The question of what to give your beloved man on February 23 is still open? So let's close it together! Let's tell you how, in our opinion, you can surprise your soul mate

How to choose a gift for a man on February 23?

Choosing a gift for February 23 for your beloved man is a responsible matter. I would like to present something interesting and unusual. Many people think that a flash drive or a phone case will be a pleasant surprise (we can include a mug or socks in the same category), but, in our opinion, you can find a more original solution.

Before sorting out creative gifts for February 23 in your head, we advise you to remember what your partner is interested in. Brainstorming requires the most complete information - about his work, hobbies, everyday joys. If his favorite thing is beyond your understanding, then you can buy a gift certificate in a specialized store - so the risk of miscalculating with a gift will be reduced to almost zero.

There is nothing reprehensible in asking directly what a loved one wants to receive on Defender of the Fatherland Day. Many men are conservative and like to find the expected thing in a gift box.

You can use this and eliminate the danger of choosing a gift that you don't like on February 23rd.

We believe that gifts for February 23 may well be inexpensive if they are symbolic. Still, the main thing is love and attention, not money. We hope that our ideas will help you find the right solution.

Classic gift for your beloved man on February 23rd

It seems that this happened: men in our country began to take care of themselves more actively. If in Europe this is already the norm, then we still have only a trend that cannot but rejoice.

Just imagine how many pleasant discoveries a man can make when he first starts using an exquisite aftershave or even a regular moisturizer! Let's tell you what beauty gifts you can give your loved one on February 23.

Perfume for men

Since the main "listener" of the men's fragrance is you, be guided by your preferences too. If you are lucky and there are still at least a few weeks before the holiday, you can go to a perfume shop together and, by the way, invite a man to evaluate a couple of compositions. Most importantly, do not forget to write down the names of fragrances and impressions of them - this information will definitely come in handy before buying.Editorial tastes agreed on a few favorites that are perfect as a gift for a man, including February 23rd.

Let's start with a classic from YSL Beauty - L'homme eau de parfum. This elegant composition seems to be created for business men who love formal suits. But the fragrance is so good and versatile that it will harmoniously complement a more relaxed look. So, the first line in the list "What to give a man on February 23?" filled in.

Another "classic" is the product of the French brand Lancôme. This is a Hypnose Homme fragrance. Soft and at the same time energetic eau de toilette will become your own for those who love the noble combination of mint and bergamot.

Does your man like dandy aesthetics? Why not fork out for an expensive gift by February 23 - a unisex composition, which, by the way, you can also wear? A suitable option is sure to be found in the Prive collection, Giorgio Armani.Luxurious complex aromas are enclosed in beautiful laconic bottles. For example, Cuir Zerzura combined notes of cedar, mandarin and rose, Ambre Eccentrico combined notes of prunes, patchouli and tonka bean, and Vert Malachite combined notes of bitter orange, jasmine and vanilla.

We also know a cool fresh fragrance! Write down: Giorgio Armani Eau De Cedre eau de toilette. It is not difficult to guess that citrus notes sound in the composition, we will only clarify that these are chords of lemon and bergamot.

And here is an example of a spicy gift for February 23 - Emporio Armani Stronger With You eau de toilette. The harmonious bouquet of “seasonings” includes pink pepper, cardamom, sage, lavender, cinnamon and vanilla. A warming composition is especially appropriate in cold weather.

Perfume and cosmetic sets for men

Do you know your man's cosmetic preferences? Great! You can please him with a whole set of products - besides, buying beauty products in a set is more profitable than separately.

Catch sets that, in our opinion, deserve the status of useful gifts on February 23rd.


When it comes to skin care, women tend to be better than men. Therefore, it will not be difficult for us to choose options for useful beauty gifts for February 23. Let's start with aftershave products. If men can still buy shaving gel, then they are spent much less on soothing products that need to be applied after the procedure. It's already 2023, and it's time to stop denying yourself comfortable products that improve the quality of life, for example, helping to prevent ingrown hairs, relieve irritation and provide the skin with the necessary care.

The next level is a face moisturizer. A man may not decide to buy it for himself on his own. This should also be used.

Why not give him one of the care products below for February 23rd?

We think it would be cool if you can pick up a gift for February 23, taking into account the features of the appearance and character of the partner. For example, if he wears a beard, it makes sense to look for products that will make it easier to take care of it.

You can collect a travel bag for a man to the gym, emphasizing that you chose the contents yourself and with love.

Such a creative gift for February 23 will definitely not be received by everyone. We will post tips on filling such a cosmetic bag next.

TOP 5 original gifts for February 23rd

There are girls who try to give men extremely unusual gifts, including on February 23rd. Well, we will try to interest you too.

Engraved diary

Once again you are puzzled over the question of what to give to your beloved man on February 23? Personal diary! This is what he will use regularly, fondly remembering you and your care. The leather version looks the most presentable, and if its initials are engraved on the cover, the value of the gift will become even higher.

Thermal underwear

A practical and useful gift is a set of thermal underwear. Of course, this is an option for close relationships. Among men's gifts for February 23, this option is rarely found, but in vain. In our climatic conditions, this winter gift is always relevant. Especially if you are both winter outdoor enthusiasts.


Many people believe that the best gifts are not things, but emotions. Arrange a mini-trip, for example, to a neighboring city, without revealing the secret of the destination until the last. And yes, we agree that this is a great gift idea for February 23rd.

Extreme driving lesson

Thinking about what to give your loved one for Defender of the Fatherland Day, we remembered adrenaline! If your significant other has a deficiency, invite him to an extreme driving school (of course, provided that the man drives a car and loves this business). We are sure that studying in a good school will cause a lot of positive emotions.


A professional installation will be delighted by those who look at the stars even in a smartphone (there are a number of really cool applications). Agree, this is a very original gift for a man on February 23rd. Real romantics will be able to appreciate it.

TOP 3 inexpensive gifts

We understand those who are not ready to spend large amounts on a gift: after all, the holiday is symbolic for many. Therefore, we have selected inexpensive gifts for men, which are quite appropriate to present on February 23.

Wireless phone charger

What do they give on February 23rd? Gadgets and accessories for them! For example, if your man's smartphone has the benefits of wireless charging, we hope you can guess what is worth gifting. Chargers are rarely superfluous: one can be left at home, another is useful in the office, the third is in the car.


Leather accessories rightfully retain high positions in the ratings of gift ideas for February 23rd. This is easily explained. Firstly, a belt is something that many men wear on an almost daily basis. Secondly, it is quite difficult to miscalculate with the size. And thirdly, it is possible to find a suitable product in different price categories.

Sports bag

Does your partner go to a fitness club? In this case, you can find an inexpensive and at the same time not a small gift for February 23 - a comfortable sports bag.

TOP 3 useful gifts

A good gift for February 23 is a useful gift. Let's not be unfounded.


Such a present will warm you not only on a walk in the winter park. In a high-quality and stylish thermos, your soul mate can take with him tea that you brew for him according to a special recipe.


What man doesn't love a massage? And what man does not dream of receiving an interesting gift for February 23? By choosing a massager as a present, you will catch two birds with one stone. By the way, there is a useful gadget for any area, be it legs, neck or head.


Bathrobes are often found in the list of gifts for February 23rd. The present is really worthwhile: after a shower, it is much more pleasant to wrap yourself in a soft bathrobe than rub yourself with a towel.

What not to give on February 23rd?

Choosing what to give a man on February 23, it is important not to make mistakes. Let's try to warn against the most common ones.

Don't make a very expensive gift if you're not sure that the young person needs it.

Original gifts for February 23, of course, can cause a storm of emotions, but it's important that these emotions are positive. It is unlikely that your loved one will appreciate your impulse if he receives as a gift what you have long wanted to receive, and not him.

It would be useful, as if by the way, to ask what your beloved man considers an inappropriate gift for February 23 - this way you will shorten your search, make your task easier and, perhaps, you will learn a lot of interesting things about your soul mate.