A responsible and pleasant task lies ahead - to choose what to give to your beloved mother on March 8th. We are happy to share ideas

How to choose a gift for mom on March 8?

What will make mom happy - the main woman in the life of each of us? Perhaps she likes to do something with her own hands or, for example, is now passionate about decorating a summer house or apartment. Think about what will be a pleasant surprise for her. And certainly flowers will not interfere with mom, and most importantly - your attention.

We recommend writing down all the options that come to mind (the more there are, the better, because March 8 is not the only holiday of the year).Make your rating and refer to it when you need the next gift ideas - for a birthday, a memorable date or another International Women's Day.

We have no doubt that congratulations will be sincere. But it is important that gifts should be decorated with love, so do not neglect the beautiful packaging. Positive emotions are the most important thing.

What to give mom on March 8: 40 ideas

Let's go directly to the ideas and start, of course, with beauty gifts - they are the most popular.


If mom likes to do her own makeup, we know exactly what to give her on March 8th. Yes, a set of cosmetics. Opening a new palette of shadows, a woman invariably experiences awe and joyful anticipation.

Especially when one of the chic options below is in hand.

But shadows are far from the only possible gift on this spring day. A beautiful and practical option is a duet of mascara and lipstick. Such a basic set will come in handy even for a convinced minimalist in makeup.

Surely you know what mom usually uses, but who said that you need to stop making beauty discoveries? We recommend trying Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline NY. We are absolutely delighted with her.

Very good and mascara "Look Bambi Oversized Eye" from L'Oréal Paris.

And for fans of a standard brush, our editors advise you to take a closer look at the option from YSL Beauty called Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical.

We also have something to say about lipstick. Those who do not like to touch up their make-up frequently should check out Giorgio Armani's Lip Magnet liquid lipstick. She demonstrates fantastic stamina - it seems she is ready to hold on for a day or more!

But look for classic lipstick at Lancôme and L'Oréal Paris. We share universal noble shades that will always help out if you are in doubt about choosing a color.

We don't usually recommend giving foundation as a gift. The reasons are obvious: getting into the right shade is not so easy. But picking up funds for mom can be easier. First, most likely, you are familiar with the features of her skin. Secondly, you can look at the tone number she uses. With this knowledge, you can already try your luck in finding a suitable remedy.

Choose skincare options like Giorgio Armani's Crema Nuda Hydrating Formula.

After application, the skin becomes visually radiant and rested. Who would refuse this?

Women's perfumery

When choosing a gift for mom on March 8, it makes sense to study perfume offers. What woman wouldn't love a new fragrance? We are ready to help you with your choice and tell you what notes you can hear in today's popular compositions.

Trésor Eau de Parfum by Lancôme has already become a classic of the brand. Who knows this fragrance well, probably remembers their first acquaintance with it: it is really difficult to break away from the place of application and stop inhaling this olfactory extravaganza!

The notes of rose, jasmine and vanilla seem to have such magnetic properties, masterfully assembled into a perfume bouquet, the name of which means “treasure” in French.

A more restrained, but no less mysterious perfume we found at Giorgio Armani. Code Donna unfolds gradually, intriguing with various nuances, starting with the harmony of orange and honey flowers and ending with a noble woody accord. Worthy and grown-up!

Couldn't miss our selection of Sì eau de parfum by Giorgio Armani. The brand released this composition in different versions. The new one just came out - Sì Passione Éclat.

You can choose this perfume as a gift for just one bottle. Bright packaging attracts attention and unambiguously makes it clear that inside is no less bright and daring aroma.

So it is: modesty does not smell here. And two types of roses, bergamot, blackcurrant accord and Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract are responsible for unforgettable impressions.

Mom loves Italy? While the borders are closed, a fragrance from Rome is ready to evoke wonderful memories and create a sunny mood.

This gift was prepared by Valentino by releasing paired compositions Born in Roma. In the women's version, jasmine, vanilla bourbon and woody notes are responsible for the amazing travel effect.

And another pair of fragrances worthy of the most careful consideration. Copyright by Emporio Armani.

Flowers and fruits in Because It's You Eau de Parfum are perfect for spring. Raspberry, neroli, rose and vanilla will give mom a whole bunch of spring emotions and become a spectacular accent in her look.

Perfume and cosmetic sets

With everyone who is thinking about what to give their mother on March 8, we will share a life hack. The best ideas are not always the most expensive. We know how to save money without sacrificing the quality of the present.

Pre-made kits with cosmetics, including, for example, fragrance and shower gel or mascara and lipstick, can be cheaper than the same products bought separately. The top sets that, in our opinion, do not need to be packed (they look great anyway), are presented below.


Cream, serum, cleansers and products for the eye area - there are a lot of gift options in this section, and they are all very pleasant!

By the way, choosing care products, children have every chance to make their mother happy. Where else can you get a quality anti-aging cream without mistaking it for a hint of age?

Of course, you should not take the first one that comes across. Still, this is a gift, and the tool should look attractive.

Here are five options that will help transform not only the skin, but also the dressing table. And these funds will bring joy to mom every time she picks them up.

Choosing a serum is a separate pleasure. We understand that the list of those that you can give mom on March 8 is huge, but what to do?

Trust! We selected the top five, each member of which deserves the title of a gift!

Cream for the area around the eyes is considered by many to be superfluous and for this reason they neglect this step in their daily care! We strongly disagree with this, because we know how important it is to pay attention to this delicate area. And if your mom has special eye care, introduce her to the patches - she will love your care.

Original gift ideas for mom on March 8

We understand those who are looking for an unusual gift. But what to give mom on March 8, so that the present is both original and necessary - in a word, pleased? We have several suggestions for this.


In 2023, there was an orthopedic-anatomical boom. Beds, mattresses and pillows can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep, and therefore life. And if you really give a pillow, then the choice should be approached carefully and scrupulously.What only offers are not in this area! You can even find a pillow with anti-aging properties. And another great idea from this point of view is a silk pillowcase.

Spa treatment

Spend a day with your mom by going to the spa or getting a massage. We made such gifts ourselves, so we know for sure that mom will be delighted!

Initial bracelet

There are two tasks. Firstly, find not just a beautiful bracelet, but also wide enough so that it has enough room for creativity. And secondly, find a place where your idea will be realized. By the way, you can engrave not only your mother's initials, but also your own - mom will be pleased to see them and know what you think of her.


Spa is, of course, wonderful, but you can give mom the opportunity to relax every day. The massager will help in this matter. And for which zone to choose it is up to you.

Smart Garden

We are not supporters of "gifts" for working in the garden, but if we are talking about an advanced smart garden, we are ready to make concessions. Agree, growing strawberries or lemon balm on the balcony is pretty cool. Of course, if you know for sure that mom likes this kind of activity.

Inexpensive gifts for mom on March 8

Limited budget? Let's see what you can give mom on March 8 so that the present is inexpensive, but at the same time pleasant and necessary.


There are a lot of cosmetics at home, but there is nowhere to store them? There is an exit! Choose the right size organizer for lipsticks and other beauty products. There are so many offers now: both transparent, and with retractable drawers, and with a spinning mechanism. Beauty! Believe me, this thing is much more convenient than a large cosmetic bag or jewelry box, in which it can be difficult to find the right lipstick or mascara.

Tea and coffee

If your mom loves tea or coffee, look for rare beans or teas so she can discover new tastes and experiences.


Did you run out of eyes when choosing in the category of cute desktop humidifiers? Focus and find an option in your mom's favorite shade.


A little market research can't hurt here. Read the reviews and you will find out if the thermos is of sufficient quality, how long it keeps warm, whether it is convenient to drink from it on the go and, of course, whether its appearance in life corresponds to the description on the site.

What not to give mom for International Women's Day?

This topic is important to touch on, because on the eve of the holiday, we often come across advertisements for goods that, in our opinion, do not pull on the status of a gift. What gift should not be given to mom on March 8?

From the list of potential gifts (if you made it up), we advise you to exclude household appliances (especially for the kitchen and cleaning), underwear (a gift may not be bad, but from children it is inappropriate) and those gifts that you subconsciously want to “impose” on your mother, not taking into account her own desires - first of all, she should be pleased!