Abundance in stores can confuse anyone. If you are thinking about what to give a girl for her birthday, you can’t do without a systematic approach. We offer our logic of finding the right solution and more than 50 cool gift ideas

Top birthday gifts for a girl

Girls can hang out in cosmetic stores for hours, that's an undeniable fact. Even if we have everything - and creams, and serums, and several fragrances - we never mind buying another lipstick or picking up a whole basket of masks.Therefore, beauty products are in the lead in the ranking of the best gift ideas. Let's talk about fragrances, decorative cosmetics and care products that are relevant this season.


Perhaps perfume is not the most original birthday present for a girl, but it is in demand. In our opinion, a classic gift is always a win-win choice.

For a young girl of 18 years old, the option from YSL is suitable - Mon Paris perfume water, dedicated, as you might guess, to the city of love. Representatives of the brand say that the fragrance is literally filled with love. Well, it feels like it's true. We can say for sure that “tasty” notes sound in the composition: raspberries, strawberries, pears, peony and vanilla.

If you are looking for a birthday present for a friend who is passionate about perfumes, pay attention to the Privé collections from Giorgio Armani.

Unisex compositions are called haute couture fragrances, and this is no accident.Thanks to interesting notes and unusual combinations, Privé fragrances can be safely classified as original gifts.

So, Pivoine Suzhou Soie De Nacre is built around the beloved peony.

Does the birthday girl love rose fragrances? It is easy to understand: the rose is the queen of olfactory art. Take a look at Lancôme's Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum.

The brand can be called without exaggeration the ambassador of this flower, and the composition is a luxurious mix: notes of rose and peony merge with chords of raspberry, musk and vanilla, creating a wonderful feminine fragrance. Add a bouquet of roses to the bottle - and a romantic birthday present for a girl is ready!

Decorative cosmetics

In the list of gifts for a girl's birthday, we could not help but include positions from the decorative cosmetics department. Does she like to make her eyes bright?

Choose one of the eyeshadow palettes that help you create hundreds of different make-up looks for all occasions.

Always make up your lips? Collect a set of spectacular lip glosses or choose a beautiful lipstick. We love the options below.

We consider a classic set of eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick to be a great birthday present for a girl who considers makeup a must-have daily procedure.

Skin care cosmetics

No matter how old the birthday girl turns 20, 30 or 40, skin care products will never be superfluous.

A cool face serum comes to mind first. Effective solutions are available in a variety of price categories.

If we talk about the functionality of the product, we advise you to opt for regenerating serums: these, in our opinion, are the most versatile products.

In pair with the serum or as the main gift, you can also pick up a moisturizing face cream. For a birthday, a girl, of course, wants to find not only a useful, but also a beautiful gift.

The brute force method is too time consuming, so we advise you to rely on the choice we made based on the research of the beauty market by editorial forces. Here are options that can brighten up the bathroom, not to mention all the benefits they bring to the birthday girl.

Specialized care can be chosen by a close friend or, for example, a mother. They are aware of the characteristics of the recipient's skin. Do you know that a girl has dry skin? Choose nourishing and moisturizing face masks.

Morning swelling - her old "friends" ? Find products that are cooling, refreshing and soothing.

Cosmetics and perfume sets

We rarely buy such things for ourselves, although we consider this idea of a birthday gift for a girl to be very practical.We are talking about ready-made beauty kits, which we are often tempted to in cosmetic stores. The composition can be very different: for lovers of perfumery, and with an emphasis on makeup, and with an emphasis on skin or hair care.

If you collect such sets yourself, that is, punching each product separately at the checkout, there is a risk of overpaying - ready-made sets, as a rule, are cheaper and also packed in a cosmetic bag or a beautiful box. The top of such gifts that can be presented for a girl's birthday, we give below. Order for yourself and your friend!

What to give your girlfriend for her birthday?

Looking for a birthday present for a bride or girlfriend? First of all, we want to warn you against overly practical gifts: after all, this holiday happens once a year, and the birthday girl is probably waiting for a pleasant surprise. Of course, if you attribute a fashionable bag to practical things, we will not dissuade you - give a stylish accessory, but it is better to present dishes or small household appliances for no reason.Just in case, here are some more popular inspirational gift ideas.


And where without them? Beautiful earrings, bracelet or necklace can cheer up not only at the time of receiving a gift. They will bring joy for a long time, and every time a girl puts them on, she will remember who gave them. The only piece of jewelry to be careful with is the ring. The birthday girl can accept such a gift as a marriage proposal. Although maybe it's time to take this important step?


Not the most romantic birthday present for a girl, but often the most desired one. New smartphone, smart watch or wireless headphones – there are many options in this segment, it is only important to find out what your loved one will be most happy about.

Beautiful lingerie

Understood, it's hard to choose - God forbid make a mistake with the size! Therefore, we advise you not to limit your search to lace panties and bras. Go to the department with silk robes and peignoirs, it will be much easier to guess the size there. Of course, such a gift implies a close relationship.

3 original gift ideas for a girl

Girls who love unusual surprises are not that rare. Therefore, it is worth considering several scenarios for original birthday gifts. We also have a few ideas for this.


Don't know what to give a girl for her birthday? Give emotions and impressions! A weekend in a country spa hotel or a few days in a new (or familiar, but favorite) place for her is a gift that everyone dreams of. And if you manage to make a surprise and keep the destination a secret until arrival, there will be a sea of \u200b\u200bdelight.

Picnic basket

Only please choose the most beautiful one. Indeed, during a picnic, you will probably want to take a photo for memory, and a basket is the main prop for such a photo shoot.


Just imagine how romantic it is to watch movies with a projector. And there is also the opportunity to show their masculine qualities and independently connect a new gadget. The main thing is to find a free wall in the apartment - to unlock the potential of the gift.

How to choose a birthday present for a girl?

The thought of what to give a girl for DR makes you sweaty? Well, for starters, calm down and create a note with the hobbies and wishes of the birthday girl. If the birthday is not soon, we advise you to replenish this list as the girl talks about something that she lacks. If she casually noticed that her house is cold, you can put together a caring SOS-set from a blanket, a heating pad and a set for making warming drinks.A young girl who has long dreamed of learning a new language or getting a driver's license will definitely be delighted if you select and pay for the appropriate training as a gift. Get creative and try to avoid the temptation to give her something of your own - her interests are more important when it comes to birthday gifts.

What shouldn't you give a young girl for her birthday?

Of course, there are in the list of potential gifts for a girl on her birthday and those that are better not to be considered in the shortlist. For example, we noticed that points appear in some ratings. According to our editors, this is a controversial choice when it comes to a birthday present for a girl from a guy. Still, points need to be measured. The stop list also included fitness memberships, scales, kitchen utensils, household appliances and beauty products such as shampoos and deodorants. Such practical presents, of course, can be, but only if the birthday girl herself voiced them in the wish list.Still, the main thing in a birthday present is a surprise and a holiday atmosphere.