Of course, my husband's birthday is a great occasion to make him happy. But sometimes the question is painful, what to give him for the holiday. Let's choose a present together. We offer ideas for original and useful gifts

How to choose a gift for your husband?

When choosing a birthday present for your husband, you need to be creative: analyze the lifestyle of your loved one, think about what could please him, imagine it in faces.

Arrange a brainstorm for yourself: write all your husband's interests and hobbies, and next to each hobby, jot down a list of potential gifts related to that area.

By the way, after deciding on a present this time, we advise you not to throw away the "cheat sheet" : a list of ideas can come in handy before the next holiday, whether it's a wedding anniversary, February 23 or New Year.

Conscious birthday people may hint at the desired gift, but many believe that their half should know for themselves what their darling wants. Well, surprise is such a surprise. Let's start with the closest and most understandable for us - with beauty opportunities to please a dear person.

Classic birthday present for husband

Men's departments of cosmetic stores are still inferior to women's in diversity, but my eyes still run wide. Let us, as beauty experts, guide you through the positions that are relevant this season.

Perfume for men

When looking for a perfume gift for my husband's birthday, it is important to please not only him, but also yourself. After all, it is you who will most often enjoy the selected composition. So what do we recommend?

  • YSL Beauty La Nuit De L`Homme Eau de Toilette is highly likely to please both him and you. Perfumers have done their best: the fragrance gives a man self-confidence and at the same time creates an atmosphere of comfort around him.

    Notes of lavender, cardamom, French labdanum and vanilla work for this effect.
  • Eau de toilette Hypnôse Homme by Lancôme is created, as they say, for real men. This fragrance is clearly shown to a worthy and powerful person, with whom you always feel protected. An aura of calm creates notes of mint, bergamot, amber and musk.

  • Armani Privé fragrances from Armani beauty will delight its owner at least twice. First when opening the package: the design of the bottle is admirable. And then after applying the perfume to the skin - each of the 24 compositions is worthy of a separate discussion.But since there are 24 of them, we recommend focusing on notes.

    For example, The Yulong will attract connoisseurs of black and green tea chords, Bleu Turquoise will reveal a spectacular combination of essence of ylang-ylang, nagarmotha and Indian jasmine, and Iris Celadon - iris, chocolate and mate tea.

    Each of these fragrances can be a wonderful birthday present for your beloved husband, but you can use it together. After all, the collection consists of unisex fragrances.

  • Eau de Parfum Y from YSL Beauty is a gift idea for a young (at least in the shower) and active husband who loves bright perfume compositions. Still, the notes of juniper berries, tonka beans and ginger require from their owner an inner readiness to loudly declare themselves.

  • Eau de toilette Acqua Di Giò Homme by Giorgio Armani is considered a refreshing composition.Its composition is a real treasure for those who like to guess notes in aromas. You will find a complex harmony of notes of orange, mandarin, lime, violet, bergamot, peach, rose, jasmine, oakmoss, nutmeg and others.

    However, the beloved husband should not at all determine what the presented composition is - let him just enjoy one of Giorgio Armani's bestsellers.

Perfume and cosmetic sets for men

A set of branded cosmetics is another profitable gift idea for your husband on his birthday. Why beneficial? Didn't you know that by purchasing ready-made kits, consisting, for example, of eau de parfum, shower gel and deodorant, you can save a lot?

If you buy all these items separately, you will surely spend more than in the case of a ready-made and beautifully designed set. Perhaps one of the sets below will inspire you.

Skin care for men

We know that not every man is ready to go to the store for a moisturizing face cream. But that doesn't mean he doesn't need it.

Therefore, cosmetics of this kind are a double birthday present for a husband from his wife. This is both a present and care in one bottle. We bring to your attention options worthy of your attention to your husband.

List of original birthday gifts for husband

Of course, I don't want to repeat myself with a present from year to year. But will the husband appreciate the idea of an original birthday present? If you are sure that he will appreciate, then the ideas that came to our mind will come in handy.


Just imagine how wonderful it is to relax after work with a light massage. Remember what your loved one complains about most often? Grumbles that your neck hurts? Or maybe legs? Today it is easy to find a massager for a variety of areas.Such a gift, if hit on target, can become a favorite thing.


Yes, not simple, but with original embroidery. You can order an embroidery with his favorite quote or an affectionate nickname that you call him in private. We love this gift. Original and practical: a soft terry bathrobe is a super thing for those who love water treatments and appreciate comfort.

Docking station

There are a lot of such gadgets today. But it’s worth starting from your husband’s smartphone model, his interests and needs. You can choose a device exclusively for charging gadgets, or you can buy advanced models with a built-in clock and speaker. Do not forget that the docking station will become part of your interior, so pay attention to the design of the accessory.

Top 5 Unusual gifts

What if you give your husband something unusual for DR? Let's discuss what can please a person who already seems to have everything: an engraved watch, stylish glasses, and complete equipment for practicing your favorite sport. In general, we include creatives.

Automatic shoe shine machine

If you have a place to put this thing in your house, don't hesitate! Clean shoes, as you know, are a visiting card of a man, and with a cleaning machine, obligatory shoe care will turn into a pleasant experience, more like a small attraction.

Bicycle or roller skates

Spring is just around the corner, which means you can push your loved one to active walks in the fresh air. How? For example, by giving her husband a bicycle or roller skates for an anniversary or just a birthday. After all, there are those who are ready to connect to an active lifestyle not only at the age of 20, but also at 30 and 40.

Online course or master class

This gift will be in place if, firstly, you are sure that your husband would like to gain new knowledge, and, secondly, you know in which particular area he lacks theoretical training or practical experience.

Wine cabinet

What if you give your beloved husband a stylish home accessory for his birthday? The evening can become even more romantic if your husband gets a bottle of excellent red from a special cabinet. You can feel like a real sommelier.

Alarm Clock

Pick up an original alarm clock as a gift for your husband. There is even an option in the form of a rug on which you need to jump to turn off the signal. Or a running alarm clock. Perhaps this is a good solution for those who find it difficult to wake up in the morning.

Top 5 useful gifts

It's great when you manage to give your husband not only an original, but also a useful gift for his birthday. What could it be?


Contrary to stereotypes, choosing shoes is not so difficult if you know the brands that your husband prefers, and, of course, the size of his feet. Choose from the latest collection. We hope he appreciates it.

Orthopedic pillow

It is worth buying a pillow that is not only he althy to sleep on, but also pleasant. After all, people sleep for almost a third of their lives, and it makes sense to spend this time quality.


Does your husband have a car but no DVR? Consider that the gift idea has been found. You can hardly argue with the fact that it is important to record what is happening on the road. And by the way, many men just love to record their trips.

Portable phone charger

Approach the choice of power bank with love - choose a device that your husband will like according to its technical characteristics (some batteries can charge a smartphone without additional power several times), color scheme and method of application (we like wireless options, but they fit not for all smartphones).


A suitcase or travel bag is to some extent a gift-invitation. Write on a card where you would like to go with your husband next vacation. Perhaps, in return, he will give you a joint ticket for one of the upcoming holidays?

examples of bad gifts

Lists of the best, in our opinion, gifts, we have studied. And now let's discuss what you shouldn't give your husband for DR.

Reckless purchases lead the anti-rating. For example, sometimes their halves are given books chosen at random.Or buy more socks - what could be more prosaic?

There are questions about such a popular type of gift as certificates for various extreme activities. Skydiving, helicopter flying and quad bike racing - all this a man should at least hint at in a conversation with you so that there is a reason to give him such an unusual birthday present.

Imagine how you present this or that gift to your husband. Practice shows that this is a good way to make a choice.