin, create a bright accent.

Therefore, a shimmer would be quite appropriate in a classic daytime make-up and give our eyes a more open / rested look, and thus we will carefully emphasize the sparkle of the eyes. There are no age restrictions here. And glitter or glitter requires a detailed study of the complete image. They should not be abused. Although do not forget that sparkles are always a good mood."

How to apply shadow? Are there any features of application depending on the shade?

First of all, here I want to pay attention to how the shadows stay in front of your eyes during the day, a lot depends on this. Often I face similar questions: “My shadows are rolling”, “Losing color”, etc. Living in the active rhythm of the metropolis, in order to save time and just for convenience

  • light, basic, satin, shimmer shades, I prefer to apply with fingertips, thereby enhancing pigmentation, shedding of shadows becomes almost impossible;

  • I apply bright and contrasting colors with a brush, and I use a synthetic one: it gives an even distribution of pigment, dense coverage, does not cause an allergic reaction.

How to combine shades? How many of them can be for centuries? How to choose "your" shade? Focus on eye color or clothing color?

In the basic combination there can be from three to five colors (this is a standard palette). The number of shades used=quality.

Alexandra RomashovaFor a more effective look, I recommend using primary (base) colors plus shades, due to which the effect of shading and color screeding is achieved.

How to match eye shadow with lipstick?

Conventional perception - bright eyes=nude lipstick and vice versa. Although, from the point of view of a fashion trend, two accents on the face also have a place to be.You can pay attention to the finish of lipstick or shadows. The glossy finish tells us about the intention to be noticed, to shine “at full volume”, to be able to change the color on the lips at any moment. But matte shades are the most practical and persistent.

Please share some professional tricks for the perfect selection and application of shadows :)

I really love to "handle objections" to pink/peach clients. From such a color stretch, unfortunately, very often refuse. For example, as in the Naked3 Mini palette.

However, thanks to a competent combination of colors, placement of accents, even in very demanding age-related makeup, these colors always bring freshness to the whole image. And all the talk about the effect of redness of the eyes is nothing more than a myth.