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The best gifts for a girl on March 8, according to the editors

The weakness that women experience for cosmetics and perfumery is a common “diagnosis”, to be honest. Therefore, we will start our selection with lipsticks, shadows and fragrances.

Eighth of March is a great occasion to cheer up any girl, and the easiest way to do this is with a beauty surprise. What funds are relevant in 2023, we will tell below!


A nice present, not burdened with double meanings, is a beautiful lipstick. We do not recommend choosing an unusual shade or a specific texture: the risk of missing is high. We offer options from Lancôme, YSL Beauty and Giorgio Armani. Any girl will be happy to receive such a nice and stylish gift for the spring holiday.

Idea number two is an eyeshadow palette. But here you need to be sure that the girl knows how to do makeup on her own, otherwise the gift can remain only a beautiful accessory. Our editors vouch for the quality of the options below!

Fragrances for women

We are sure that in any top 100 gift ideas for women, fragrances will be in the top ten. Don't know what to give a young girl on March 8? Frightened by the variety of offers? To make it easier to decide, we will offer five cool options.

For example, Lancôme's La Vie est Belle En Rose eau de toilette might suit a cheerful girl. She will definitely appreciate the optimistic bouquet of patchouli, iris, bergamot and raspberry.

For fashionistas who always have “nothing to wear”, we offer Vestiaire Blouse eau de parfum with notes of pink pepper and cashmeran. This fragrance was inspired by the iconic creations of Saint Laurent.

For a woman for whom a career is important, give Si Eau de Parfum by Giorgio Armani. In our opinion, the fragrance, which combines notes of blackcurrant, white freesia and two types of vanilla, will add brightness to a strict business suit.

But Lancôme's Idôle Aura perfume water with notes of jasmine and rose, on the contrary, is more about softness and tenderness. Although who said that these qualities are incompatible with success?

Does your lady love the romance of Paris? Then let her try Mon Paris Fruity Chypre Eau de Toilette with notes of blackberry, raspberry and peony.

Perfume and cosmetic sets

Looking for an inexpensive gift for a girl on March 8? We'll give you some helpful advice! Take a look at our pre-made gift sets. On the eve of International Women's Day, many brands release ready-made sets, which are much more profitable to buy than the products included in them separately.

The choice, by the way, inspires optimism: we found kits based on fragrances, decorative cosmetics and skin care.

Add beautiful flowers to the set and you can congratulate your beloved one!


If self-care gives your loved one pleasant emotions, linger in the department with creams and serums. Eyes popping? We understand! Beauty novelties come out almost every week. Ready to help with advice.

A high-quality basic nourishing cream is useful even for a young girl under 25 years old. We found a suitable and very beautiful option at YSL Beauty. Record: Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Nutri-Cream.

Is it important for you that the gift does not hint at age, while effectively taking care of the skin and looking great? Lancôme's Absolue Soft Cream meets all of these criteria.

Do you want your girlfriend to be in a good mood every evening? Giorgio Armani's luxurious concentrated serum Crema Nera Reviscentalis Meta Concentrate will definitely contribute to this. Agree, it looks stunning!

Does your significant other just love face masks? So let's put together a big box with different products from this category! Sharing a list of proven products.

5 unusual gift ideas for a girl on March 8

Girls love surprises. Perhaps not everyone, but many will be happy if you surprise them with an unusual gift. We have some good options in mind.


A trip to any unfamiliar place - even to a neighboring city - can give cool emotions. Especially if you book a nice hotel and a good restaurant in advance, as well as plan various non-standard activities. Try to keep the place a secret to the last, but it is important to find out in advance if your beloved has other plans for March 8 - what if she wants to visit relatives?

Photo shoot

In order to please your favorite photographic love story, you will have to seriously prepare: in addition to the photographer, you will need to reserve a hair stylist and makeup artist (you can find a universal master).But the memory will be pictures that will decorate the family photo album.


Yes, yes, we offer to hide your gift and write a search script. For example, on piece of paper No. 1, a point will be indicated where you need to look for piece of paper No. 2 with further instructions. On the second - the path to No. 3, etc. But here it is important not to overdo it and not tire your beloved, so five stages will be enough.

Cinema rental

Do you know her favorite romantic comedy? Then arrange a joint viewing of a movie in the hall, where there will be no one except you! Imagine, all places are for kisses, and you can discuss the film and laugh out loud.

Day of love and care

We are sure that many girls would consider one of the best gifts for March 8, the day when they are taken care of around the clock. Start by making your holiday breakfast.

Continue with a new dress purchase or an invitation to make-up and styling in a good salon (the appointment will have to be taken care of in advance). All these "procedures" are able to lift the mood on several levels - checked. For the rest, start from her hobbies and wishes.

If it's warm, you can take a walk in your favorite park, and then go to a trendy cafe or an observation deck. After the beauty salon, the girl will be doubly pleased to take selfies with you at the best points in the city.

5 cute gift ideas for March 8th

Do you want to touch her? In this case, on March 8, you need to give the girl something original. Why not consider one of the options below?

Sleep accessories

A sleep mask, a set of silk elastic bands, a silk pillowcase, a high-quality pillow - all this will be a manifestation of care for your beloved. Thus, you will demonstrate how important it is for you that her sleep is he althy and quality rest.

Set of candles

Choose a nice scented candle. Of course, to some extent, such a gift can be called symbolic. But if your relationship is still in its infancy, the option is quite suitable.

Thing with her initials

If you wish, you can decorate almost anything with initials, be it a bracelet, a bag, wireless headphones or even a jar of cream. Think about what she especially appreciates and give a personalized gift.

Meet your favorite animals

Suddenly she has long dreamed of taking a walk in the ethnopark with llamas or petting corgi puppies? You can organize a trip to an ostrich farm. Touching wildlife in our time is a rare pleasure. Share it with your girlfriend.

Massage session

Girls love spas, that's a fact. And it will be great if your beloved goes for a massage or other equally pleasant procedure not alone, but, for example, with her mother or girlfriend. Alternatively, you can offer her friend's man to give his beloved the same gift.

5 universal gift ideas for March 8

There are gifts that are always relevant. First of all, it is jewelry, which is important to choose according to the style and taste preferences of the girl. If you are not sure of your choice, consult with a consultant in the store.

The next gift from the category of win-win, including among the gifts on March 8, is gadgets. Many girls dream of getting a new smartphone as a gift. If you are thinking about clothes and accessories, it is better to choose something versatile, such as a beautiful scarf. A bag (or clutch) will also be a pleasant surprise. And let's complete our list of universal lingerie gifts - with one caveat: such gifts are appropriate if you are already in a close relationship with a girl.

gift Tips

You can study other people's gift lists for a long time, but in fact, no one knows better than you what your girlfriend would like to receive on March 8.

Remember what she likes that she is interested in what things bring her joy.

Perhaps she wants to develop her blog? In this case, she will definitely be delighted with a ring lamp and a card with the words that you believe in her. If you know that a girl dreams of driving, why not give her a certificate for classes in a driving school? The main thing is for her to feel that you think about her, take care of her, take into account her interests.

Examples of bad gifts for girls

What should not be given to your beloved on March 8? Even the most original present can be unsuccessful if the person does not need it and does not fit. In addition, there is something else to keep in mind.

Firstly, don't forget that March 8 is your girlfriend's day, not a family holiday, so giving gifts that you will use together is not an idea. Secondly, we consider it doubtful the desire to present another soft toy to your beloved - one can hardly speak of a creative approach here. Thirdly, be careful with the choice of cosmetics: you should not give products for problem skin, deodorants and shower gels, as well as narrowly targeted serums for wrinkles or age spots.As for the envelope with money, on this day it is the least appropriate - on March 8, girls are waiting for something romantic. It is most pleasant to realize that you have spent a lot of creative effort and time searching for a gift. This is priceless!