What a beautiful winter this year! And we are not only talking about the view from the window. Our editor has collected for you a selection of cool seasonal novelties that you can put under the Christmas tree as gifts or please yourself on the eve of your favorite holiday

Fluid cushion My Armani to Go Malachite, Giorgio Armani

I have a whole box of foundation at home, but this cushion will take its place in the main cosmetic bag. I'll start with his noble appearance. I got one of four variations of cases designed for reusable use (with the help of refills) - Rouge Malachite.

Decor is associated with a marble pattern or even a gemstone surface. Holding one in your hands is a real pleasure. And inside is my favorite foundation from now on. The first time I used it was when I had to do makeup at 7 am, still not really waking up. Imagine my surprise when in the mirror I saw a fresh face with flawless skin, on which there was not even a hint of stains from the product. The brand promises a brightening effect with prolonged use. A nice bonus - SPF 23 in the composition. In winter, I like doing light home peels, and additional protection after that the skin will not hurt.

Naked Cyber Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay

If the new Urban Decay palettes evoke a storm of emotions in a sophisticated beauty editor like me, I'm afraid to even imagine what will happen to a less experienced beauty user. If you are just looking for a palette as a gift for the New Year, I recommend Naked Cyber!

Take it in your hands - and you understand: a thing! In a weighty case, like in a chest with gems, 12 gorgeous shades are hidden, and the quality of the shadows of this brand has long established itself in the beauty industry from the best side. I always take them with me when shooting. In addition, on the eve of the New Year holidays, the soul asks for radiance, and there is more than enough of it in the palette - and it is given not by large sparkles, but by a luxurious shimmer.

YSL Beauty Limited Edition Libre Eau de Parfum

Backstory. I did not immediately become friends with the classic Libre perfume water - it seemed too bright to me (I must say that in my case this happens with most of the compositions). But literally 2 hours later, the fragrance surprisingly opened up on my skin. It became soft, deep and kind of warm.

Looks like we liked each other. The composition is made up of notes of lavender, orange blossom, vanilla and amber.At the end of the year, I got the same eau de parfum in a beautiful limited bottle. On the one hand, it is logical to give a fragrance in a festive gold-plated package, but, on the other hand, I don’t know how to part with it. Looks like I'll have to buy a second one.

Lancôme Emily in Paris Collection

I miss France so much and of course I've already started watching the second season of Emily in Paris. Lancôme released a limited collection dedicated to this romantic comedy just in time.

This is a real Parisian set: French fragrance, red lipstick, face serum, shadows and black mascara!

And sorry for the tautology, but my heart sunk into my heart - this is the form that the romantic eyeshadow palette got, which you always want to carry with you - to the office, and for lunch with a friend, and on a date in a cozy restaurant.

Maybelline NY Color Strike Eyeshadow

I am very happy when something appears that can make daily beauty preparation more convenient and easier. And I also love unusual formats of cosmetics. These two factors attracted me to the new Color Strike shadows from Maybelline NY.

Apply them with the built-in soft applicator. It will also help to achieve the desired shading and “adjust” the saturation of the shade: in the morning I can do a light make-up, and in the evening, before dinner in a restaurant, enhance the color on the eyelids. By the way, the creators of the brand also recommend drawing arrows using the novelty. Like the video below. Here's what I'm thinking. Maybe try?