If we talk about trends, then short women's haircuts in 2023 are still relevant. The leaders are creative youth options, but the classics are not discounted either. Let's talk about what short hair can look like and talk about the haircuts that celebrities choose

Who suits short haircuts?

If you have short hair, then choosing a haircut is especially important, taking into account the features of your appearance. We know a lot of examples when girls removed some 5-7 centimeters of length and got a much brighter and more interesting look.

True, stylists do not yet have a single recipe for relatively short haircuts for women. But they can give recommendations based on the shape of the face, features of the figure and other individual parameters of appearance.

Face shape

Let's start with the key aspect - the shape of the face. This factor plays the most important role when choosing a fashionable short hairstyle. Let's go in order.

The easiest way to choose a hairstyle for an oval face. It can be a classic straight bob, and a bold pixie haircut, and unusual asymmetrical silhouettes. The classic oval shape will support any choice, it is the key to a harmonious result.

Let's move on! For a round face, experts often advise an elongated bob, which will help visually stretch the face, balancing its proportions.

But you don't have to stop at the classics. Such a rare, but practical type of women's hairstyle, like an undercut, will also work for optical correction of facial proportions and at the same time make you the owner of a trendy short haircut.

Girls with an elongated face, on the contrary, should take a closer look at the option of a shortened caret, and with bangs.

In the case of a rectangular shape, you can try oblique bangs: it softens the geometry of the image, shifting the accents.


Younger girls are more likely to take risks, choosing not only beautiful, but also bold short haircuts. However, in 2023, discussing age limits is, to put it mildly, old-fashioned.

However, older ladies are often looking for so-called anti-aging options that look great without styling.

By the way, these include an elegant bob with bangs, a stylish pixie haircut and a short cascade, which looks especially advantageous on thick hair.


Short haircuts are often recommended for full girls, as long hair can visually emphasize the shape.

In general, in this case, you should build on the advice given to women with a round face, and choose such fashionable short haircuts as an elongated bob or graduated bob.

Slender girls can follow the recommendations for owners of a long face and make a short bob or sesson - a modern French version of a short haircut for women.

Who doesn't like short haircuts?

Such a question can confuse a good hair stylist - after all, there are so many short women's hairstyles that everyone can find a suitable haircut. Everything is so, but not quite.

It is advised to be more careful in choosing the owners of a short neck, and this is logical: even cool short haircuts can emphasize this feature.

You should also not open your forehead and temples too much for girls with an asymmetrical face oval.

And short haircuts are not the best choice for women who don't like to style their hair. It is rarely possible to guess with a haircut so as not to put extra effort on its "maintenance" .

Short women's haircuts in 2023: fashion trends

Should I follow the trends or is it better to just ask the stylist to make a beautiful short haircut?

If you trust the master, you can take a risk, but we, as experts, recommend that you agree on everything on the shore, choosing a really relevant option. There are three stylish short hairstyles in the top three of the season.


The haircut is a cross between a pixie and a cropped bob. If you tend to make bold decisions, consider opting for this hairstyle with cropped bangs.


We've noticed that this stylish short haircut for women has proven to be popular with red carpet stars. Pixies are chosen by both brunettes and blondes, and, apparently, this haircut will not lose its leading position in the list of the most trendy in 2023.

Mini Bob

It's not the first time we mention the mini-bob among the trendy hairstyles: this haircut looks both fashionable and very feminine.

I must say that in 2023, stylists generally advise adding lightness and volume to styling - due to cascading haircuts and skillfully careless styling.

Short hair: types of fashionable and beautiful women's haircuts

If you seriously delve into the topic of short women's haircuts, you may be surprised to find that there are much more options than it seemed at first glance. We will tell you about our favorites.


Want to try on the haircut of the stars of the 1980s? Write down: mullet. It's hard to imagine a hairstyle that is so clearly associated with a particular era.

In those years, this short female haircut (pictured above) was worn by almost everyone (most often in combination with denim jackets and short tops), and today a girl with a mullet haircut can be seen, rather, at the Academy Awards ceremony. We love how this haircut looks with a little tousle, it's easy to achieve this effect with texturizing volume sprays.


Asymmetrical short haircuts (and there are many) add personality to the look. If you decide, we advise you to purchase a hair fixing gel in advance to set the strands in the right direction.


This haircut is shown to those whose soul asks for something different from others. There are no special restrictions here: thanks to the mass of different techniques, the undercut is suitable for all girls, regardless of the type of appearance. And we will add that the haircut looks as cool as possible if the condition of the hair is on the level.

Short bob

When we pronounce the name of this haircut, we imagine a stylish French woman who prefers a slight carelessness in the image.

Why not try on this attractive type? After your haircut, choose lightweight styling products that will help maintain the desired shape without weighing down the strands.

Long bob

It seems that an elongated bob will suit those who are not ready to choose between long and short hair.

And we also recommend this haircut to those who are not too lazy to straighten their hair every day: it looks most advantageous with smooth strands. If you're up for it, make sure you have good thermal protection.


This modern short haircut is designed for both women's and men's hair. But since we are talking about styling for girls, we note that we like the tomboy in combination with complex types of coloring and pronounced volume at the roots, which is easy to achieve with special hair powders.

Ultra short women's haircuts

If you think ultra-short women's haircuts are the most beautiful, do not hesitate: you have a lot of like-minded people. The menu of such hairstyles, contrary to expectations, is quite extensive, and now we will introduce you to it.


The shorter the better? Then choose a classic hedgehog. This women's haircut will make you spectacular and daring (at least visually).


Some say that thick hair is needed for this haircut, others, on the contrary, argue that the cascade gives volume to thin hair. We believe that both are right. The main thing is to stock up on great styling products that maintain volume.


This haircut used to be a masculine cut, but times are changing and an energetic girl with a comb hairstyle is not so rare in 2023.

Short Mohawk

For girls, a bold haircut with shaved temples began to be popular in the early 2000s. Fashionable singers dyed their hair pink and shaved quite large areas on their temples.In 2023, the differences in hair length between the parietal and lateral areas have become smaller, and the haircut has gone to the masses.


Stylish haircut that has been trending for years. Fashionable bangs, and a cascade that adds volume to the styling, and a shape that looks interesting on complex types of coloring, such as shatush and balayage, contribute to success.

Ultra short garcon

The very short haircut that doesn't make a girl a rebel and doesn't require special styling skills, which is definitely a plus for her.

Photo ideas of stylish short women's haircuts

When considering women's hairstyles for short hair, don't forget to take screenshots of the ones you like: it's easier to show a photo in the salon than to explain the task on your fingers.

With bangs

This prospect will not please only the lazy: care and styling should be regular. But, looking at the inspiring photos, I want to say that there is something to try for. Moreover, new habits are developed in just a month.

No bangs

And this is our version! Hairstyles without bangs are as practical as possible.


Attention beautiful and brave! Pixie haircut is the solution for you.

Long bob

This haircut is in harmony with both a business suit and an evening dress. Take a closer look!


The undercut haircut is universal from a seasonal point of view. In summer it is not as hot with it as with long hair, and in winter you can safely wear a hat without fear of ruining your hair.

Asymmetrical haircuts

If you like non-standard solutions, offer the stylist one of the haircuts below to choose from.

How to care for short hair?

Someone will ask: why? Indeed, with a regular haircut, the strands simply do not have time to turn, so to speak, into straw. Disagree.

Short hair can sometimes be a painstaking job to style, and many can't handle the strands without high-temperature gadgets and styling products.

Therefore, we advise you to get thermal protection and high-quality styling products. In taming hair, in our experience, Matrix, Redken and L'Oréal Professionnel have performed well.

styling tips

Do you have any questions? We will try to find answers to them!

Which women's hairstyles for short hair require the least styling time?

Here a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the hair, but the least whimsical are hedgehog, garcon and cascade haircuts.

What is a short haircut for women with thin hair?

Let's call bob, bob and pixie. And we also advise you to purchase a sealing styling product so that the hairstyles look more voluminous.

What is the most stylish women's haircut of the year for short hair?

Bixie, of course! Looks amazingly fresh.