The very day when you want to please women with something special. We promise that in our article you will find many interesting solutions that do not always lie on the surface. Get to work, gentlemen!

Popular gifts for March 8, editor's choice

Cosmetics and perfumes are an inexhaustible source of gift ideas for International Women's Day. We have compiled several beauty lists for those who do not get comfortable in gift giving and do not know what to give women on March 8.

Decorative cosmetics


We advise you to approach the choice carefully, taking into account the tastes and preferences of the addressee.

  • Let's start with mascara. Classic black can be given safely: this tool will never be superfluous. Check out Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler by YSL Beauté.
  • In the Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils line, there is also colored mascara - a good choice for those who love bright makeup.
  • Cream shadows are a must-have in any women's makeup bag. Your darling will be pleased to receive a gift of Eye Tint by Giorgio Armani beauty in a neutral shade, such as 12 Gold Ashes.
  • The NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Utopia eyeshadow palette includes 40 shades. Such a present will be appreciated by a girl who knows a lot about makeup and often makes an unusual eye make-up.
  • L'Absolu Rouge X Emily in Paris limited edition lipstick, inspired by Emily in Paris series, is a great gift for March 8th.
  • If a lady is interested in eyebrow makeup, she will also need lipstick, but this time L'Oréal Paris Paradise Pomade Extatic lipstick.
  • Highlighter is a magical tool that can make makeup radiant and incredibly beautiful. Choose Shimmer Highlight from Maybelline NY as a gift - you can't go wrong!
  • Blush of delicate shades is another opportunity to pleasantly surprise a girl with care. For example, Lancôme's Blush Subtil in shade 02 Rose Sable looks very attractive.
  • At the beginning of spring, we are all in anticipation of warmth and sun. With Beached Bronzer by Urban Decay, the girl will feel that summer is coming.
  • For those who like to do their own manicure, it is worth giving nail polish or even a whole set. See what shades your chosen one prefers. We are sure that there will definitely be suitable colors in the Essie collection.

Perfume for women

One of the win-win ways to deliver positive emotions to a dear person is to present a perfume. Catch our selection of fragrances, each of which, of course, deserves to be a gift for International Women's Day.

  • Fresh and resonant Idôle by Lancôme is perfect for creating a festive mood on March 8th.
  • Sunny and sensual Lancôme La Vie Est Belle give a girl who loves fruity and floral scents.
  • If she appreciates selective perfumes, she will love Lancôme's unusual Figues & Agrumes. On the skin, the fragrance in each case is revealed in its own way, which makes it unique.
  • After winter, many women switch to light perfumes. The combination of peony, pink pepper and water jasmine in Giorgio Armani beauty Acqua Di Gioia makes it a perfect spring gift.
  • Light Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani beauty is a sweeter fragrance with floral notes.
  • Do you want to surprise a girl? Give her Black Opium Eau De Parfum Intense by YSL Beauté. This is a real cocktail of the most unexpected ingredients: coffee, absinthe and sandalwood. The perfume seems to be made for bohemian parties that can last until the morning.
  • Mon Paris Eau De Toilette by YSL Beauté will suit stylish and romantic girls who love sophisticated scents.
  • Spicy scents sharpen the senses in early spring. You can't go wrong with a Libre by YSL Beauté.
  • New of the season - Giorgio Armani Sì Passione Éclat fragrance. The bottle itself resembles a precious ruby. And inside is a feminine, at the same time delicate and bright floral-pink fragrance, in which bergamot, blackcurrant, rose, vanilla are intertwined.

Cosmetics and perfume sets

When it's hard to decide what kind of gift to give a woman on March 8, branded sets of cosmetics or perfumes will come to the rescue. By the way, they are also good from the point of view of the “price-quality” ratio, because buying the goods included in them separately would be much more expensive

  • In the YSL Beauté set with the telling name “Love at First Sight”, the girl will discover iconic eye makeup products: Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara, Dessin Du Regard 01 eyeliner miniature and Top makeup remover miniature Secret Demaquillant Expert Eyes & Lips.
  • YSL Beauté Play Your Own Rules Set includes Libre, Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara in black and Rouge Pur Couture The Slim lipstick. Such a gift will appeal to a girl who appreciates the classics.
  • A set of liquid matte lipsticks from the Diamonds & Ice Please collection from NYX Professional Makeup is a good gift option for March 8 for a girl.

Skin care cosmetics

Face and body skin care products are an excellent gift idea for a woman on March 8th. We have selected cosmetics that will bring a lot of pleasure to the recipient.

  • Kiehl's Creme de Corps dry body butter with vanilla and almond flavor will be a pleasant surprise for any girl.
  • Complete skin care is impossible without face masks. We are sure that your girlfriend will appreciate the mineral soothing mask with vitamin B3 from Vichy.
  • You can't go wrong if you give your girl Biotherm's Blue Therapy Revitalizing Day Cream - such a tool will come in handy in early spring, when the weather is changeable.
  • Show your love with Lancôme's Cils Booster Lash Revitalizing Serum. This is a novelty, the tool supports the natural beauty of the eyelashes and promotes their growth.
  • Another option for a necessary and useful gift for March 8 is Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream, one of the brand's bestsellers. It gently moisturizes and nourishes the thin and delicate skin of this area.

Hair products

Any woman knows what an important role haircut, styling and hair condition in general play in the image. Therefore, hair products will be received with a bang. What exactly can be presented on March 8 from this category of funds?

  • For the girl who prefers smooth styling, we recommend Kiehl's Smoothing Leave-In Hair Treatment. This is a great helper for pacifying frizzy hair, it gives the hair softness and shine.
  • You can make your own hair care kit. It is best if these are the means of one line. For example, shampoo, balm and serum of the Botanicals Coriander series from L’Oréal Paris Elseve are suitable for strengthening hair.
  • Due to the adverse effects of the environment, hair can become dry and brittle, especially after winter. In this case, Vichy's Dercos Nutrients Nutri Protein Shampoo will be an actual gift. It will help restore curls and restore their he althy shine.

10 inexpensive gift ideas for March 8

You can please your girlfriend on March 8 without serious financial sacrifices. There are cute and inexpensive gifts that can cause a lot of positive emotions.

  • Quality and stylish jewelry can look more advantageous than expensive jewelry. Such a gift is appropriate for a young girl.
  • Why not choose an interesting piece of design that will decorate her interior? It could be a vase or a painting.
  • Candles with a pleasant aroma are another win-win gift option.
  • A sleep mask with a funny inscription will definitely cheer up a girl.
  • Beautiful glasses for cocktails or wine - a stylish and inexpensive gift for March 8th.
  • If you want to give your loved one a cute and cozy gift, we advise you to choose a small stylish lamp.
  • For those who love indoor plants, a flower in a beautiful pot would be a great solution.
  • A useful gift is an elegant jewelry stand.
  • Another option for a budget gift is spectacular bath bombs or stylishly packaged bath s alts.
  • Does your loved one have a large arsenal of makeup products? Then give her a makeup organizer.

3 cute gift ideas for International Women's Day

The cutest and most touching gifts for March 8 can be made with your own hands.

  • Top DIY gifts topped by culinary products. Your loved one will definitely be surprised by a beautiful cake or pastry made by the author.
  • Sign up for a ceramics course and make a beautiful cup with your name on it. Your efforts and touching engraving will be appreciated - do not hesitate!
  • A beautiful album with the most vivid photo memories will become a memorable gift.

7 original gift ideas for March 8 for a girl

If you want a gift to be remembered, feel free to use our ideas.

  • Surprise your loved one. It can be a trip to a hotel with a spa area or a nice country house - the main thing is that she does not know where you will go on the appointed day.
  • Another way to give bright emotions is to present a girl with tickets to a fashionable theatrical performance or to a long-awaited concert.
  • Invite her to a private cinema where movies will be shown just for you.
  • An interesting choice is a certificate for training or courses on a topic that interests your chosen one.
  • We advise creative people to give tickets to an art party where you can create a real picture under the guidance of an experienced artist.
  • You can have fun and remember your childhood in the amusement park. This day will surely be remembered by both you and your girlfriend.
  • A trip to an interesting quest excites the imagination and gives amazing emotions.

gift Tips

To summarize, there are only three tips.

  1. Try to see the potential gift through her eyes. First of all, it is necessary to build on her hobbies.

  2. If you find it difficult to make a choice, we recommend that you carefully and unobtrusively find out from your beloved what she would like to receive as a gift on March 8th. You can put the question this way: what would she NOT want to receive on March 8? Perhaps the range of options will narrow dramatically.

  3. Keep an eye on your budget. If on March 8 you give something grand, then get ready for the fact that birthday expectations will be much higher. Still, for many, March 8 involves symbolic gifts. Although each couple has its own traditions.

What not to give on March 8?

  • Too "useful" gifts are unlikely to make a girl happy. Pots and pans rarely fall into the category of objects of desire.
  • Don't give underwear as a gift either. Such a present will not be ambiguous only if you are truly close.
  • Money is not the best gift for March 8th. If you still could not decide on a present, it is better to choose a certificate for a cosmetic or perfume store. You can even do it online.