Individual approach, which is now popular in various areas of our lives, has also touched on nail care. We will talk about combined manicure and the results that this technique allows to achieve

What is a combined manicure?

Combined manicure is a manicure procedure that is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the client in order to achieve not only optimal, but also a comprehensive result. To do this, you can combine, say, edged and hardware manicure or choose a classic manicure, combining it with a spa massage.The execution technique and the time taken per session vary depending on the source data. The master ensures that the skin of the hands, and the cuticle, and the nail plate, with or without coating, look well-groomed.

We are often asked which manicure is better - hardware or combined? Let's talk about the first below, and discuss the second right now.

Combimanicure fits perfectly into the tradition of the Russian approach to nail care. About how our masters are attentive to the cuticle, they talk even on other continents. Combined manicure allows you to take into account more individual characteristics than, for example, classic or European.

Searching for a photo of a combined manicure is not an easy task, but we did it. The result, as you understand, can be anything - everything depends on your wishes and recommendations of the master. There are clients who cannot imagine a manicure without cuticle cutting, although in America it is considered so traumatic that it is banned.In our opinion, there really are more humane ways to ennoble the appearance of the cuticle. For example, leather processing with files. Our editor recently discovered this method, and her nail beauty routine, according to her, has changed markedly for the better. Below we will go over the most popular techniques.

Pros and cons of combi manicure

How to understand if a combined manicure suits you or not? This can only be verified in practice. But before proceeding to the step-by-step instructions, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the combo.

Among the pluses, we note:

  • more freedom in choosing manicure methods;

  • possibility to improve the condition of nails and skin of hands for a long time;

  • combination of pleasant and useful - for example, a combined manicure may include hand massage, which, you see, is captivating.

There are also disadvantages:

  • after all, the combined manicure technique often involves the use of a trim method;

  • not every master has all the necessary techniques, so finding "their" is a separate task;

  • price issue - a combined manicure, even without a coating, can cost more than usual;

  • the procedure sometimes takes longer than, for example, a European manicure - at least because nail treatment can be done twice;

  • there may be additional costs for instruments if you decide to do the procedure at home.

What techniques can be combined in combi manicure?

What is better - combined manicure or hardware? The question is often asked, but not entirely correct. But since the topic is relevant, let's talk about the different techniques that are applicable in the combined manicure.

Classic cut manicure

If you need a quick result, you will certainly be offered a trimmed manicure. Using scissors or nippers, the master will remove excess skin around the nails and in the cuticle area. The procedure will take no more than an hour and a half, and the result will be a beautiful coating (without coating, the procedure will take less time). However, there are a few but.

When you cut your manicure, you run the risk of injuring your skin and, as a result, causing an infection. It is clear that this depends, firstly, on the skill of the master and, secondly, on the initial state of the hands.

In addition, when removing the cuticle in this way, you need to be prepared for the fact that the skin can grow at an increased rate (compared to the uncut method).

European unedged manicure

It's easier to do a European manicure at home.Cutting tools are not required, but a cuticle softener and wooden orange sticks should be on hand. Perhaps this is the best method for those who are afraid of the risks of a cut manicure, but want to remove excess skin from the nail plates. The main thing is that the skin does not react to the remover with irritation (alas, this is rare, but it happens).


Special devices for hardware manicure are on sale, and yet we recommend entrusting this procedure to professionals. This technique is similar to a nail file manicure, only the overgrown cuticle is polished by machine. The method is considered quite gentle, and the skin around the nails after the procedure looks much more well-groomed.

Brazilian manicure

We even wrote a separate article about Brazilian manicure.It has fewer contraindications than the methods described above, and the result with regular practice is not long in coming. You can make such a manicure both at home and in the salon. This will require a small set consisting of gloves with cream, an orange stick and a nail file. That's all you need for a rather pleasant procedure, after which the skin becomes much softer, and the nails are well-groomed and attractive.

Japanese manicure

If you are for a combined manicure without coating, try using Japanese techniques. In the East, experts prioritize the he althy appearance of nails and give preference to products with a natural composition. Therefore, the manicure procedure in Japan can smoothly flow into the therapeutic restoration of nails and hands, if necessary. At the output, you get neat, well-groomed nails and, if desired, a special coating made using products that are rubbed into the plates.Take a look at the photo of the results made in the Japanese technique and agree that it makes sense to include it in a combined manicure with a coating.

Decorative manicure

Let's finish the selection with a decorative manicure. This common term actually refers to the final stage of working with nails - to their design. You can talk about it for hours, and look at photo ideas endlessly. In our editorial office, they often vote for minimalism. For example, the Essie brand has luxurious shades for almost any occasion. Even if you are invited to a royal reception, we know what to advise you. There is an assumption that the favorite color of Elizabeth II is similar to 06 (“Ballet Shoes”).

Don't want to embarrass the queen with the same shade? Take related - "Mademoiselle" or "Fiji" .

As we have already noticed, you can discuss nail design for a long time. If you want more illustrative examples, follow the link - there you will find 100 beautiful nail designs. And we will return to the topic of combined manicure and study it step by step.

Combined manicure step by step

If you are ready to mix different nail care methods at home, then we have prepared a step-by-step instruction for you to work in one of the combined manicure options. It is also suitable for beginners. We will tell you how to make friends between sawing and Brazilian techniques.

Needed tools and materials

First good news: no need to steam your fingers in the bath - no fuss with water plus time savings. The second good news is that you won't need scissors, wire cutters or other items that can injure your skin.

All you need to buy is a mask-gloves for hands and high-quality nail files with varying degrees of abrasiveness. Design is up to you. The nail art kit also includes a base coat, color (one or more) and a top coat.


Preparatory procedures for a combined manicure as a whole are not required, which means that you can immediately move on to the point, which we will do now. Although we will stop, perhaps, on what you do not need to do before the procedure. Since we chose a file manicure, the cuticle must be dry, so you should not take water treatments before this kind of nail care.


Well, let's start a step-by-step combo manicure tutorial for beginners. The first step is to shape the nails. There is complete freedom of creativity - you can choose even a soft square, even a gentle oval. For work, we advise you to take a double-sided nail file (with coarse-grained and fine-grained surfaces) with the function of sealing nails. Try different files - and with experience you will understand which one is best for you.

And now let's move on to the most crucial moment - filing the cuticle.We will not completely process the skin around the nails, as is the case with a trimmed manicure - after all, it is better to leave the protective layer. But the layer that has grown on the nail is carefully cut down. To do this, take a file with a soft coating and a rounded tip. Gently move first in one direction and then in the other, trying not to damage the plate itself. When finished, wash your hands and rest, putting on special gloves with a caring composition. Usually they are kept on hand for 15-20 minutes, but it is better to check the instructions. By the way, this stage can be final. But in this case, you will have to take a long break between applying a decorative coating and applying a mask: you must be absolutely sure that the varnish has firmly set.

Covering and maintenance

Well, let's get creative, shall we? Can't decide on a color? Set two or three favorites in front of you while you cover your nails with a base coat - you will have a few more minutes to make a final decision.We recommend applying the tinted varnish in two layers with an interval of 2-3 minutes.

To make the result last longer, secure it with a top. After the final drying of the coating, apply caring oil to the cuticle and repeat this procedure daily, including a nourishing hand cream in your beauty routine. For example, one of our selection.

And we can't help but share an inspiring video with three options for New Year's or just winter manicure:

combined manicure: tips from editors

At the end of the material, as usual, we will answer a few questions.

What is the difference between a hardware manicure and a combined one?

Hardware manicure is strictly regulated, which does not allow you to make a conditional step to the left or right. With the combined situation, the situation is exactly the opposite - complete freedom of choice of techniques and approaches.Firstly, the latter may include partially or completely the techniques of the hardware technique. Secondly, when doing combimanicure, you collect, like a puzzle, the optimal individual technique for yourself. The choice, it seems to us, is obvious.

Can I do a combined manicure with gel polish?

Of course! There are quite a few restrictions in combined manicure. It all depends on the condition of your nails, wishes and imagination. However, the popularity of a resistant coating has clearly subsided over the past 2-3 years, and we are talking about classic nail polishes with more enthusiasm. Just look at the shades that the American brand Essie offers!


If I want to do a combined manicure with a coating, which techniques are better to combine?

Can't recommend a specific technique without "getting to know" your nails. But the favorite of many in our editorial office is a nail file manicure combined with a Brazilian one.This combo is also suitable for girls with sensitive cuticles (many removers are contraindicated for them). This approach will also be appreciated by those who prefer guaranteed atraumatic ways of self-care.

Is it enough to do a combined manicure to make the nails look well-groomed? Is it possible to do without coverage?

Catch inspirational photos of natural beauty. Of course, color can hide some imperfections on the nails, but if this is not necessary, why not choose the number one trend of 2023-2022 - naturalness?